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 Post subject: Dreaming and the Shamanic Journey
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 13, 2009 8:01 pm 

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Does anyone else try to re-experience dreams during the shamanic journey? I find it quite useful to re-kindle the subconscious by practicing this technique. Also, does anyone else use cosmic triggers while dreaming in order to make their dreams lucid. What I mean by cosmic triggers is that I pick a word to remember during a dream before I go to sleep. I then remember during the dream so that I may have a vision using this mnemonic phrase or word.

An example as to how this works is that I perhaps remember the word rain and have a vision of becoming the rain or think of an aztec deity's name and have a vision of such during dreamtime. Does anyone do anything similar to this to get lucid. Actually this technique requires one to be somewhat lucid already in order to remember while one is asleep. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I then of course follow up on the dream experience by journeying to wherever the dream stopped the previous night so that I may have an extended dream episode on which to ponder on for days after.

Yours in the struggle,

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 Post Posted: Fri Aug 14, 2009 12:46 am 

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I find your ideas very intriguing. I have been experiencing recurring dreams where the location seems to repeat itself, and I feel lucid--as if I am leading a double life at this dream place. I am going to try your idea about linking a word or thought to "this" presence while in the dream state. Interesting...

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 Post Posted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 5:30 am 

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Hi Teopiltzin!

I too find journeying a very useful entry-point for re-experiencing and clarifying or progressing dreams. Here is a recent experience...

I had just begun to drum a journey for a client, when it "popped into my head" that this was an opportunity to revisit a dream image that I had seen the night before. The image was of a much-loved relative who had died slowly and distressingly (over a period of 2 years) some 25 years ago.

In the dream he appeared very, very real, joining myself and my "shadow" [a non-visual presence) self in a kind of "lounge" room. I was aware that he was dead and that this was a kind of "visitation" but he did not speak or look at me - in fact he behaved as if "dead" although appearing as he did when healthy and well. It came to me that this was a wonderful opportunity to be with him interactively again, but as my anticipatory joy arose, the dream had dissolved.

I'm sorry I killed you!
So it was that I came to bring his image to mind while drumming. I told him I was sorry that he had died so tragically while still young and with so much to live for. I expected some response but he was still "deadpan" expressionless. This drove me deeper within myself, and to my shock I found myself saying "I'm sorry I killed you!" My rational mind cut in to remind me that this simply was not true, but also remembering that I had indeed actually wanted to kill him - partly to end his suffering [as he had expressly wished] and partly because I could not bear to see him in such an awful "brain-damaged" state.

Survivor Guilt
This latter experience/truth had generated lots of guilt for me around his dying and death. I recalled how I had felt intense "survivor guilt" after his death - hating myself for being alive and able to enjoy life and family, while his life had ended so badly. At the time my mind had kept saying "Why him and not me?" "Why should I be the one to survive? - It's not fair!".

As I looked at his image now, while drumming, I saw the events and truths of that far-distant painful memory (which left me with PTSD symptoms for some years afterwards) laid out clearly before me: I had not really wanted to kill HIM, I had just wanted to kill-off that terrible long-drawn-out nightmarish experience for both of us, and for his wife and children and other family members. The tears flooded down my face. I looked to check that all was OK with the lady I was drumming a journey for - she seemed peaceful and "busy" with her own journey (a very helpful one she told me afterwards!).

Healing, Peace, Renewal
He stepped towards me and hugged me - guilt, regrets and self-hatred fell away from me. I heard my drum sounding the "call-back". I felt a deep sense of peace - lighter in spirit - a very old burden lifted from my shoulders! I slept well that night and awoke next morning to great surges of energy - what I call "the raw life force" - quite lustful really - the "lust for life!". I had to really work on relaxing and becoming a bigger container for a life force so much stronger than I had been used since that terrible time 25 years ago!


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