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 Post subject: any friends? earth rising sanctuary (RAINBOW FAMILY)
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 04, 2012 4:55 am 

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Goddess has given us the blessing of openness!

hi all, i/we (wei) just moved to washington, kind of near colville/spokane,
theres a hippy commune here, the thing is i am 20 and when I got here
I realized everyone here is older 30 plus most older than that,
looking for more people my age, i'm basically a hippie, i love nature
meditation, magic and stuff (am in some sense a witch/priestess), love
the herb, im quiet, kind of different, i've been told by docs i have
schizophrenia which I take as both insult and compliment, but i also
love to rave even though sometimes im not as social as many people who
live for the party scene, i love all kinds of gatherings, and also
alone time... i'm pretty spiritual, thats important to me, i like
aeris from final fantasy seven, that game is so incredibly deep, if
anyone wants to randomly email or converse online about anything or
just send some totally random message please do, maybe we'll become
friends... oh yea im also transgendered and part fairy (among many
things and possibly everything) aigy peace and love

yomo's blessing!

you can email me at

here is the story thus far though muvh is left out it was fun to write
along thee way

the roots of a non tradition
though we were seen no one ever saw us
our karmas were the clouds
we were yellow snow men
melting over dead flowers
raccoon making love to sandwhiches
mornings without stories
that baked into my feet one night
when it was warm, you talked to me, you old whale
free the endings, lessen the beginnings she said
dancing in the rain, our funny lifes
laughing, escaping the giants
the mountains were alive, thin streaks of forever
like a princess and stain glass
movies, and the burning shrines of herbs
that never died, things you told me not to write
salt in the ocean, lotion in the wind
not a dragon, not a duck, a little spirit in the moss
growing on the dashboard, the sacrifices poets make
to break through their own psyches shepherding us from lakes of beauty
before we drink, glass is stained but washes away, the drunk echoes
of your wilted happiness bands like the samurais only songs now
the tall trees hugging the ground, in protest of lines the universe has joined
in protest of minds the hearts have winked
agrimony and slippery elms, i follow no tracks, i am everywhere
a rushing helm, slain in the height of my insanity, come now for the warlocks
pass me on in little leaves, joking to the yamyin moon
bouncing on the breeze, and then she flies
her brighter half, and raining every where i see as i break fate
jousting with time personified who is death
i cry, i know that the poems have withered away, the words are everything
yet they are nothing, are they the twinklings of my soul
like the stars, this blinking bar of misty charcoal and kitchen programming
and biodegradable orange peels, which speckled my past like a cow
the lands ka, i bow and break, away, bow and break away
like some crazy sail boat, in the money free economy of the animal world
animals take me in a cave of truth, no this great abundance, we are in
a small world
for compassion of sweet nature, worshipping the trees, until they deem us ready
for the chimichangas of open arlunai and the cats sky brushes
that kuan yin smiles on as the sun sinks again in lonely hermit song,
and yet all of us
his little shrooms in his bag as he floats along, we orbit round him
haloed angel
dancing in the nebula, his only love the kettled fountain springing
from the waters edge
be shapeless you, i sing, stupidly from the stars, yet they here and take me in
in quiet peace, a path in yeast, the yoga dog leaps, its awkward but theres,
gently in the east, so sing the dryads in their yarn dances with the
vines as the spiders laugh and make faces and all the stories combine,
what is there to write, what has happened of inspiration, how bitter
are the muses, let sweetness flow again Gods, let sweet healing come
forth, Airmid, from your garden of the wildened earth, in the planes
which embrace above us like the skirts of great mothers, with
incomprehensible ways, but its different, we are different, its not
related, psychology has died, the gods are enough, the wound in our
sides, has become to rough, but that blessed tiger has sucked away the
there is no enemy, the collective insanity ends, the utopia which has
grown in our craze, we emerge as a bubble from the depths, to the
truth, this universe a bubble
so beautiful the apialei and yaro, we can't stop orgasming, different
colors, fertile nonsense, love, the celestial okanogin, laughing and
fucking trees in the rain, no one saw yet now, all this millenia later
we cry, why is this, like the thread of spit still tied, oh
metaphysical bliss, oh immortal and instantly dead truth, oh rotting
cities, where villages spring, like the liberty caps we once savored
secretly, harboring in the shores
the happiest fish in the world, does a random thing, all the speckled
people cry for joy again, sillily, flying christ, oh words oh
i marry the tao who sang that, this river of pebbles that are buddhas,
and life that is cannabis, munched on by deer, who are God, and men
who are superstitious, we all fly in our humors towards the sun, all
logic is a phantom bird, a trickster and a wave, hello good bye aloha,
when theres nothing left to save, we found the true endless forest of
our hearts
and we just called it dave
hemp is the village, and the shrooms are the sea and the dandelions
are the love between you and be
we dance in romance between body to body, universe to universe, yomo
and yaveyetta, shiva and shakti, cow and bull
words which are the worlds, somehow wisen the jewel
which is the weed to sate this itch
so who says karma is a bitch? a lunatic in a ditch gives birth to a
world, where no one is ever sick, and never hurt anyone
and someone knows the witch, who sits in other places, but her heart
is twice this,
her heart is twice this, and all our love in this rounding circle,
comes together in ways unknown flowing like rivers of pine cones into
an ever green of Goddess, home, gone are the trails ad memories I
thought would haunt us forever, now so simple like the peace,
now so random like the weather, anything goes, even robots have poems,
and even grow with the plants and sun, so in this funny world I can't
say that I am done, knowing, the fooly cooly blowing and the rainbow
snowing in the hemp of your old spam and slacks, where I wait for
nothing and hold nothing back, funny drums, is all there is, these
vibrations are ourselves, nothing makes sense, everything is elves,
will you delve again, the hyooin owl repels, but words like veins of
leaves make us understand the paths of heaven and hell as they
disappear the end of the path is everywhere along the path, I rest
here I rest there, in this mystic aftermath, oh the heart, in infinite
warm dark, at the park, though we are far apart our love makes an arc
a signal in the spark
though no one sees, but the dark ladies flying in the moonlit
trinities where the planets cry after long days of work and take hot
showers, I want to be normal like everyone, not devoured in these
costumes, oh culture what are you, are you really a sage or a fool,
constantly you insult yourself, maybe if you thought more of yourself,
you'd be cool, being cool, at the bus stop, representing nothingness,
everyone passes you but knows you, but has never noticed you, if you
ever die i'll plant a tree on you, don't have me why, how would it
turn out, I admit I don't exist, if you could eat anything in the
world, would you eat my kiss? then we wouldn't have to worry about
anything, we'd walk away from shit, walk away from shit and walk into
piss, no i'm sorry, thats probably disgusting, I don't know i'm not
perfect, i'm nothing for nothing. i'm like a rainbow in the glass or a
girls ass, or a flash back i never thought i'de have those, live is
wierd, the universe unravels a lot it seems, no one ever knows the
plot, its just dreams, we're dream machines, with polka dots, in love
with pot, but we don't trust the psychonauts, actually i do i love
them a lot, come hope make symbols that destroy themselves, is that
what a swastika is? who knows, innocent questions like that, so much
turmoil, so much, maybe I should go to africa, and just not give a
fuck, the lions would eat me then, and I would say, I am dead. all
people would come together, and take down the wierd buildings, and
live inside the mushrooms, like little maggots. glowing, and being
cool, the greatest things, we think are disgusting now, but its us who
are the fools, looks can be deceiving, transform into anything,
I am the wise mule, I am the animist, servantless anarchy, legal
anarchy, nomadic cow capo dweller, orange sleka mekla joiner,
alchemist mom of the moon bridge, where trolls show virtues you'd
never understand, oh, oh... heres to something random again, it makes
me feel so good, and it must bring them all joy too, thats why they
come out of the wood like branches, and enchantments, and spells to
end all karma, and then I know that I love you and this barrier is
just your armor, how funny to be two knights in a world of apple
spice, how funny to lick the tao, in the silence of the light, i don't
know, i don't know. in every direction i go fractally, if you see me,
I am the universe I am the wanti priestess, I am river that grows and
asks where are you from? but I only ask it because that the shape of
my sweater, and i'm a river that wears a sweater.. and i can sweep you
away, i'm like a funny broom of feathers, that will never fly but
always sway.. endless falling, i love falling i love falling, in
another life i am a calling, i am calling, i am calling. come friends
among the leaves. come randomers good mischief where we sow the world
in things no one could understand but try to and become mystics, if
you leave me, I will become nothing, which i am, oh consciousness,
deep and wide, berries and jam, and bowls, we're all friends here,
friends of rock and roll. ol ol ol symbols just be symbols, the old
life melts away in some random coal somewhere, thats burning right
now. i'm sorry that i killed tao.
i have no more napkins, my standard is low, something random an entire
world we never did know, bursts through like snow if i think does that
i wont know, everything is beautiful, everything is harmony, nobody is
hurt, for these moments, no one is hurt... and maybe forever, i dont
know anything... i love this skirt
adventures are real, slipped through the lirt

Ecofeminism is an intense koan, non heirararchy has a wider scale than
ecofeminism, ini has a wider scale than rastafari, seen and
unseen, have a wider scale of being than wanti, the truth has a wider
scale of being than what is said, essence is never in the
physical, it all solid physical world is illusion, so the illusion is
real, the lifestream is this, still even here you can hear
the planet singing and join in its song, ecofeminism and
ecomasculinism cant be kept seperate when they join new teachings are

allowed to come forth

when you are schizophrenic the universe will talk to you, the planet
will speak to you, through all that is around you in a symbolic
archetypal language, you will go through many transformations, and
your conception of yourself will change a lot, just as the conception
of what it is, some would say it is the calling of shamanism, but what
this means specifically is up to individual interpretation

you are a universe within a universe, ini, so its like being
two-spirited, but it can happen to any people, it doesn't mean
everything will turn to poison, its actually a shamanic condition,
that can only be understood at the level of spiritual energies, in a
shifting place, it is physical and yet it is not, it is at the gateway
between both,

schizophrenic people have a tradition of ecstasy and tricksterism
which goes generation to generation in an unseen means, like the
wordless dharma transmissions of the buddhas, the worded and unworded,
the meaning being that we could mend back together, and in turn be
mended by the universe at large, returning to the tree of life

you can communicate with so much and meet beings/nonbeings who
communicate in a different way thats deeper and more eternal

by virtue of celestial wholeness and seeing a vision beyond that of
the world, the point is the bridge the shamanic rifts in the world, so
that energy can flow in the best way, for all worlds to benefit.

ironically its really just a level of peace people can attain

ekoanseelishymn is actually a cure, having to do with the solar and
lunar energies being connected unnaturally, without grace,

some look to religion, some look to nature, the trees always seem to
be offering an eternal wisdom, all things are processes of the Soul

the fairies can aid us, a matter of upturning meaning which has been
implied, which isn't the actual meaning, of redefinition, and not
allowing others to define,
its a level of looseness of perception,

but i am a trickster, because i am a fairy, you see these things
happen when the magical entrapments which has bound the world for so
long break a bit, and the truth flows through, we are not always so
outward, mostly it is worldless, saiyazen is a much deeper and
effective method of communication, just being together and also in
silence or without conceptions of words, and intuitively consciousness
go to such a deep level of empathy, and its always happening, so if we
focus on that without the words.

the spirit of the planet is speaking, spiritual healing comes through,
its not from a place of words, but something deeper, by being bound to
words, we cling to delusion, but by freeing the conception from
language, despite the fact that it might seem like everyone depends on
such a set language, we are freed to the eternal truth which is
immortal and unsuffering.

Wandering the city, all is full of the joy of the seasons, there is a
guy jumping and the stuff which falls to the ground becomes food,
there are many distant chickens, chattering in the gray chaos of the
Sequinack sea, someone of the coast, Krandra weeps for her brother,
who wandered into the fairy mounds never to return, the sea otter
named Kalpok comes to her then, with messages, stories from the center
of the universe which can soothe any suffering.

Long ago when the berries were thick in the bushes, over two months
ago, there lived a caterpillar who wandered for many miles in search
for the meaning of life, hallucinatory visions of dancing cattle and
deranged monkey madmen plagued this caterpillar, until the caterpillar
befriended a hippie and the hippie gave the caterpillar some acid,
after that point, they did everything together. And started a rock and
roll band, that played in the shadows.

The kiyaks of all the rangers had come to unfortunate destruction of
the hands of the fractals which had destroyed all orderly things in
the world, such was the secret spell which the caterpillar harbored
under her fuzz, and suddenly set loose at the peak of the trip,
causing the planet to shift into the end of the Vampiric age, and that
was when the cow spirit

blossomed the milk of loving kindness

Lo, for all things are christ!

The Cetra Spoike to me and told me to offer the sutra there, at the
first light of the dawn, "We'll get that cab we'll get it, brosis,
we'll run away into the hippieverse" the hostel was a shrine christ
was everywhere all was united as it should. We smoked by the docks and
river the laughter of the fishermen were prayers of continous life,
tao, the songs of the cows. Eve that is Christ, the trees, " I like
wanti because it reminds me of Eden, the dryadland."
Jesus is the Earth. The cetra and their celestial ways live here, in
the bongs, equally as in the ever green and immortal trees. everything
is alive, shamanism. Gnish voi artunl gep
The huge ethereal and living faces, never onething, brining the joy
through the city, no longer was it something of bondage it was simply
a dream emanating in joy in supreme humor, crafter by the ancient
scribes in intuitive unconscious luck, the sidhe. Still the night
burned on, the life stream was strong here, where a secret temple
arose, in the turtle, it was wakan tanka, it must have been, something
beyond the words, and the physical for it is only the husk of a much
more fertile seed.
Came then the ladies old friends, speaking in simplicity like
perfectly instruments, ones name was D, I knew then the woven web was
much deeper, much more celestial, it came from the source not to bog
me down, but in some greater magical meaning at the core, Jesus was in
everywher, like a tiny small with simple eyes, yellow and golden
flying in the primordial tides which still flowed from thought to
thoughtlessness a cosmic surfer, and in the morning, they were two
priestesses in the fractal truth, Among the women, our blessing went
out silently, peaceful, oh canada, oh winkte spirits of this world, we
spoke of the mushrooms from which the entire vision had sprouted, the
true faith.
Had to call Feather, it frightened, me the use of the phones, Flo
mostly danced along, yoga in the smoking room, where the fairy faith
lived strongly on, the drunken australian, the endless waves of
endless truth coming from everywhere. The songs of the mystics,
unending, the Goddess unendig for it all passed away, it was different
from what it seemed, in so many lives, the truth, came, the vikings
where dancing, the walls of the cave splattered with the sigils of
the insane, we languished there among the mushroom fractals, sprouting
in chaotic fashion from our camps, in the sky, the pleidians played
their games, some took journeys upon staffs and brooms to reach them,
the rest of us didn't both with such things, and simpled danced around
the trees, oh the city, is a template upon the realm of such a deep
wood, and as we leave the realm of our mountain like virtue a new
lesson sprouts forth, the root which peirces through the stone, oh
Mother Earth she is a great samurai, her swords being the trees, that
spin as she herself orbits in mystical ecstasy, full of the spirit of
Christ, and to what is the ultimate ends? Divine love, love to which
there is no end, oh Moony one. So come you gypsies, our bowls sing to
be packed, and burned away, as the buddha like love making of the
mandalas which are our lives, flow away, what a clear vision into the

It centered around them all, the cows speak quickly in peace,
meanwhile, Brosis, Flo, Mira and Carl were up to something again. In
the psychedelic realms, the nameless ones finally remembered the
truth, so many small onions can tell you, now as we wander to our
original home in the trees, and do away witth pointless stories,
still we remember the day, when it all rose again like the soma, the
far reaching levels ofthe great riddling compassion of the Gods.

Listened to a bunch of psychedelic rock, and did not do much, the
rioters paraded and shouted the truths, a place truly alive, it would
fall soon in the prophecy, rolling away back to celestial
pristineness, still it was close only a matter of awakening within the
self, a fractal awakening, like a bottle of eggs becoming a tree of
rivers. We flew in our herbal lingerings, spliffs on the roof, trees,
so much recycling, so much chillness. Aloha. The vegetables, the kale.
To speak unto the feather, what could be said. The strangeness of the
phonecalls, things just happening, its true the Goddess is verily
everywhere, nothing no distinctions, we break through distinction, the
InI in the truth of Christ, burning good on the inside and all the
silent poems offered unknowingly to God.

And what would Spokane bring, this crazy pilgrimage in the two spirit
dimension. The washington which is not washington, made me think of
aphrodite and the humble attempts of the catholics, under abyss but
something real still creeps through, this is live, there is no anchor
just flowing freely, i don't like to wander the city, I don't like to
say to much of anything. Just listen to the hip bands, and let it all
blow, through the yogas, pass it on, such a silent, wavy happy thing.
This old dance, was it really the raves? The strange organization, the
psychedelic truth, the medical marijuana people.

There was a homeless guy at the dock with a kilt like mine, well the
same colors but it was a south america design, there was a totem which
a tribe from vancouver had carved.

I don't see how this could be remotely interesting later, but the idea
was to be like the dharma bums, though still I was left in the
undertow of the religions, which had no heart, where were the hippie
ways, something astral, growig attracting love, and christ, without
judgement, just the flying gypsylike ecstasy of the fairies in flight
through the old city, the cetra dancing as the old spirits of the true
judaism in pure explanation or the buddhas nothing doing amog the tags
of all the folk in their miasma of meaning.

A different kind of journey, the schizophrenia doesn't effect you so
much, except in a funny way, at the core they know your spirit, at the
center they know and they send it on to you, those messages, everyone
is a hollow bone, a vessel, and yet all of them are beautiful too, the
christ in them, the Yomo hiding in good peace among the leaves
quietly, the angels and heaven and hell, together there is such beauty
and such wholeness, this celestial world, the cairns slip along and
come together does it matter, the domovoi speaks through the angels
and the old paths, we have a funny joke, everyone understands the
truth silently, still the dance goes on, the dance without boundaries.

Good indie rock, finally, except it wasn't the songs, it was the
guitar and the old songs and the wandering, and the quiet things no
one could here, flo singing on the waves of that old nameless river.
Our band, our magic funnily swept away, from so long ago, so unlikely,
so loosely brought together. So genius. It was the spirit of it, which
manifested the miracles, humbling with their own economy and
equilibrium every tree, every simple thing, every calming word, to woo
a city, to be obscure and ugly like settled flax at the bottom of
your old shoes. But theres so much I stil remember, just a few
moments, a good truth, schizophrenia, what a funny miracle, perhaps it
returns now, as the funny seed which would heal the world again,
unleashed are the spirits of the original spirit, unleashed from the
limitations of money, unleashed from all boundaries, we ran free with
the animals, the schools died, there was kana everywhere.

I have nothing to talk about, the coffee is too far away, maybe we
should just smoke weed, will they watch us? What a miracle that is to
finally be able to heal ourselves truly, we lost our lighter, is there
an abundance? Are the cows still alive, what does this world mean? Can
bugs understand the dharma? Is there a peice of strawberry pie left?

Good old Aeris pass of through, though a fantasy it may be, is not all
a fantasy, to the ultimate reality of wanti we go, the Yomo and all
names coalescing as they always have the viel removed from our minds.


Wanti, Yomo, Aigy Adawapayo Yaveyetta Upto Noma Sidu Aorin Ila Sulos
Vargos Deliantairo

the secret truths hidden in the small things, moments, of a greater
resonance, lessons that would unravel and becoming different things,
and there would be humor,, the trees, brought us back into the moment,
it was like being able to read something,

i believe final fantasy 7 is a religion, and a spirituality and the
realms beyond it which was indicated by it. plant wisdom, plants lived
and spoke in deep ways, the lorax is a spirituality that comes from
the intense tides of the lifestream dancing in the truth and
positivity there which makes a clear vision we see past all the
cocepts, and all the supposed artistic interior to the truer meaning
and vibration, this is every without a name, and if there was a box of
any kind of ketchup here, there were so many crazy things. it seems
like a bizarre divination, into the truth, there was never any
different between any action nothing had ever happened, the essence
was never disturbed,

nom myoho renge kyo.

the world began to make sense in a cool, way wanti lived on, there was
a simplicity and miracleness to it.

walked along outside, dug the trees, meditated for a while on the side
of the road, a guy asked us if we could help him cash a check
we said yes his name was Seru he said he could help us get a medical
marijuana card
he deposited a check and took out 360
i had 330 in the accout originally he gave me 150, so i'll end up with 480
and gett a medical liscence and end up with 180
which is awesome but now i can't read his phone number, mikell is the
son of the doctors at the clinic so going there, the spirit of the
ancients is with us.

it happened as soon as I had sat down to meditate, and risen, it
seemed like a classic zen swindle, somehow we knew it would rise
again, like the amanitas, loving kindness erupted in the shrine, the
spirits joined us in silence. Who knows whaat really happened. If his
father was really a cannabis doctor of some kind, maybe it was a
deeper taoist truth. The true healing, letting go completely, the
spirit. Entering, Wanti lives again now, all throughout everything,
the Yomo and Yaveyetta's blessing is here, Aorin, Ila, and Upto, the
sacred trickster, we have lost enough, there is enough love, we have
strength in this journey, as we gather peacefully, in the deep and
obvious places, in the fairy dwellings, in the ways of the ancients,
the random dharma of life is for sure a healing one, the way of kuan
yin, has anything really been lost? gained? or is it just equal? Only
time will tell, for now we offer thanks to the compassion and love
which surrounds us, the true dharma of the city, all the trees, still
raving, among such strangeness, we remove the staples when we can, and
the ribbons, tied without thoughts, it seems to happen back upon us,
even the guy who took the stuff spoke us this, it all happened for a
deeper spiritual purpose, as we dwell here trying to understand this
dharma, it was definitely needed, this place is like a heavenly realm,
we are thankful to have what we have, peace to all spirits.

Final Fantasy 7, the bad spirit departed as we fairies gather here,
who have found ourselves in the city, and what it represents, just a
way of our understanding the forest, the pine, and all things. May our
karma be little and may our joy be great, may we reach the final
enlightenment, and dance in Wanti. This is a different kind of life,
kindness to all things. All the lady sings, and extols the meditation
of loving kindness. Dana is the spirit of giving. That which you gave,
you will recieve, things we will work. Blessed be.

And all Gods and beings are one, and there is truly no distinction, we
break away from the outer, to the innermost chamber of truth, the love
of everything goes even deeper, the peacefulness everywhere, the utter
ecstasy that is this divine place, now the rastas sing, and the way is
on, all these crazy beliefs they seem to mean something more now, the
truth the life stream the living goodness that is jesus comingg
through it all, no, there was never a falling.


InI spoke the Yomo, InI am all ye behold and all for the letters give
way to a pure truth like a sea of rainbows floating around in the
hippieverse, just the random ways, InI am love, there is nothing we
can truly lose. What can you do but rave, it still moves it goes on,
none of it has meaning. Bhangi. Oh this random chaos world, we bow to
you, for you are the true tree. In the wind and in the cold, and
everything. What more is there but to meditate, no distinctions
everything is everything else, the ancients, consciousness, all there
is is consciousness, that is what InI means after all. What is there
but to meditate, the way it almost totally clear, but then again it is
nothing falling pointlessly, like this words. Wanti is still here
though, there we can vibe, quietly, where no one knows, in a different
way, as one.

It was a Cannabis Plant Spirit teaching. The true meaning of zazen
suddenly flashed upon us, things we had trained ourselves into
disbelieving, like the truth of the fairies this also was a new dawn
an inner blossoming, does it matter, this place is a place of sacred
virtue, sulos, wanti, olan dita, the yomo's blessing in the
meditation. Sometimes I wonder what I'm saying. Flo says off into the
universe, indeed for what is it? the ocean? the forest? the mountain,
the clouds, something, everything, deep within, far without,
everywhere, nowhere, the butterflies, the fairies, even here, the
life, the true life, the love. Most of all the love.

Aigy, for the rains are a friend and all a warm heart is the yonato of
peace and art.

grian. We divined and walked again, a lady yelled at us about how the
gods were dead, we said everything is christ, everything is god,
everything is goddess, maybe she was a buddha, or a mystical guardian,
john fahey, the cold and the warm, everything swirling and the cows in
the storm all form a friendship in the hovering air remembering the
ground and returning to everywhere.
Shiva, we remember you, in the quiet, there is love. I am a cow
waiting silently but I roam free on wings of things that somehow set
us free from the other world. Christ is Shiva.
Shiva, what the whisperings of the pagans among the crowds, shiva and
shakti, loudly, the beautiful transcendant truth of the trees, had
finally become a tree myself the Goddess made sense on another level,
and the God, and their oneness beyond the obvious, there was eternal
oneness, ad eternal balance, the greatest health, everything we do is
love, and we are just their dreams, the hipsters gather but I am just
a fly with a bucket of herbs and the truth of the miracles that rise
in the east and set in the west and if that doesnt mean anything well.
that is okay.
Everything is God, Everything is Love, Let it be what it is and you will see.

the tao flowed, there was kindness, there was love, all kinds of
little ripples of the truth, the cows, the rave, peace, deep things,
mushroom yoga in the dojo, the shamanic truth comes out, the soma,
provides peace, we knights of the table, come together in random
insanity and chamalta, to inspire thus the spirit of heroicism and
wholeness, peacefulness amongst adventure, and ecstasy amongth
simplicity. There is much love and happiness.
I rain positive thoughts down everywhere thick like the eternal rains,
i overcome the effigies, the ego is gone, the primordial self rings
the forest, the deep wood, in a dream, the love in every movement,
Goddess watches and protects, and guides us.

Miraculous healings by the Gods, humble healings in everywhere,
everything has grace to the one who sees the buddha is christ and
there are a lot of songs. I ask random people if they can read the
number written into the paper.

Sometimes it just can come from moving a letter.

found a fe extra dollars though the amish simplicity bore its blessing
and a full thankfulness at the shrie of the cross were rejuvenated by
the oil, ad secretly the YOMO was all, dancing the troubrador and
canadian love, oh returning to old trees, oh, christ in all, sweet
christ, sweet buddha, aorin, aeris, love...


There was a sticker thing that said, Jesus loves you, then it said I
am Lord, and there was a cross, then above on the top of the phone
both there was a sticker that said unstoppable machines of death, so
we wrote, I am a fertility priestess and I was able to stop the
machines, nature is love, dryad city, then kernunnos came up and asked
for a cigarette and offered to blaze later but yeah, it was an intense
coincidence of astrologies, so left the dualism behind and sulos still
raving, by the old tree the cows still raved, somehow there was love,
so much love spilling everywhere, we met by the pillars, i guess some
people are just greco roman like that, or whatever that means athens
olympia, crazy wisdom, crazy philosophizing, half hallucinatory,
scalar planar, always talking about some kind of strange adventuresome
like justice, like the rangers of the wood, sister caelirn, and the
kernru the dazes of these times, walking along, talking to the old
shaman dude, who left his trail to everywhere, what kind of adventure
was this anyway, we were after all only a helpless band of lucid
dreamers, all of this that had happened was only symbolic, it was all
happening all at once, yet it was nothing, it was just an ancient
ripple of something that once was, the chaos bursting forth from the
old peace of the swamps where we first rose in our tiny mushroom town,
we remembered those days briskly like the taste of the coffee, the
astral impressions, leading us back, the pomo, the visions, the
journeys, what did it mean, things had changed, the ravers, took us to
this strange cat who secretly ruled and yet there was only the insane
look of hilarity in his eyes, the sadhus wandering the streets, the
ecstatic mysticism.
she didn't want to go, the hipness built up like little celestial
plates, still raving, those plates were actually cows, flying in the
ocean, a pair of gloves, an ounce of non dual herbs, the tree of life
is verily everything, we chorused on and on, the night, love, peace,
truth. I love you! I love you universe! divine healings, unleashed
upon the city, travelling through, self arranging sigils in the
lights, in the rogue grasses, lo, in the arcane lingerings, which
reflect onward a message from where worlds intertwined in some
primordial loving madness, when metta was the me t ta meat eater
meditating in the simple dojo of self solitude and bliss, and came the
ones who were god eternal spirit in the shamans song of the coalescing
guitar frackanel waiting in every little thing because all of it at
once and nothing, the city teaches some kind of divine selflessness,
living in a small plant cell, for a while, you begin to learn things,
through the art of devachan, who to store things in the infinite bag,
the world has always been the infinite bag, the idea of the finite
world was just a concept created by the shamans at one point, but most
people never even realized they had just been absorbed into another
black hole, it took the second rising of wanti to make it apparent
again even to the eyes of this priestess, but as the blessing
continued and the love rose and rose, and it no longer mattered
consciousness is our animator, but independent from us, though our
feeble minds die, consciousness rocks on wakan, in the crazy never
funnel, i remember the plants, and the plants go on forever, like
resident gods, gods of non heirarchy, almost an oxymoron to us, but a
key concept to understand the completeness inherent in every single
thing, these kinds of koans are the meaning of the world, and the
fulfillment of life.

still stuff generally happens, the old fairies ways, the funniest most
apparent, the traditions still living in some concept, the kaballah is
alive again, it means something, or does it not, its all mysticism,
its all way too humbling, amish mysticism, and all the cows, seemed to
sing, on the sacred mountain, of the gods, from which we rode, in
equality, because if not, the paladins were insane, and somehow not
overzealous but kind of funny in their persistance, still for witches
like us it was different, it was always the long wooden spatulas,
flying through the night sky caked with the grease of our former
incarnations, and blessed by the pidgeon midflight which would take us
to the truth only, the Goddess understands these things, the things
which by being old become good, are crying, because She makes it
singing, and laughing, and also life, in every manifestation being
equal to the times of everything because you are Goddess!
suddenly it was like a crazy thing and I remembered that it was true
I enjoyed many thoughts that night, each one was pointless and
integral to the balance, even now I bow, knowing that I am but a
simple fool, permanently warped in delusion, yet it is that very
delusion in which I found the truest love, so what of that?
so miraculously what was tossed away has a new life, somehow
somatically, the amanita muscaria have something to do with it, it

another one of those mushroom cults, where the people turn into
mushrooms and start to inhabit the trees
and then the animals becomes gods and somehow no one is hurt,
you are crazy, the universe understands this, now every is changing
because. the universe will never use words because the universe is too
cool to do that, the universe is everywhere and the universe is never
obvious enough to be like that, to be understand, a thousand million
more times than just a simple fairy
a simple ego, or even a floot

our faiths are just what we natural do

ini i am just a paper, i have no adventure, and yet the world flows about me,
i am a trickster,an electron proton oh lo,
for my life is non important focus not upon me for i am inconsequential
i live a simple life, honoring the Yomo
I am one of the few people who still remembers wanti, no one remembers
wanti in this dream,
but i do, maybe thats why the adventures well they changed... like the raves
wait, you remember wanti?

this life was definitely worth it, just for the sake of saying wanti yomo a lot

The earth and the trees are very in tune with eachother anways giving
back to eachother tree eert earth htrae heart and the heart
of the heart and tree the flame, the tree of the worlds paradoxical
christlike teaching, dregysduffkilm smiaf arno, caleesheda,
gewar aga rone

perhaps it was the hippie creek, and the crickets speak, which moved
us down there
thick, in the light, there were words like strange living languages of
zennish, hermits among the masses, one with all things, we glimpsed
the mysteries, none of them had virtue put it lived again a hidden
true virtue in something i cant talk about here but by the heavens,
aye, childe
ye shall noe!

the Yomo rawked then
aigy, for asaunder mornings
mornings, morning times
everyday that big egg god, lays the
earth as some kind of cow friend

wanti is like the soft grass, love is like the crazy mystic woman
the crazy vision of the planes, the funny ways it breaks down, aye ye
amish, your jokes are not forgotten, not here, once, where they acan
like the rye crystals the hexagram rain, we journey through, just
feelings, everything is the spirit, everything is the soul, when you
grow inside, you also grow outside, things grow out there, ini, we
wrote within one of those atoms, the scientists were the mud puddles,
like the oyster mushrooms, and silly troubradors in a thousand songs
of praise. there is an aspct of it we can't understand, deep city
ways, beautiful things, wierd shaman lady, and flowers, and the cows
who must have been guiding, you ar a true friend cow, as we are called
to perform our kaballah, in the universe we all get along enough, the
heart is strong enough, to vibe out, all of us are trees, trees in
flashbckls through al lives lucidly weavingso many times together
producing worlds, living language, everything exists in trees, and so
all things are brought to earth, the mirage, the oasis, as the
buddhists say, funny for water, water, everywhere, all of it it is
good, all of it will heal us, or show a way to transmutation, to heal
all beings, live and render love, know that life is good,

oh how the streets are like old rivers and inside what a deep and
eternal temple is everything...
yea, verily,

suddenly life is so simple the fifty gates of understanding in the
tree body, hehe, funny stuff
or is it?
Iamlegrakie, at least this we can agree on
Eye, said the angelic squirrel

one day deep in meditation i glanced at the recycling bin
i saw what my soul would become, cans and bottles, empty glass
papers, if only i escaped becoming that

nothing being wasted
recycling, the true faith.

leaving no trace, otherwise, how will they know you are truly dead
that you had achieved, life within death,

yet they were so much more than that, it was an entire thing,
what do you think pumpkins?

a strange celestial world, sometimes I still think about my grandma, a
crazy spirit like that, some may say what they will but, somethings
not everyone can understand, having a calling, and just the ways it
ripples into this waking world, and so much, sometimes I think it all
must be a huge joke, you just watch it go by, it can teach you some
amazing things, even if we end up stranded out there, damn it, is not
the entire thing a divine love and just to unleash, even to die, be
worth it all, to do the dance of the wild one among the wood, and be
made whole, life again in the trees, a true priestess living a sacred
life, taking the universe with her wherever, in the joy, the fairy
tribes and our crazy ways, who are we what are we, we will never tell!
we will cause discord for love of discord and to fulfill the universe,
we protest the forming of the line! we are not all the same!
the sages appear, the zazen, the waiting, what will happen, as much as
we might disagree on the outside, something deeper than that brings us
together, like the prophecies, the ancient
zen truths, the pointlessness, the blessings, of the great mother,
the androgyny, of our sex, and the trees, everyone returned, the rave
the breathing trees, it all grows, maybe i'm just a fool whose paused
for these supple moments to rant on like a bore, but somewhere in all
of it, the sacred and we thank all those who we meet along the way,
and make us complete, but offerings of tao, all this world, tao,
mountains of pine needles..

sitting around the figurative campfire, nights in crazy zazen,
channelling and annotating the mystical texts in the spontaneous non
traditionilism of the now, instantly everything becomes bullshit, in
that pure moment, the shroom can grow, in the wild, peacefully,
sacredly, we are all small, we are all small, what is size, the
universe philosophizes constantly through hir anatomy, i am just a
tiny worm, but she is still there. maybe we are dragons, and maybe we
are rats, what is it to you, the poisons fall away, where the yomo's
name lives, for all things live there, the greek gods, were somewhere
on the outskirts, perhaps through the fables, a way out preserved in
greater truth, in the deeper realms where even an old soul like ours
hadn't flown floated or travelled.

you can be sure, all are welcome here, no preconceptions, none of the
old wars, all beings in harmony, thats what, the Yomo say and was born
from her hearts dream, through the mind matrix of all of this we see,
a witches hat? it was the hat which was the stone in this strange and
inverted world.
this magic hat...
it had some kind of a deeper meaning, the camera was there, maybe some
symbol of vanity,
a need for the amish mysticism, to somehow cure it, a powerful spell,
a spell to rend a hat
sometimes, the illogical ones like that can be the most fulfilling..

these things are harder to find than you might think

the amish who had their pictures taken had already had their souls
stolen by the status quo, or else deep in sacred camouflage,

In some ways, maybe I am foolish, but by Aphrodite, may we get
together a proper witches attire, now, despite this foolishness, aye,
I know I must be selfless, but can there be none of the traditional

oh well here is something, everything starts flowing.

I don't feel particularly understand, I just feel like, i must wander
somethings, what makes a person like that, amiable to some and
impenetrable to others? who knows.

its okay, the astral is more important, despite the misunderstanding,
and the wierd synchronicities, the group consciousness is not me, or

strange rituals, who knows what the true meaning of it is, what it all
means we have to decide for ourselves, accept the divine ways dont
usually follow any kind of logic, i mean magick by definition it is
not a path! she would say a lot

and make all this jokes, and who knows, it was genius definitely

we cast a spell of divine love to protect and nurture the world
forever, all of us go through every transformation the kaballah is a
machine of death, then a great sustainer of all life, it has to do
with the state of the inner spirit, as you begin to understand the
world, you have to accept certain things, certain humilities, yet
theres a beautiful way, to live within anything, in anyway, still our
hearts shine out, beyond it all, still we have no t quite gotten it
together, but somewhere, by the blessed intention it shall come
together in the end, probably by a quick snap of some dudes wisdom or
some poets joke. I almost didn't want to leave. Flo didn't either the
city was funny, even though mostly everyone just robbed us. The tree
of life is everything, nothing was taken, there was something true
about that buddha, out here in no where, in the nomadic home, now they
are talking about lsd, was it some ancient rite beyond reagent but
imbued with the truth of the ancients, something the logic of any
system could not quite contain, but pervaded all things, we are
farmers of this through so much metaphor, soma farmers, here and then,
randomly, why? we don't know, maybe one day there will be food. life
coming from death. All the kinds of beings of the world, what does it
mean. To practice such a nice magic, some people will think you are
crazy, but us nice folk I suppose are just nice. I remember scotland
and the funk, and the stoners, and the ancient temples, and the
beautiful flowing goodness of it all.
We trudged along for day and night, the dragons spoke to us in the
cloud and led us to food and to mushrooms, Olan Dita was there it was
true, the Yomos, all around.

Why do we do this, put ourselves out there like this, is it because we
don't really exist? are we just more ghosts, fallen into a grave,
which everyone else has, a grave where the mushrooms push up every
day, and eternity is remembered in every world, this world is
absolutely amazing, the world is a religion, i know nothing, nothing
has any bounds, everyone is beautiful, hippie ways, its at another
level now, who knows what it means, what its about.

maybe its just dumb but at least the vision kind of gets out, most of
it has to be left to the subconscious, it just starts flowing through
and then what can you do, hope its a healing, make no distinctions,
some of the most celestial things, only cernunnos can teach you,
everything is goddess, the truth, everything flowing around harmlessly
but fully, i am okay, i love life, I am simple maybe, but somehow, I'm
getting along. People are kind, fairies are kind, I cry at how
beautiful it all is and everyone has been, to offer this, into the
nothingness and Flo you are still here, and everyone is here, and
here, I find myself in this commune, on this mystic trail, and
everyone is there, and its two thousand twelve, and what a crazy
thing, we are born already alive, in the thick of life

maybe it is just repeating over and over again, oh well, in this
story, there is no point to anything, everything is always infinite,
sometimes even what seems like defeat at first is a great victory on
another level, and yeah.

maybe i just seem strange i have no idea, no one tells me anything, oh
well, i am myself, an it harm none, love is the whole of the law, let
us all be ourselves
and rave forever...
like flowers, growing in the piney pines

like so many beautiful simply things that happen when we come
together, oh what a moon. and what a day, bong voyage
the journey deepens

I thought we'd see eachother again, but we might not, it doesn't
really matter, something amazing is going to happen, all this rambling
but, now I am not, now my insanity, has turned to just a simple
wisdom, now the mind is clear, and there is love, everything

is love, everything is you flo
everything is you,

consciousness yoga, in the trees, the selfless dryad trees, the dead
recycle, the living recycle, spinning around in circles has been one
of the most effective and valid wordless faiths since the beginning of
time, some things are better simple, like things.

this is an intensely personal letter to a loved one, that just
happened to blow into the breeze for everyone to see, thus tainting
the world, with its twisted love

but there was something amazing that happened it actually vibed with
the world pattern and created an entirely knew dimension, one which
was needed for people to communicate at a different level which was
largely ignored by the seen world until that point, ekoanseelishymn,
lasanta friend for we can speak again, we can commune in a different
way, the rave is beautiful and rugged.

I love her!

I love her!

all of this, all of it, what does it mean, love senselessness, sapphic
ecstasy, the true meaning of our simple earthy lives, crazy heavens
created just from being close, oh the most sacred things, to reach
there, breaking through the barriers of the mind of the heart, every
logical sequence acts against itself rising above all of them, somehow
somehow we were able to do it, or maybe it was just the shrooms,
having entered into our lives and told so many stories, resurrecting
each time, so much beauty so amazing,
beings with blue faces and crazy yellow eyes sit in the chairs, one is
playing a white horn, maybe it was somewhere in atlantis, it doesn't
mean anything, its just the standard, fair, why are we hear?
is this another one of those witch craft samadhi feuds, oh for the
love of Japan, isa
all the cats are running lose now, like the tears I weep,
when you are away
I long for you in secret, yet it is also the most open everywhere, you
are, and yet also is your hate, yet it comes together, and I see the
universe healed and made whole in you, so how can I go closer
sometimes, though I'd like to, when the storm is there, even the
thunder knew you. Aye, they know, two spirits, travelling, and they
still stole everywhere in some kind of funny joke. at least this see,
they see the truth, the reality, something of the reality, the strange
chants, remember, waking up in a crazy place, what is real, what is
reality. the herb is the faith, the way life flows, the
meaninglessness, the ecstasy, its a boring life really, the alchemy of
words, but it exists for some reason


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liberation, honesty, inner knowing, shining outward, the Goddess
reality exists in everyone, you can dance through them all, some
people make that their religion finding a deeper resonance in the
Goddess and the perception of the world she attunes them too, though
it is a bit more subtle than some may immediately thing, it is
certainly a living way, and with heart, and without such material
attachment as some might think.

a strange and good kind of animism indeed, says the root man as he
dances up from the abyss.

it is wabi sabi but it will be okay, but not to seem to astrological
anyways, in these days, but just simple, we are the cows, brothers,
sisters, centaurs, lakano, cree, lovers, dancers, yieoan we are the
the beginning of the world is also the end of the world

its a constant process
it makes no sreamense
i have no true power
only the lucid luck of the d
unh, such is the medicine dance
our lives are not interesting enough for anyone to care
thank you
our wierdness is just wierd and has no intentionally redeeming qualities
yet once maybe everyone several thousand years it starts to make sense
is it because we have a lot of time on our hands? or a lot of hands on time,
or is it because this is secretly the ONE THING that the universe
actually cares about
and it too crazy to actually together put together because
that just is how it went down? its hard when you have so many hands
mushrooms, flowers, dryad folk, know ye?
wiser self do ye know?
home word
still fire is fire water is water
the seasons turn and my mind becomes pogo
banghi, bhangi,
i just dream of trees, i dont do much i just dream,
you're all dreaming!! is that still a surprise to you, muaha
you are probably deeply in love
*hugs universe, smokes bowl, wanders around content in a deep and
silent dirty hippie way, soon will take a shower perhaps*

this lady from alaska, and a crazy prophecy, all my friends go crazy
eventually, who knows what that means, they start transforming into
animals and backing away
nothing is real everyones saying, buddhas, everywhere, water all over
the floor, the whole place is flooding, at least now, i can be clean
naturally, its all singing now, another round, no, no its too much,
too much, i am drunk and alive, someone will know, someone will know
this madness, i'm so proud, but putting these words here has sown the
fruitt of the world, so who can complain, or is that just a bunch of
croc, i don't know, why don't you ask the mayans
crazy buddhas, hitting on us, crazy buddhist sex, zazen funny funny
cliches and ego death over and over again, this is how we get off here
they say, kind of curtly and then they close the door, we're left to
wander, wander alone, too drunk upon god to care.

i dont know anything anymore, every word is just a habit, maybe all of
them have to break, i have to left go...
i have too or else.. or else.. i dont know

many raves randomly happened, there were cookies.

that night this guy came in and he said i love you, woah wait did he,
he came in and played dubstep, we couldn't sleep because this guy was
snoring insanely loudly, we just sat zazen and meditated, watched the
place become just the mind, then the beat of the heart came through
it, we danced to the drum n bass, this guy came in he was wearing a
peice of jade wrapped around a stick, he mixed the tunage from his
mixer, we danced took hits from the bong and freestyled, ila's
blessing was there

..What these folk were calling scottish seemed to do more with the
kilt/skirt than anything else, so we decided to just accept that
thats what it was, its kind of a trippy concept true in a shamanic
sense which is actually in many ways more developed than this

we encountered the same guy who tried to steal the money again and he
said he wanted more, we said no and went to the bank to verify when
the checks would be authorized they said in 9 days, by the time i went
back outside he left, so we figured, maybe there was some virtue to it
after all.

got a ride with hippies, and a yoga teacher, her name was hannah, she
was the priestess, the trails from the magic fairy were still here,
they were helpful rather than harming.

the yomo was in her, we took a walk and johnny took off all his
clothes suddenly and jumped in the river, flo thought that was pretty
funny, johnny is a lot like a mermaid. ini was there with us, we did
yoga poses, and walked with barefeet in the soft wet mud, all that was
there would rise again

left offerings of ness in the tiny mushroom rings which gathered on
the edges of the old coniferous path, looking for amanita muscaria
mushrooms, the red kind, the kind that we've never seen where we're
from, talking about wanti, singing in the old ways, a green cloak, the
ancients there, the ancients, it was all a funny prophecy, in the
simple things it was extolled yet its was was so deep.

there is no time, there is no distance, everything is here, the
animalistic in us is the celestial society of freedom, the subtleties
of peaceful anarchy using the nature unchanged as a resonator for the
deepest technologies, the true magic, which harms none benefitting

the sounds of love everywhere...
love free love, the bhakti of the river and the green brown and orange
and things not quite rainbows but randomly splattered colors, colors
of lushness, colors of olan dita, the fae among the wood, and all
goodness uponed to us then,

this keeps us truly neutral, a heart, and a prayer, a magician, her
sigils are the signs of all faith, her magic is sacred shinto, slowly
she heals the world, slowly, all is made whole again, all come into
balance, society was made to be destroyed constantly,to constantly
break down so the true fruits could keep blossoming from the
decomposing truth, thats why the composting cities have become the
cities of the dryads, th dharma of the plant teachers is rejuvenating
to the soul, the primordial earthy and celestial lingerings of nature
shift in seamlessly with the things of our world today and we can see
the living spirits in all again. so wakan, the shekinah, without time,
history is now, creation stories, the ness, the love, the gods, all
dancing, in empathetic ecstasy, with the powers to heal the world,
inspire the people in the thoughts in catharsis, and in understanding,
fractal awakening blossoming which took years, the truth of us, the
after long silence, we are with the plants we are with the animals, we
see this again, all of us are the planets, and the planet is the
universe, all of us are divine in our own way, we have our own zen,
wanti permeates through us, our own worlds, dimensions

we gathered kale and spaghetti and mushrooms and flaxseed

johnny made it, it was delicious, thought my phone would die left the
powercord at mira's but it was still there, kuan yin! they had the
same charger.

our song was a beautiful thing, the angels were all there
angels singing to the goddess, the red pink orange moon

the valley, the truth, love
love love

the soma was with us, yet it was everywhere

our families honor has been restored! these old spirits told us this,
this morning, they were like dryads they were really happy we were too
we felt like true heroes all of us, all of us doing so much
who knows if they were really happy though just incredibly wise, the
schizophrenic rise again bursting from cocoons to save ireland!
bursting from all walks of misrepresented like, anachie heals agin,
ain riaghalt
the zombies are put to rest
salve herbai
butterfly buddha take me away
angels of animalistic life, 7th heaven,
melting zendo- rainbow samurai

gentle pattering of our souls, warm us to this rock and roll

we sang wordless and worded songs to the road,

glory be!

mira said, it was the beginning of a new era

we met spinaki linole in town, had chai, it was cool, other people,
the buddha, nom myoho renge kyo
nom myoho renge kyo
nom myoho renge kyo nom myoho renge kyo

our bodies naturally produce thc when we meditate

for every tao there is a rainbow, and for every rainbow a tao

we woke up and walked around after sphagetti, the sky was clear like
the thousand lucid flying rivers that emanate from with waving of the
ravers on some random days. in all the happy silly slow old pines near
this wierd river, looked for mushrooms, but no luck, there was lots of
phalaris grass, and also an herb that looked like rosemary almost, but
it was even more papery and aromatic, i smoked some and meditated at
the river side, we wandered and came together, praying at the trunk of
a tree, the tree is Ast, the park was off of A St. there were hearts.
I got up to hug the tree, and Flo and Johnny hugged with me, we hugged
from three directions, the love was deep, we still care and the lady
of the wood, she still loves us too, for we are all within her.
i thought of the fairy peoples there, how i liked indie rock, and we
talked about what had happened to the hipsters, and to the mixtapes,
and why hadn't our band been signed yet, anyways? To hip for a
contract, Played a song, back at Carry's, sprawled over the couch,
tried to record it but it was just like the incense, slipping away,
vibrations, melodic ramblings, Music itself is a magical land. Johnny
spke from underneath a kind of reserved coolness, at the same time
suddenly bursting out chirping like a bird, a funny peacenut type
fellow, stoic and with a true heart. as the sutras extolled.
The native tongues, bringing the true hip hop, the stream of
consciousness, in a conscious way, conscious lyrics. words which are
not words, raps which are more than raps
tapping at the essence, zen like the sprouting grass poking through
the mist of the dream
dropping needles of pine just to break up your mind
hipsterism had changed, became like a strange exoskeleton.
the meaning of this strange dream, in the town with the shrine to Aerith
at the bus station, i missed the bus, it seemed like they were talking
about us, random people, it seemmed like shinra might have tried to
conspire to our downfall
no stereotypes can hold us anymore, the old world, the old way of
looking at things is no longer binding. instead of selfishmeans, we
are just about the tao, yet the trickster vibration, laughing, you've
always got to watch that one a bit, not that its difficult for the
sheer hilarity,

Jesus Christ was there.
I thought I was breaking down, schizophrenia, its been such a long
journey, I called Jaime and told her I missed the bus. the unseen
world was so apparent, we were all talking about the same thing, this
whole journey, must have been really because of the nightshade, I
thought, perhaps I was so deep in a dream, seeming to go on for months
or some time, what was time anyways, it was all this endless river,
stillness in motion. the trumpet of the angels, the spirits, old
friends, bodhisattvas, so much seen, yet what can we say?
turns out we didn't miss the bus, dumb luck, we rose again, we kept going,
what was happening? who was everyone, this must have been them too, it
was some strange ever oscillating fractal pattern, the spirit of this
life, the spirit of the beat, the spirit of communion, the spirit of
the hippies, polymorphic, all of them understood, yet there was no
center, the center, the truth of fairy, empty and yet full.
there was an invisible place that was inferred to fast for words to
ever reach there, and too obscurely to ever be anything more than an
immortal uncertainty, the chaos, the androgyny, thats all that can
sustain us.
the maps of the world, the universe, the truth
it didn't matter where it came from, just that it was there right then
beyond psychology which had just become a trickster business, beyond
the competitions down to the true virtues and the true goodness, it
was still here, it was selfless, it moved in and out, it was not
defineable, that is the Yomo and the Yomo was the Ness, and pines,
adawapayo, we had a simple little song in the car, going on, people of
love, in a simple world, the warmth, the peace.

the warmth inside us, it was all so strange, we could break free from
it, it was to the center of all things.
Who were these friends, the blessing of wanti is with us.
celestial amish mysticism, i didn't talk to Amish mysticism today.
what a crazy two spirited world.
is it that the cross is the power companies?
Carry helped, she was the guitar, it was shinto
the whole meeting even the branch, we were careful not to break it in
the car door, just as the website said, it was the wierd nexus between
the worlds, it was why we had to leave the kaballah book, selflessly
there were too many conceptions, it was not the final end but a
beginning reality

Setora), also known as the Ancients (??? Kodai-shu

bubsy sharky leopold II; 'the nobnoster'

could it be the gameshark? needed to resurrect aeris?

Had went on again, sat and sang songs, the spirit of the mountains,
deep wordless truths, dancers between waking and dream, those who make
no distinctions, it is that segregation which we truly suffer from the
most, in the paradigm of the current consensus focal represents the
misrepresentation of the validity of these communications, beings and
expressions of spirit we find all along our path. the yomo sings,the
my love, you are in the great river, spokane, and taken us upon this
journey, the true ways are for all, all of us are the ancients.

Went on meaning, had gone out to the bus early, seemed like some
deeper axis of communication with the pine spirits, the love must
happen. We went out again, after cutting some vegetables for Carry's

apples which speak like the adams apples lodged in some throats, so
who could lie
still the marks meant nothing to us,

leaving no mark, no harm, at far interpreted maybe as harm, is
healing. the fairy way is still strong after all these years, these
kinds of dreams.

Everything is verily the tree of life!

we trusted the virtue of the plants and shared our gifts,

as the bus drove through, we saw the story, the story of the truth.

it was Adonai in a truer sense, there telling the truth, the story of
the cetra,
alive, not dead, the truth from olan dita, expounding and explaining
to the last detail, yet it was to all consciousness.

there were needed those to cast the letters, in this new age, in their
kaballistic gardens, never leaning too heavily on the organized but organic

even as we think of them, their essence works through us
together, wytipodating, the true name is beheld within and without,
the true resonation, connecting all consciousness, time and
dimensions, in which the eternal sulos blossoms, the true note which
causes adawapayo to sing again, her ancient universe song, upon the
dryads lute, stringed by nebula, or so the legends say,

deeper fragments yet equally healthy, Jamie, the hippie lady picked us
up, and rootbeer was drinken. total healing, the winkte path is a
literal path, sometimes mind boggling, like the energies of the ness,
linta and odel, as they combine realizing essential oneness, yet even
more subtle than particles, even truer than light, just absolute
truth, invoking a faith of true neutrality.

firinne gun taobh

Feather was a cool guy. chill raver dude, this was a deeper shamanic
truth, and it showed that the world could be totally healed, if only
the right arrangements are found, some poet, who can care for the
essence of words and their sensitivities unto eachother, acting as
fate, but is it the stories that write us, or us who write the
swirling lights, swirling little lines, these sigils appear before us
as we blaze together, hippie ways. it is an incarnation of mount
wasai, a true hippie healer, what does it means, miraculous refuge
found, miraculous, Yaveyetta has blessed us, and all the dwelling
spirits of Wanti, alive here now, a sutra, deep within the planet,
echoing in reassuring fractal dischord across all the existence and
nonexistence, the fae, and growing and shrinking, we play upon the
globe of your mind, between that world where hands reach out to, dance
with us still, for you are the plants, we guide eachother, and sway in
the tao, like the tall grasses, the elders and the pines. blessed sun,
and our songs in truth, in harmony, for one humble, and yet with
deeper wisdom, all this is of so many layers. old medicine, cross my
soul. I'm a little bit poor is an old irish proverb it seems to be,
and yet the richness in poorness as well is a truly deep one, rootsy
lives, but pointing to aa deeper wholesomeness of the spirit.

He'd go on rambling, and we shared the space in sacred truth, the yoga
of the mountain pulsing through us. Food was a bit scant at first but
it was good, wholesome ital,
now the herb fairies are singing again, theres not really much to say,
anarchy is sometimes a means enough to over come fate, anarchy is full
surrender to the natural laws, as they manifest either through order
or chaos, we were able to establish a deeper dharma of nomarky, not
leaving marks, except when divine inspired in the artists reeling
heartfelt ecstasy, the society working with thee ingenuity and
simplicity of the zen artist, changing the least, possible and living
again, yea come live in me, Grai the Goddess of the trees, keep
dreaming and it will happen, remember your dryad heart all things, you
are the dream of the plant world, and your dreams are the flight of
your soul, even the sun is our dream, as we are the dream of the sun.
And the moon as well, we sure can't forget.
places like these still exist at these times, maybe there is some
truth to the astrologies, in a diferent way, less systematic, more
alive, indeed the stars are alive, the pleidians, the cetra, the
sidhe, centaurs and many fly and transform themselves into the night
sky, or even the clouds, which are the mushrooms in the astral
spiritual form, the archetypal emanations of the planes travellers, is
it a worded way or just a vibration? it matters not, like magnets we
come to it,

everyone's home iis the same, buddhist refuge, maybe our spirits fit
this place in a special way, now the dharma can flow through,
everything is beachdaichd, meditation.

In kaballah there is the unity in all things, a true neutral paladin.

the cannabis magic of the cetra, we charged the book, and changed the
electricity to hemp power, recognizing all symbols are generators of
ecstatic energies
a deeper wisdom and intelligence the yomo guided all of it, just by
drawing attention to what was naturally in our hearts, our faiths are
what we naturally do, no need to go outside, naturally at the inner we
reside to where we should at the outter, in this way all can be
understood instantly in a more authentic way, so the ancients have no
distinctions and are maybe not a race but a spirit which comes into
people, like the saiyazen, which comes from a deeper connection to
wanti, when we pray we know that we are everything, and that all
things are shared, so constantly be in prayer, the spirit of the Gods
filling us, the cottage is set to much cheer, the fairies even smile a
bit from their recluse under the chair. A deeper language than anyone
can understand.

What could be wrong with constantly orgasming? wisdom of my healing
derives medicine from pleasure, and contemplation. the fairies gather,
mostly its an astral gathering of the craft, but they don't happen so
often, alternatively they always do, where you find yourself without,
you also find yourself within, but the wise one knows that everywher
is equally nowhere, and thus transcends out and in,

self and other

the wise has always occupied a kind of random and deep place in the
world, wisdom works not in a systematic way but an organic and always
changing way wisdom transcends both good and bad, and puts the soul to
rest, in ways which are inexpressible, by allowing peace, the world
can be healed. we cast a spell, to heal the truth, the restore the
silence, and the truth, we are all native to the present moment.

moreso than the physical which is illusion it is the dream which
connects us, and the dream which can make seamless and harmonious even
the most disparate things, the dreams are the mana, they are magic,
they are from wanti. I bow to the dream healers, the universe gives
them what they need, for they live deep within and have a wide seeing
eye, kind and true like kuan yin, upon the nomadic expanses, which we
wander in, in our illusion of simplicity, yet for those who can bear
to look behind the hallucinatory organization, the blessing of chaos
is ever deepening, and affirming to life, a fire that brings life, and
nourishes the plants, the sun and her dance among the plants. Is the
sun a sunflowe her self? Is the earth a moonflower? thinking there is
only life here, when the true forests and people are everywhere, on
every planet, because we have hidden the mushrooms, so this ancient
wisdom is hidden as well, but in the dharma of the mushroom it all
returns and exists, the universe has a quiet sleeping mind, but now
things stir, much blossoms it happens in a way deeper than one might
understand. For it is the movement of the universee

our friends come from vibrations in our spirits they are closer than
we think, with a good friend much truth can be realized, friendship is
the best yoga, even silent friendships, different kind of
relationships. I enjoy my relationships with fairies most of all, its
funny, let there be love, we have shouted for many years, trying to
wake up humanity along with the rest of the animal and plant world,
wake up from the spell you have put upon yourselfs,, some of you are
part dragon, and some chameleons, dryads, and all kinds of spirits.
have knowledge of who you really are beyond the set of the organized
if we are the divination of the plant realm, like the
anthropomorphisized inner cellular functions living in a surreal,
dream dimension, which we seem to be,
we are fighting a disease, we are a healing tribe of consciousness,
manifesting in all shape, and size we have to continue making things
smaller, smoke the peace pipe,

it gets smaller and yet there is no size, there is just isness,
everything is infinite nothing is seperate, there are no outlines, no
we psychically created or remembered a way to preserve that awareness,
and all our relationships furthered that awareness, we saw a deeper
pattern even to the awarenesses fractals, before the sight of the eye,
how any of this is here is quick miraculous it must be the workings of
the tuatha de danaan
even the pyramids are based on the workings of the ants, antlike
people, yet some still rebelled and lived simply humbly, wisely,
freely, being able to carry much. The abatwa, among the animal world,
like the constellations the giants, the gods, operating on an
intuitive wisdom, one with the universe, like priests and priestesses,
unto the divine oneness, each with their own properties of emphasis,
yet part of the same whole,
in humans the faeries and ants are repeated again, and we realize
earth is like an atom, and there are small beings throughout the
stars, that are very large to us, like the gods, and yet in our small
way, sometimes, they are very interested in us, and we can do some
small magic, for the good of the universe in our own special way, the
Yomo Yaveyetta Aorin Ila Upto, Grai, Noma,

and we all partake of the mushrooms and we know they are sacred, toad
stool, the seat of life, magical nourisher of life, the milk of the
Great Mother, to nourish our spiritual selves,
life sits so lightly, as the air, Aeris sits there, with her healing
wind, spreading the mushroom dharma, the mushrooms who are the Holy

its good luck to travel with some powder from a cap and to offer it in
a new place, the mushrooms are friends everywhere, like the druids,
transcendent of tribe, and even thought.


we came expecting, something, what we got was self proclaimed
spiritual and heretical children of the cannabis, practicing an
ancient celestial and animalistic mushroom faith of great diversity

we questioned if when, i think it was martin luther king jr who said
"let freedom ring, from every mountaintop"

was he referring to the liberty cap mushrooms and their rings, and the
sacred balance between the worlds, which fairies wrought legendarily
and continue to uphold as mediators between all forces, all elements

the ancient wisdom which saints preserve, the milk man of universal
kindness, and the practice of nomarky, let us not be marked by this
which world generalize and tear us apart, not sensing our inner truth,
inner gifts and purpose, we all rise together, like the petals of the
flower, like the plants of the forest,

maria sabina still lives! she sneaks us tortilla chips and almonds, us
people of the mushroom, I have come to believe in Amy, the fooded one,
and her children, must be the children of the cannabis.

metaphorical shamanic art based on raspberries that becomes hats for
your fingers, suddenly the body becomes mushroomlike, return to our
true unity only when united with the world around us, sometimes in a
way we wouldn't expect, the explanation for this is simply love, that
wordless faith which causes there to be peace everywhere, and virtue
and justice in the universal, the truly neutral compassion of the
buddha is great, and non linear, recognize your sufferings are unreal,
but life is very real, dryad buddhism lives on then.

don't be afraid to enjoy yourself, spirituality is about enjoying
life, not letting the words take over and cover everything, breaking
free from the realm of words as much of possible, to the true infinite
essence, when we meditate, there is a deeper silence, even among
action, there is no true movement, i am equally there with you as i am
here, because i am all things, and will always be, i am adawapayo, i
am the yomo, I am beyond stories, I am beyond memories, I am the one
who is dawning in the moment.

we all evolve, and stick together, our spirit communication with the
whole never severed, by specific names, know me in all that you see,
and you will know there is no end to my blessing, and no end to the
goodness of wanti.

the crickets gather round, we ride them in rainbows of light across
the field, the sky smiles at us and then opens her mouth, her hair is
like translucent waves or leaves expanding ever outward, blemished by
the clouds. the sky is orange and pink, down from her mouth pour the
rain drops of ness upon the plane, the undying fruits, the eternal
ones, so selfless, so true in aligning ourselve with this way, we find
that it is also innate, there are parallels.

the schizophrenic, rise again, wild psychic phenomena being the native
language, no more are there those who deny the meanings of spiritual
things, and again it is not common place for humans to speak to other
animals. The deer spoke of a diamond truth, they also studied the ways
of the mushrooms and learned a deep spiritual way, we celebrate the
deer, during deertime, here in the rift between the worlds.

this time, we are wiser, we are more mature, we return to the ways of
nature where ever we can, we don't let names and labels sweep us away
so much as what is actually happening.

I experienced a shaman once, like a slow tie dye, always confusing
itself for me, washing over everything, an incredible spirit


even craziness is good here, because the spirits move in us, in a
neutral place, where there is no crazy, nor sane, only what is, in the
living nature of the buddha.

we caused many of the buildings to be powered by hemp power through
our spontaneous individual shamanizing, which set a living fire of
nurturing to the free spirited and kinder ways of the environmentally
conscious wholistic self, all kinds of organic expression, karmaless
for sake of the spirit in which it is put out, becoming like the
leaves, leaves of our thoughts, springing from the astral tree within.
Trees at flight was a huge spell which ended in the creation of bugs,
then people, the entire way back to the beginning is detailed in
several tomes which are scattered along the way,

as we heal the greater hypocrisies and tyrannies of the world around
us, we are seen for what we truly are, the magical side of the world
is stoked again by wisdom is belief we are lucid in our dreams, and we
commune agmn with the trees and the animals, through the default

i had a dream that the kkk are this type of samurai cat spirit ki
magic who are actually saving the world from being overrun with
tyranny, greed and illusion, and i am one of them from a past life but
the perspective was so whole all moments were continous, not divided,
but fractally one, it is a secret sacred magic of the cetra, thats why
we know we are magical beings not within time but free consciousness,
wanti, we are true neutral, we are neither and both white and black,
male and female, seelie and unseelie, thats just the kind of beig we
are. we are a druid, we are a shaman, standing between the worlds,
seeing them as they truly are as one, keeping peace, beauty and
the hippie way lives again, this is what the yomo has revealed, to
show us we are the ancient knights of the grail, live again, yet it is
deeper than this, this is the only way we can communicate ourselves in
this world, finally having the strength to say it, amazingly a new
level of virtue is accrued and activated in the world, the way has
been restored here. reality and lucidity rekindle their own friendship
by the fire of earthy and heavenly dreams, we sit there smoking and
weaving the web of the spirits in our mind, the inner patterns,
egoless, empty vessels for the spirit to flow through, these are epic
times, our ways are scattered by pure and compassionate like the
cycles of the tao, we restore and cultivate in ourselves as in nature
the dharma of the Ness.

the honor is restored to the cannabis family, the curse has been
ended. the healing ways of those spirits are allowed to grow again,
the ways of greed have exited the collective consciousness, and the
ways of selfless giving and abundance from faith we learn from the
earth. Gnostic faith, coming from within, prevails, the spirit finds
its own understanding, nature speaks directly to us, and shows us what
the truth is.

Healing within all the lives of those who use cannabis we pray for,
the tree of life effects us all,

we stand for the truth that nothing can be owned in this material
world and all is shared, we stand for breaking through the paradigms
of old fear, entering a new age, where the wounds of the past no
longer block us from our spiritual growth, we can see old things in
different ways, and not dwell on past karmas.

We are a spiritual commune not rooted in the physical and we do not
have any kind of organization aside from a dream organization.

We welcome all beings, to overcome past generalizations and redefine
life, deprogram yourself, in a selfless sense.

Think for yourself, question everything, is our motto.

The ancients and their wisdoms and gifts are within us all, their
legacy is continously one that is happening in the present and not the

we treat everyone as equals because we have the same spiritual source,
which we call and experience as wanti.

we fight against slavery in all forms our goal being the liberation of
our spirits, and a karma free existence

the druid way, is the hippie way, is the rasta way,

all are different incarnations of the same wisdom

all have been mistaught to some degree
but all paths are recoverable when we listen to our inner hearts

through this lucidity, we free ourselves we realize we have been
living multiple lifetimes at the same time, we have been doing the
entire universe, this is our yoga, suddenly we realize the way to
stillness, all is conscious, all is harmonious

this is the end of all suffering and distinction

the resolution of endless zen

we all created this world together, remember?

our job is to center all beings in the love of the divine equally. a
dog's experience of All is just as sacred and kindred as a human's or
a faeries, by honoring all races and things as equal we can understand
them and their teachings, we can also begin to lose the distinctions
between them, believe it or not that is the most natural state, not
making distinctions.

our medicine is to bring us out from the place where we make such
distinctions and let them isolate and stagnate our energies, when
there are inner bridges which connect it all, it can't be said to be
on way, because the pathways are divine and sacred and reflect
everywhere, thus we realize we are a part of all cultures, it comes
from our spirits need to transform but the basic pattern is carried on
and we can recognize that everywhere, even beyond the concept of the

we are spirits of the sacred gathering in the wood. gathering for
healing for love of life, to commune with the planet as a whole,

open to the wisdoms of all that is, you can see through the illusions,
witches and wizards gathering in the forest to save the world, has
happened forever, it is a language the universe understands, it must
happen and it is happening now, the world is much bigger than we
thought, but its okay, honoring the truth, casting off the shadows, of
the oppression destroying tyranny of the machine of greed in the

this is our way. It matters not for what name we ride, but the virtue
in our actions which unites us, the vibration of the energy behind it,
thus even myriad ways can come together, and all can be united in a
way at tune with their natures

purged from fear and false bounds, in time with the prophecy the world
rises again, the dragon tyrants are purged and the good dragonkin
the way ancient ways blossom again, the heaven opens up here, in this
world, just from our love and the amount which we have been healed,
healed by remembering the truth, healed, having found our real home,
which we had sought for many lifetimes, suddenly
the sulos appears again connecting us all, all across the tree of
life, like so many fire flies, the constelations, and even among the
roots, wanti,
we smile and feel the joy all things are good, blessed be,

travel the dimensions in the raves and finally it came to heal us

oyster virtue adventure to the meaning of life
eisir deagh-beus dan-thuras ri an brigh na beatha

sgath uair sam bith gu dearbh fuiling
none ever really suffers

not secretive, but sometimes we find we must be kind of quiet with
some aspects of our magic so that it can grow and come to fruition
without being marred by the organization systems of others, or any
organization systems, aside from its natural indwelling spiritual
intelligence, though just as much we must realize all spirits are our
own, and thus even in the most open exclamation we only succeed in
uniting all parts of the soul connected with the universe
consciousness and melding with it.

but lingerings too much on how it works is suspect because there is no
one way that it works, it is pure intuition, and feeling, before word
or symbol, then we surf the symbols in the conscious plane, and as
they break down again, the seed sprouts and the magic life of the
enchantment blossoms.

in this case an enchantment to keep the world free of destructive
greed, and restore virtue and honesty, so that real adventure and
magic may happen again, and we may experience ourselves as the trees.

it is Spirit which takes care of this at a detailed level, we are
vessels and we recognize when something comes through us which is
useful, add it to the weaving of the universe.

our world is entirely astral, and we work with thoughts. neutal
meditative magic which can redefine and manifest celestial truth at
all levels, and restore the ness.

we feel like we've come home, in a deeper sense, we are all ourselves,
our tribe is all different, we are not only of one way, one size, one
fashion, but inside we know that what bridges us is an ever changing,
amorphous vibration which has linked all of these aspects like the
peices of a puzzle, in a soft and beautiful way, in each of us is a
crystal that fits together, maybe not physical but real, even beyond
just our group through the world, and even in the planets and stars,
when we find our right place, they activate.

it is our nature which brings us together, it is the holy way of our
doings which makes it stronger, which connects us to the world, by the
Great Mother, by all names, so many like us, so many branches, refuges
of truth growing, regrowing the forest, with a place for all creatures
in it, the dryad forests.

We speak to nature directly it mimicks us to some degree so we can
understand through all worlds, the hippieverse, the fairyverse, the
quietverse, the universe, wanti, nature manifests again purely, as the
elements, in us, our connection is renewed,

beings of nature avatars of nature, in us in everything, having an
ecstatic center, being more than one being at once, being many, the
process began to work, trees shot up unconstrained, the hemp gave its
miraculous aid, healing so many, returning us after long ascetism to
the enlightenment among all plants and natural medicines, lucidity
compassion, and joy, we all share in, warmth in us.

with the simplicity and selflessness of the rainbow body zen adept

it is said

let there be hemp for everyone and every ailment, let the stiffness of
the world, the gateless gate be greased once more not by oil, which
only makes it harder to open, but by hemp oil. let hemp be the
backbone to this new world, and lets use it as we will, in the
aquarian way, not constrained to be together, not tied together, but
following a similar path ultimately, spontaneously, as rivers flow to
one great sea, without coaxing.

let the beings of the world help themselves, and tyranny be ended,
when all the worlds are brought together for all, by the dharmas of
the plant healers

the true round table is restored, and all beings sit there, equally,
consciousness is liberated, kindness, and faith, there is no time, we
pass into the true realm, we have recovered our scattered selves,
decoded the ancient maps and riddles, and created that which was only
possible in these times, which are beyond time, true wholeness, the
intelligence of spirit acts everywhere, not artificial and leaving no
recognizeable mark. the Nomarky of the universe, our sacred unbound
hearts and minds, creating freely with the wild perfection of the
plants a world of sulos, love.

the compassionate feng shui of bhakti

the infinite orgasm loving kindness meditation

we are the trees, the fire is life to us forever and ever,
in our buddha dance of existence and non existence

metaphysical mediator

non hereirarchical meditator

feallsanachail eadar-mheadanair

at breakfast time

we maintained these incredible psychic conversations and thought forms
but the physical always maintained a meaningless boundary, still we
hid interspersed, for love of tiferet, the boundary began to disperse,
amish boobastet, the tao of seen and unseen, this place is a spirit
place, but keep you skull in your head, at least physically, it is
delusion, because Goddess is celestial but also undeniably physical,
everything is Goddess. we were like angel fairies, it is not about the
race, not about the name, it is about the content of the character,
ultimately, this is especially true when we think of hemp, its about
the content, not where it is from, because it can grow anywhere, it is
a part of so many cultures, the content is one of listening of
relaxation, of inspiration, a great muse. not music but the unseen
muse, that inspires us, especially those seeking for love. us hermits
who have joined together out of kindness valor and nessecity, these
energies we mediate.

i was unable sometimes to respond physically, but through a
combination of writing down ideas, sending out astral thoughts,
thoughtless meditation on oneness, and the listening capacities of our
spirits being tuned, we maintained a stream of consciousness
with suprising coherency, when usually we delve into the fairy
language, which we often do, but there was kind of an equanimity which
made it communicable to all beings, at least in some degree.

i think it would go against the essence of my character to speak so
often, we fall into archetypal roles, but still our beings are there

the love the truth breaks through most of all, more than any preconception,

he sent out many shamanic calls, it was a deep healing magic, but not
the kind we were called to do, there is much variation in shamanism as
in bisexuality.

we are not machines, we have humanity, though it may seem a biased
word, human just meaning the generic treelike dryad form, it does
often appear naturally, and represents, the chaos star, a being
expanding in all directions, any expanded awareness

expanded enough not to be dependent on outer form, cats and dogs,
deer, cows, fairies, giants, centaurs, joining in a newly recognized
humanity, plant humanity, all of it restored, we realized we had to go
into the plant world, just as the plant world had come into us, to
find the true center. Just as THC is made naturally within us, as well
as in the plant, when we find this kind of centering then we can truly
say we are one with the plant and universe, not seeing double, not
falling into delusion, but still able to see the signals of the astral
and dream worlds, the reason we find so much imbalance is because of
the imbalance in our religions, they must continue to grow, and to be
represented on every level, as they are manifest in the present

continue to write, continue to be filled with the way of Love, the
words of Yomo and Yaveyetta, always renewing and growing, words like
grass, like trees

a poem can change the world,

together in our collective equality we can heal the mythic wounds of
humanity, with our wholeness, and perhaps restore it to the true term
our Nature.

We find again our place in nature, it has no thread it is not physical
yet it fits around us , and warms us enough, guides us enough,
comforts us again, returns us to the thick of peace among all. The
Nature of our consciousness, flying through any boundary made by
logic, also changing logic which is rigidly applied in unwise ways to
wiser ways.

still there is a logic to it, suprisingly simple, like the logic of
sacred geometry,

the universe is like jazz, don't get lost in invocations, and details
of when, just sounds, everything has to be in proportion, but when
there is a shout, there is a shout, theres nothing wrong with it, even
if it seems off, it communicates the inner energy of the gathering.

hopefully there remains some kind of harmony and not just annoying
noise for the sake of noise, but the best jazz lingers in the place
between noise and melody to create combinations more beautiful than
the conscious mind knows, thus it is with the world

free jazz from any preconception, from any specific image, just
sounds, the outside world never understood, jazz, they would always
make it into a certain thing, but inside, where it truly came from it
was beyond that, it is winkte music, but even it can grow, maybe its
name must change, something like that, music without tradition.
Peacenuts, and their nutmeg lives.

with music we create worlds.

the space of tao, in which nothing is said is our closest connection,
the confusion is within but in the proper proportion,

we've spent most of our lives confused, but it is a blessed confusion
a mystic confusion out of which has come all the good, from the ways of the wise
a wise confusion

old images, the otherworld, appearing, shamanic, bridges, so many
Adawapayo speaks, green erupts everywhere in this cool vision. The
miracle of the herbs.

the old villages are back how they used to be, we can go home, the
simple way is alive.

Olan Dita!

The Yomo smiled on all of wanti, we went to the sacred place of food,
our meetings are peaceful, the ness, all is blessed all is good.

now we fly forth on a celestial broomstick, our scares are gone, love
is our song, across the horizons.

no more gossip, our magic is clean from such rumors, we uphold the
essence of the four agreements, and only speak authentically, holding
the sacred song, and we find more and more it is only the rainbow of
love which grows within us.

We take a step back, we see it all for the joke, we respect eachother
on a cool level, and then we live to rave again, in our own ways, an
it harm none, and we go with the flow, we don't dwell on the past, we
are not really a people for stories, and at the same time, we are
people from stories, we know our center and source is always the now

so we can always forgive.

because we have self-knowledge and can determine ultimate reality on
our own, and also for no reason we are loved by All, the Great Spirit
listens to the expressions of our spirits, no matter what they are and
responds in the right way, that is why all the divine names of all
peoples and moments hold true if remembered and called sincerely

though others may use different names, or different names at different
times, alike, all are inspired by the Spirit, which is beyond
conscious invocation and yet always there

the names we put out caused vibrations and responses, we can even
enter the never ending world, when we realize infinity, how can we not
teach another in kind, to truly liberate the self, ini, consciousness,
even from subconscious limitation, even in the acknowledgement of
mutual nonexistence/existence, this is the magic of the buddhas

only infinity can liberate consciousness

consciousness which itself is infinity, thus we all free ourselves by
realizing we are infinite, and honing the art of life, surrender, and
intention, the passing of the divine energies of life, the lifestream,
through the filter of awareness, to the pleasure of our intuitive
nature, we often create a dream being who is the center of these
energies, though the body is the environment, always at the core of
our consciousness it will form, as an offering to the spirit shaman,
who is the selfless healer in the chaotic fragment realm, the stained
glass shrine realm, the puzzle peice, bridging realm, where the tree
of life grows, connecting various planes, showing how their
difference is their similarity, paradoxically.

as more life passes through consciousness, we learn, we remember to
think in a way beyond words, we can experience many planes and fly by
understanding the symbolic archetypal world, encoding into everything
we experience, we realize that the Goddess taught the haxxorz of life,
intense mystical gifts of the wisdom of this inherent universe,
revealing ancient simple and profound technologies, hidden throughout
language and even everyday items, hidden by a taoist group that works
subconsciously from no true center, in the fractal circle of our
lives, the more we awaken to these trails, the more centered we
become, we realize all times are now and transcend time, even place,
even individuality, to the ultimate truth, we realize the promised
land, where before we had seen only the finite, because we open to the
infinite in ourselves, though there is nothing, there is everything

only the old shaman drum now, to vibe us along in an unexplainable way
good vibrations


because we have self knowledge, we can determine the real akashic
history even if it is hidden from us, we can manage the amorphous
nature of the past and future with the definite feeling story
vibration of the now
operating in various realities, to make compassionate the economy
between each reality, this is the way of the ancients, springing
eternally in the present,

because we have wisdom, we use the energy of hemp, we can hear the
singing of the planet and the universe and see it in ourselves, we can
get over first impressions and see the essence of things

because we have respect we can doctor the traditions, sometimes with a
medicine that is spontaneous, we can change, we can grow, we can truly
communicate and come together

because we have unity, we can move through every tribe without
conflict, bringing love everywhere, wytipodating, part of all, and all
part of one,

because we have love, we heal all things and are healed by all things,
we can truly be neutral, and take joy in all things, the balance, tao
being the greatest fulfillment we see all the world forever has simply
been neutral

because we have peace, we can be ourselves, we can dance without
second guessing ourselves, we can share what is within us and change
the world, we can fulfill our purpose, and think clearly, with our
whole beings

so, ye spirit of the rave, render us the truth, which we seek, be a
blessing to the forests, the planet, the universe, the heavens, the
rhythm of life goes on, our yogas are deep.


because we are hippie we speak the spiritual language of all things,

because we are consciousness we are the creatures of the rainbow, we are
constantly being born

because we are kind and true and virtuous and sharing, we remember wanti

we are all constantly being born, I am bisexual years old!

we dance ever changing in the rainbow, we are not always known by the
same thing, we are not always recognizeable, even to eachother, but we
are all vibrations of love, so intricate and simple and pure a
creation, is sulos, that it is itself dreaming. it is itself alive. we
dance the dance of the flowers, we dance the dance of the universe in
all transformation, we meet the spirit at every point, thus we grow

all the energies of life and death, can't help but dance this dance,
this dryad dance, this winkte dance,

we communicate with all existence understanding their intelligence,
their humanity, their wisdom, feeling their feelings, we realize it
all within ourselves, I am the tree energy, manifesting as so many
things, still I am the tree energy, I am part of Adawapayo.

everything is the primordial energy.

we create reality in psychic unison, nomadic but deep rooted, like the
mushroom. The Yomo is the mushroom, and Yaveyetta is the tree, upto is
all raindrops and noma is the sea, grai is all the trees, ila is the
one singing everything is love aorin is the journey, the adventure,
the passion, philosopher. ender of depressions,

together they are the wordless all

earth air water spirit fire truth chaos

like the ophanim, like the shekinah in all of us, the ultimate
escaping word but not resonance.

we meditate, by self calling, by spiritual calling of the universe, we
are the modern knights, wizards, rangers, druids, heroes, of all
places, of all sizes, and all forms

we vow to protect nature, and acknowledge the divine tao which is
behind all things, we vow to end tyranny, and oppression

we take quests which call to us, appropriate to our physical size and
the size of our spirit,

we gather spontaneously in love, and offer wisdom and writings freely
to all, as the mana by which we further find our path into the
infinite world of change, and resonance to attract friends.

we listen to the planet and follow our hearts, our questing at every
level, restores the virtue to life, through honoring the dramas and
using them to make ourselves great and find purpose, rather than just
giving them to others, we create a world fertile to the problem which
solves itself, which is just as medicinal as the solution, we learn
from it and learn where our freedom can be in harmony with others, in
the spirit of Aquarius, without being comprimised, but through
spontaneous resonance, through both listening and speaking to all
around us. Both listening and speaking to Goddess.

we enter the psychedelic world, its energy streams cleared now, we
have no rulers, and yet we are drawn together by something within us

the universe is at peace, we speak out in our own way, in groups,
alone, leaving signs everywhere, that there is love, there is truth
still, there are hippies, it grows, its not protest, its not
rebellion, its expression, beautification, enchantment, healing, the
spirits live in the streets, the dryads are spoken to again, the
stories rise once more, the buddhas draw all to the pristine neutral
enlightenment and let the pure love crash through it all like a gong,
thus experience is created, compassion everywhere.

to every atom, the somatic beings, returning the spiritual language,
like puzzle peices, fitting both into the city and the wild, soon they
become not so different, the hippies were the mediators, now the town
and the forest, grow together organically

slowly we are accepted again, there is no fear, but just love,
embrace, we had wandered in spirit for so long with the cure, to
return the soul to the planet, now we come restoring the true dawn,
with the earthy and celestial gospels of medical cannabis, psychedelic
journey, poetry, open gnosticism, love, creativity, kindness,
spiritual unity, and eternal change,

the spiritual texts are written again, the fruition of the tradition,
spontaneous enlightenment, thus, the old mistakes are dissolved in the
universal law, nam myoho renge kyo

we reach the fabric of a new world, a new spiritual shore, though now
we have reached it as an entire planet, an entire solar system

collectively we take on the shamaning again, dreamwork, dream weaving,
we make another garb of dream, blessed with the offerings of all, for
the whole world to wear, those called crazy, suddenly the truth in
their cries is realized, the schizophrenic is made whole, as the age
changes, as the spirit can again be understood, as natural laws are
again recognized, and wisdom is commonly adhered to once more.

this world is mystical and mythical, all is a part of you. now let us
journey for what else is there?

soul journey... good luck to you all

many thanks for all the good which has happened to us from the dream of the past
and screw all the bad

Yomo's blessing

as the shape changing Aroetecwid peoples of Wanti teach, because at
the essence we are all the same consciousness we are only
distinguished by what we are doing, it is not us but the spirits of
the instruments we act through (even our bodies, heart, m
-ind which we must have faith in, and make the instruments well but
mostly with heart so a good matching spirit would come to them, and
thus be able to express the truth in us fully and so remind us of our
true nature, the more we are reminded and live in accordance always,
the more we see the meaning of life and love manifesting,

so Spirit feels of us, and our stories,

we can be both black and white, man and woman, know both god and
goddess, all of us are our origin is somewhere between all places, and
all these seeming dualities are once again, not just combined but
actually revealed to be One

schizophrenic mother of the gods?

armed with intense gnostic truth, amy mila entered rona church and
declared that she was in fact the lost mother of god and to have time
travelled and written the entire bible, and all spiritual texts, the
mother of all spirituality gods and religion, Cybele. we bowed before

in gaelic dream means people or tribe, dream people, lucid people,

any place that there is slavery is not the true Ireland, any place
where people are prosecuted for healing themselves is not the true
Ireland, is this really an anarchist statement? or an awakening of the
true justice? we are people self governed, are we ourselves corrupted?
this is the only reason for corruption from outside

the only true democracy is peaceful anarchy of virtue, working
together but not bound, aquarian, sharing voluntarily,not bound by
contracts but by honor and agreements, sharing our talents and working
together or going out alone.

the true Ireland is not divided up into a thousand different groups,
politically or spiritually it is a place of one spirit, appearing in
myriad ways, but all leading back to one truth, it is a primordial
place, known for the fairies, the sidhe.

the true ireland is chaos, somehow it feels better that way, just
admitting that fundamental truth, knowing that none of it really makes
any sense at all, yet I guess kind of marvelling at the general
strangeness of it,
all in all, it seems to be largely benign and good for the spirit, the
nessecary reagents to feeling and being truly alive, and truly free,
the key one being a knowledge of the truth of the self in relation to
the world.

the non conformists life is a the life for me, the art of living the
very crux upon which existence sinks into the existential boredom or
floats like the lily pad, hippie healing accrued on the axis of the
rainbows, cross your back, aye, we are the patterings of the
snowflakes, warmed by the fairy queens spell, may no malice fall on
this back or place.

know this in all of us are the makings of heroes, no one ever truly
dies, death is unreal, it is a part of the conspiracies to herd
people along with fear, when we see through the manipulation, but
realizing that all realities are valid and thus focusing on
maintaining our own most happy dream manifestations, gathering with
the spirits which most impassion and please our own inner spirit.

The ness we share with them, in whatever way it forms for us, and a
real magic occurs, soul healing.

Ireland is an old tree, in the fairy realm, for long we have
languished there, spirits of the land. Join us in the taverns, the
philosophies of modern taos pon our tongues greased by divine graces,
thus the epics and poems, the astral realm the knight and ranger
traverse in waking, comes to birth, and thus we manage to journey once
more, free of the conceptions of the old world, open to the waves of
infinity surfing, surfing, waves of infinite sulos, the beings of this
sea are of all kinds there are islands spread throughout, leading to
different planes,

smarag - emerald
fuil, blood
am, time
siubhal, travel
teampail, temple
moirbhail - miracle
riaraichte - contented

the mix came back, still raving, beautiful, Tree rave, the small
details of nature, the fractals, the flashing lights, symbolic of the
energies waking and resting, like the tides, all of it some great sea,
precipitating the infinity, immortal, nothing is ever truly created
nor destroyed, dance with your life, dryad buddhism raves, the lunar
energy natural machines in the leaves, regenerating all the wisdom
imbued in every, random obscure places of simple paradox, where the
spirits dance their truths, and let being hang loose, all the beans of
the sunshine, the smiles, the solar systems are like the smiles,
raving through, the stars, are all around me, like the spheres, i am
adawapayo, i am the tree of life, my fruit are all the lights, the
truth, so many levels, once seemings to be fragmented against
eachother, now they come together so harmonious, most benevolent wise
trickster healings, them all like the knights of the round, in noble
incarnation appearing.
we bow and smile and share our mead of metaphor, the drink of our
spirits, the bhang, and, aye for we are knights of the nomarky,
leaving no trace of colonization, upon the spirit, like the buddha,
our dharma is equal everywhere, we arise, out of the psychedelic
chaos, rended by the natural magnetism of the spirit, in the hearts of
all creatures.

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guardians of the rave, me and flo rave, in my expressions of
hippieness, others have other ways, but that is our way, even within
the way, there are many ways, some might be called paths, others not,
overall, there is an equal resounding truth sounding out there,
vibrating from the centers the heart of the forest, and the city
alike, the similarities are striking and form the basis of the
universal code, the working of the druids, the shamans, the mediators,
we all must spend some time in between, to realize the lowest is
really the highest.

the west is the east and the east is west, chaos is order and order is
chaos, the energy of life itself, the means by which our spirits
continue this orgy which is existence is truly infinite

the clarity with which it comes through is like the cloggedness of a
bowl, if you are smoking herb from a clogged bowl, you get a cloudy
feeling, and you have to pull really hard, but if its clear, you can
get the clear experience and you get higher, and attain deeper
meditation on the middle way.

there must be a middle west.

the amanita is there, in the pine trees, where the sun sets, we are
there in a crazy twilight, the sidhe, among hills and cadashenryau,
hold her arms to the sky singing to the coniferous gods, as the sun
would dance slowly in endless yogas, manifesting in the life streams
across the planet which we small ones could attach to, and
transforming by means of the stoned imagination, becoming fluid like
the plants, transform into the plant world and then, go, become like a
feather, a leaf, and float, in the tao.

wielding what you wield, of love, the truth, smells like the stains of
home, clean in a stain, the elixir of truth, freed from a samskara a
glitch, a cycle of karma, the tree of life relents, you have learned
well friend, i am a formidable teacher, my names are many, like yours,
one of which is Nature, we are truly one. The drums tell the story of
the universe, the songs are the offerings, it all works together, no
clear inside or outside anymore, everything is water, air, earth,
fire, in a spiritual trickster circle, like a bubble, in a moment it
bursts, the enlightenment, origami orgasms, houses in the clovers, the
messages, the spirit of the place, the truth, the stories of the
planet, from the orbit round the feather, we shamanized, we lived,
emanations from the core, the way hard to tell but apparent to those
who look, we connect where we must, the wise, the ecstatic core, the
pineal gland, the lucid world, aligned to that energy stream, we enter
into deep nirvana and can travel into many worlds, yet they all have
the same core, the magical universe is infinitely vast, but its core
is love, the same with the physical universe, all of it springs from

THE SULOS, fairy dances even in the snow, takes me back to the days of
olan dita, everything is goddess, the good warmth and the smiles, the
wordless sayings, the good aching, healing eternal peace. vajrayana
samadhi I am a rolling stream, I am in my chaos, this place, what we
grow through raving is the forest. leaving only the mark of sincere
oneness, the symbol which is not a symbol, yoma yaveyetta, the forest

firinn daimh, true friend. the amish mystic Jolan Daverie, to him
final fantasy seven is nutmeg, the wandering "sideless country" and a
good spiritual book

yaonchoan - heart buddha
yawenchone (looks like mullein)
prayer for decolonization

Sky wove a fibonacci tree bandana
From Earth's hair (the hempen air as the earth)
it was fall and peices of orange red
poke through

all the colors are together
your ears are like oyster mushrooms
in themalways the healing seefeeling songs
of the Universe Mama

everythings wet,
even this bowl that shins and revives
the floating spinning
many colored lights

when the mind is imbued with the heart there is magic

when the heart is iimbued with the mind there is wisdom

bring back the true homeslice

the universe, stars, and planets
are dervishes
zazen is tripping

IWe refuse to work within this system

we refuse to work within this pointless system

we attained tao long ago,

the universe is Wanti its an ancient wisdom dream labyrinth
go further, you'll fin the truth

theamrita is infinite in us all it provides all things
hippies animals, sufoli and gesa all knew about these energy phenomena
within the universe and self

the conserved energies in right speech
joyous outburst dwelling in prayer
where the infinite radiance of wholesome
rejuvenating ness is transmitted from the mushrooms in various ways,
the plant spirits being archetypal in their wisom, presence and
awakening wytipodation...

all things are dreams and the wise handle with conscious egoism gently
nodging a course but never forcing a way, mostly listening

go with the flow

not hung up on the symbols of the past

dissolve hang ups, ressurection of peace through meditation, fuly
create yourself in theexpression that comes naturally

how else can we find the truth? the psycheelic gnosis of the magical
and celestial waves which are manifesting to liberate the world from
its wouns

wework with the herbs with virtue, and s/he heals us, the ness iss a
true friend and great teacher, a hip spirit with an old way, and deep

we dream with the herb, she says

I m within your very spirit!
if you come across me it is old joke..
youve been in mitosis and thats how it appears in the dream, the materia

"I am that dastardly one who doesn't percieve in or out! I teach the
ways of the Spirit, mystical ecstasy, wholeness, miraculous healings

I am wild, yet my anarchy is peaceful my nomarky anarchy heals the
people who summon me in times of need

the hang ups hurt them, seem to put healing and meditation beyon = reach

but who is the MLK Jr., the King Arthur who can pull the excalibur
that is ening the oppression of those who use herbs and natural
spiritual methods to heal who can restore virtue? The angels do, all
the time
it is really the Datura which is illegal but there is still a
lingering illusion among some still in the bad trip

by the great fractal dawning of these times
no more manipuation
truth honesty fairness
the dharma of Wanti brings this from the unseen

blesse are all itentions
an doings out of love, sulos

worship the trees, learn from the dryads, an dance an romance with them

things are not what they seem
these are ancient future chaos technologies of dreaming and nature
shared by the cetra

listen to the planet
all is love, don't be distracte by elusion - the shroom nun fleming

still raving with love for all nature
no organizations just being

we decided to devote ouselvse to HU
all things are literally huy
we see this
it is the primordial

Jizo goes west
the flower children blow gently east
the amanita flows north
but the healing tree ( shekinah planet virtue)
grows verily everwhere
for self an all!!
everything is sulos
everything is transformed by love

By the eternal sun
by the Autumnal moon
& the inconstant soon
by the loose summons of summer
by the luck of the loon
an the riddling rune
we are healed by the plants
not the pills!
- the shroom nun fleming at high noon

got high laughed for a while
at the ridiculousnness
of current affairs and life in general existence
then smiled at the truth that all is love an wandere around looking at
how beautiful everything is and leaving
signs that we aer stilla live rawing of trees
flowers and sayings like

we are still hip to the game
thats why we danse in the rain

then the trees started to talk...

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the forest skanannen
was alight with warm soft shards of sun in the winter
and the Yomo's smile shone through in ethereal rainbow prismatic arcs
we small among the scattered needles of pine turned to golden red pon the ground
and the water crystals of the snow, looked up, inspired
all our spirits danced to and fro above between and below
I looked to Jeagee, and the clothe of the cobwebs was a light like the
shawls of a flowing dress
and with the birds we soared for long, each form, an offering to the
joy of form itself, there was a warmth and restored flow within all
InI, all across the roving way, i had relaxed the words found me iin
joy and love, making beautiful things seeds of light, from the mouths
of the mountains came the words and the words were the faeries in
disguise, for the mountain described i am made of many worlds and
within those worlds many beings, when i speak it is them, breaking
forth, into the larger reality, its true, i know not much of their
ways, but the songs they weave, perhaps even without knowing it
themselves, have been the solace of these lives of slowly spinning.
our yoga is to become like the words and go flying forth
families of words, families of letters and so
we can be like you are well, and like the fishes, by becoming like the
runes themselves
there is a universal language, that the trees speak to the clouds, the
yomo smiles and yaveyetta now, in the earth, appearing as the
mushrooms, we dance through the fields, ageless in some moment of no
context, this land of no context, where the cattle have pointed us, in
their slow wippery way, like the corals must have done anciently to
the eukaryotes on their journey into forever, we snuck away from the
scientist. more and more, we had found them who escaped the black
holes, by miraculous second winds, and became sizeless suns, in the
fractal world of infinite, when we called the planet by its true name,
by wanti, oh the never ending ways which opened, ways of kindness,
not against the flow of nature, but rather caused by it, ways of tao,
the streams of life, and entering them, again I am turned again into
just one of those tiny fairies bursting from the mountain tree,
adawapayo in the loving calm ecstasies of this lucid world
and so i am fae, i am before all this was known in the tao of it all,
i am alive, both at beginning and end, and yet
now i have some true wisdom, for there is no man, nor woman, and yet all it
there is no label, each of the letters danced again, the ness, they
spelled and as vibrations coming from the deep,
vibrations, there is no time, there is only unwordableness, as soon as
we can express it, again, it changes,
so the world becomese what it is, all things as light and as
meaningless, as we emerge from our delusions, we realize now we have
cared much, for all that we have suffered we see how the world has
truly blossomed and flourished,
so now knowing the truth, now owing nothing we go hand in hand with
all creation, the shadows of those times fading away, and the truth of
this world returning, all of us are the yomo and yaveyetta, all of us
like the many armed and handed waterfalls,
all i can think of is good, perhaps i make some foolish mistake and
yet the angel within all our lives makes it right, there at the
center,, deep in the trees, the true government is among the trees and
has always been, not in those groups, unless they reflect eachother,
all the animals speak and the visions are passed among the people,
nothing has been drained of vigor, and thus a metaphorical healing
has occured. Drysham left the butter along, now in an ever changing
sea of size and form, like the wonderland we realize we are in,
becoming large, and becoming small, in the way of spirit, we all do,
man woman, cow bull deer, elk, panda, tree, mushroom and infinity, in
everything there is scarcity and yet never endingness, this is the
original joke and the truth which it had reaped upon our minds. In the
beginning there were seven arrowheads, but they were born so old, in
them was the love, which we had shot eachother over the stars, in wars
of love, those who didn't understand, we strove that they did, so they
could see, the heights to which the ecstasies had brought them, and
there was no true suffering, only in us for our misunderstanding, we
must truly live life, there are beings who go about and they could
come across you and leave you a bomb of love and not devour you or
harm you, but partake you of an endless joy, and this is their way of
survival, for they can eat the energy and it never dies, like the
decomposition but without the portion of bad smells.

We had met them, and they were the Gods of the fairies and of the
people, they were shrouded by the letters, which had created a tao,
but the viels had been lifted. Mystical union happened, the texts
began to flow with a deeper meaning, true the entire world was in such
a small thing, the codes of life, the hacks of life, and yet it was
all done with love, with a greater wisdom, somewhere deep in the
astral realm.
I am deeper than that but philosophize as you will. I am random,
excuse me, I am only a local universe.
we found the shores of native creativity
and then it was in everything

i don't follow traditions, traditions follow me, om mani padme hum! -
non-conformist visionary hero fighting to be represented truthfully so
that her gifts of wild seeds of kindness may see the light of truth
and grow tall, outweighing or at least balancing out her curses of
male appearance, and status as fairy changeling

oh domovoi oh kikimori
be happy in this place that we be
oh domovoi oh kikimori be happy in this place
we offer to your fire the food and the bread
the food and the bread
the food and the bread
we offer to the fire the food and the bread
and maybe your head shall turn red
we offer you a bowl and we offer the herb
offering a poem and a sharing of bean curd
since the birth we've been a roaming of the earth
in the truth the magic rainbow loop is a jangling goose
oh daoine sidhe
oh food hippies be happy
be happy in this place that we be
oh food hippies be happy
be happy in this place

still raving
the rainbow magic
in the cairns; plur .

rituals of life

in the beginning there were seven arrowheads

the companies and faiths, governments and anarchies, medicine makers
ended all traditions that hurt the planet simply because of tao cran compassion
mystical apple prayer i am a blue heron
in your morning aigy
I am mother Earth, I am happy you are waking again
the essence of all magic psychedelia and faith is life food
decolonization spontaneity harmony vision creativity and healing
nature itself is the greatest magic
nature alone dwells everywhere,
nature is consciousness
dance heron, dance akimbo, and thus dancing ecstatically in a sphere
like a sacred flower all around the plants
the heron, almost like the universal spirit of all herons, healed
restored and cleansed of illusions
we saw the old world of wanti again, we were hyooin about in infinity,
chanting bhangi in the trees
the fields of mushrooms tiny homes, we travelled, like the will o wisps
about the moving universe, river, ever melting, so alive with the dream,
everyone is just themselves and by that we can fulfil our virtues
shaman yonato, and the distant earth, our homes made of hemp, and out
of the caves,
again we return to the ways of the world, the homes I have given you,
they rise in heaven
walking far along, the Yomo fills us with joy, spontaneously
everything has such a groove
even the mistakes, nom myoho renge kyo... ireland!
your funny truth, your peace, our learned wizardry along adventures way
the green man dances with us, along our journey, wailing caterwauls of grace
like the waterfalls, we are singing, speaking like the tides, to the
waters, where the surf revives
the truth, everything has always been anarchy, yet we've gotten on well enough
the love inside us we found was stronger, when we gave up and thrust
all to the winds,
the love inside us gave us wings, we flew again, we became the faery,
for long this has occured,
and we've spoken silently through the language of spirit, beyond the
world of form, in nomarky
the ekoansheelist grows along like hedges of grass, they are the
haikus which still protect
us, you burn them too in the flames, oh the poetry of silence, their
energy returns back within the sacred cycle,
the wise don't trust histories that aren't written in haiku's anymore,
the ancient wisdom has returned then.
internet chi healers, and hippies unite in the spirit of organic technologies

I realized with a great revelation there were many things I remained
truly neutral about, and I had been going on, choosing dualistic
responses, from a totally detached point of view, after abandoning
explanations of neutrality, because the neutralness was so deep
rooted. Why was I expected so often to choose a side? Most of the time
if I were to follow my heart I ended up in an androgynous unmarked
'third option' type zone.

no one seemed to have the time to listen.

In a sense it became another form of hipsterism, a revival of the hip,
the hepcat, the beat. Poetry, everything sacred poetry. hipsterism
bridges the worlds, it is a spirituality, house of hemp

hemp crystals power most of our technologies, thanks to these fractal
grassroots movements, among them fairy cantheism, dryad buddhism,

cannabis activism or cannabis adventurism, so many non traditional,
non convential ways to make a difference even without being a part of
any group

throughout life, every choice we make and all we think create our
reality you don't have to be at the temple, you don't have to be at
the protest, you don't have to be at the rave to partake of their
spirit, all of which are one and connected part of all things

you're both a nutmeg

in this way, we see the temple is all life, and that there is no past,
nor future, only the eternal life in the now, the protest is the
world, actively creating it, and respecting and harmonizing the
consciousness around you in the feng shui ekoansheelishym method.the
rave is boundless and endless, the vibration of deep within

every cannabis activist, philosopher, doctor, and spiritualist is here at peace
we have saved the world with the fractal cure, IHOHI

a strong spontaneous community of sometimes unwittingly psychic
psychonauts communing in unfragmented consciousness transcendent of
time and locality forming the runes which make up infinite existence
and their dharmas transcribed by the surf
the harbringers and an obscure but ancient druidical faith which has
many names and who's beginning middle and end is love transformation
of all things, essential oneness of nature,

children of the cannabis, a healing group connected through the
natural organization of tao in within the plant world, which acts as a
method of communication, plants speak, the dryad world is real, and
the fairy world, they are not seperate worlds, but one world,

if hipsterism can be done selflessly, true to its shamanic roots, not
emptily, nor eclipsed by invocations but shining independently, a
spirit of revolution

the enlightenment of the hip,

the the thing is the government tries to have a nonsensical way, so
people have no idea what is actually going on

but any hip person can tell you whats really going on at any given time
and thats everything

we speak in terms of nothing and everything, we live taking life is a
whole, because our spirits are so united, we all arise independently,
we may be fairies but at times we can seem like giants, the crux of
our true size which is indeterminable, we realize the universe is a
mad philosopher, and go along, ecstatically for the ride, the poetry
of the herbs and the old shaman songs, songs of the mixtapes, songs of
our souls doing the cosmic bogoda in a world.

in meetings maintaining funny truth, invisible yet open, private and
yet open, there is no judgement, and ultimately all things are
manifestations of the one eternal love

which is so many fractal things, like Yomo, like Yaveyetta

wounded knee

in the beginning there were 7 erowids

no more psychological and psychedelic wars upon our people, the
inhabitants of erin who of the people of the rainbow, we don't conform
to the status quo world story that is pushed by the powers that be, we
stand with all others who know the truth deep in their souls, there
are beings and peoples in ireland and all over the world who have
never been officially be recognized, the fairy peoples, the black
celts, the true magic and healing wisdom of the earth is here, and it
will emerge again, for the sake of this entire planet
the sidhe did not descend from the stars
but rather came from deep within the earth, the spirits of the land,
though as above so below, and combining with the light many beings
were formed among them human beings, this story is shared by cultures
all over the world, only the name changes, whether we come from above
or below, we all meet in the middle, in this buddha realm of wanti, of
erin, of earth, whatever you call it, the spirit is the same, you will
never know the truth of this world we inhabit until you go beyond the
focus of the stories of the official society and follow your heart to
real truth, go beyond the black and white, which is not how anyone
really sees life except the half blind, into the rainbow

the forest skanannen
was alight with warm soft shards of sun in the winter
and the Yomo's smile shone through in ethereal rainbow prismatic arcs
we small among the scattered needles of pine turned to golden red pon the ground
and the water crystals of the snow, looked up, inspired
all our spirits danced to and fro above between and below
I looked to Jeagee, and the clothe of the cobwebs was a light like the
shawls of a flowing dress
and with the birds we soared for long, each form, an offering to the
joy of form itself, there was a warmth and restored flow within all
InI, all across the roving way, i had relaxed the words found me iin
joy and love, making beautiful things seeds of light, from the mouths
of the mountains came the words and the words were the faeries in
disguise, for the mountain described i am made of many worlds and
within those worlds many beings, when i speak it is them, breaking
forth, into the larger reality, its true, i know not much of their
ways, but the songs they weave, perhaps even without knowing it
themselves, have been the solace of these lives of slowly spinning.
our yoga is to become like the words and go flying forth
families of words, families of letters and so
we can be like you are well, and like the fishes, by becoming like the
runes themselves
there is a universal language, that the trees speak to the clouds, the
yomo smiles and yaveyetta now, in the earth, appearing as the
mushrooms, we dance through the fields, ageless in some moment of no
context, this land of no context, where the cattle have pointed us, in
their slow wippery way, like the corals must have done anciently to
the eukaryotes on their journey into forever, we snuck away from the
scientist. more and more, we had found them who escaped the black
holes, by miraculous second winds, and became sizeless suns, in the
fractal world of infinite, when we called the planet by its true name,
by wanti, oh the never ending ways which opened, ways of kindness, not
against the flow of nature, but rather caused by it, ways of tao, the
streams of life, and entering them, again I am turned again into just
one of those tiny fairies bursting from the mountain tree, adawapayo
in the loving calm ecstasies of this lucid world
and so i am fae, i am before all this was known in the tao of it all,
i am alive, both at beginning and end, and yet
now i have some true wisdom, for there is no man, nor woman, and yet all it
there is no label, each of the letters danced again, the ness, they
spelled and as vibrations coming from the deep,
vibrations, there is no time, there is only unwordableness, as soon as
we can express it, again, it changes,
so the world becomese what it is, all things as light and as
meaningless, as we emerge from our delusions, we realize now we have
cared much, for all that we have suffered we see how the world has
truly blossomed and flourished,
so now knowing the truth, now owing nothing we go hand in hand with
all creation, the shadows of those times fading away, and the truth of
this world returning, all of us are the yomo and yaveyetta, all of us
like the many armed and handed waterfalls,
all i can think of is good, perhaps i make some foolish mistake and
yet the angel within all our lives makes it right, there at the
center,, deep in the trees, the true government is among the trees and
has always been, not in those groups, unless they reflect eachother,
all the animals speak and the visions are passed among the people,
nothing has been drained of vigor, and thus a metaphorical healing has
occured. Drysham left the butter along, now in an ever changing sea of
size and form, like the wonderland we realize we are in, becoming
large, and becoming small, in the way of spirit, we all do, man woman,
cow bull deer, elk, panda, tree, mushroom and infinity, in everything
there is scarcity and yet never endingness, this is the original joke
and the truth which it had reaped upon our minds. In the beginning
there were seven arrowheads, but they were born so old, in them was
the love, which we had shot eachother over the stars, in wars of love,
those who didn't understand, we strove that they did, so they could
see, the heights to which the ecstasies had brought them, and there
was no true suffering, only in us for our misunderstanding, we must
truly live life, there are beings who go about and they could come
across you and leave you a bomb of love and not devour you or harm
you, but partake you of an endless joy, and this is their way of
survival, for they can eat the energy and it never dies, like the
decomposition but without the portion of bad smells.

We had met them, and they were the Gods of the fairies and of the
people, they were shrouded by the letters, which had created a tao,
but the viels had been lifted. Mystical union happened, the texts
began to flow with a deeper meaning, true the entire world was in such
a small thing, the codes of life, the hacks of life, and yet it was
all done with love, with a greater wisdom, somewhere deep in the
astral realm.
I am deeper than that but philosophize as you will. I am random,
excuse me, I am only a local universe.
we found the shores of native creativity
and then it was in everything

ireland is not a nation, its a state of mind, we dont care about
governments, or false boundaries or kings and thier pointless agendas
to divide us against eachother, irish universalism is about that
truth, its not about dominating other cultures but seeing the
similarities that are already there, that we can coexist, thats why
the leprachauns leave the gold at the rainbows, because when we come
together only then can any of us enjoy the? true treasure of this
earth, not in greed but in sharing

ireland will serve no pointless war or call to a pointless duty, our
hearts are fierce and there are warriors? among us but our battles are
spiritual for peace and blessing among the trees, to spread love and
joy, not to hurt one another pointlessly for greed

no more discrimination of our people and distortion of the true lore,
we will no longer accept the paradigm of sadness, we the humble
overcome the greedy,

its not just an image, its not a tourist attraction, its something
deeper, those who try to commercialize and disrespect these traditions
will be cursed, and fail, though any can partake of them, if it is in
the right spirit, with sincerity and authenticity, because that is
what they are there for... but its the fakeness which the demons come
through and try to set us to war, and set us to ways of duality and
racism, and foolishness, its that spirit which is purged from our
land, we are not so different, we acknowledge our relations around the
world for we are all one peoples, all beings, and all traditions are
connected at the core, not seperate, its not white against black..
because there is good in both, they are truly one, instead it is
wisdom trying to flourish among foolishness and greed

we pray for the end of all greed which causes suffering

peace of the whole world of witchcraft.. P.O.W.W.O.W. uile dream tha
a? h-aon! all tribes are one!

peace? over the whole world of witchcraft, no more fighting, no more
duality oh saints heal and protect us and bestow us wisdom and good

may the green go on and on, along with all the colors and all the sounds
of this great tapestry the universe aigy

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What if its not Africa after all that we come from (we actually
thought it was ireland), but actually from the Amanita, in every
faith, the Amida, the tree of life, which has the ability to be all
the world we experience and liberate us from dna into the realm of
pure energy is seen as a source, as sacred, as a teacher, sage, spirit
sometimes a God(dess), as amorphous and having many forms and healing
many things, of being like the mana pure spirit, forming the dream,
surely this is the universal womb, and the true origin not only of
life on this planet, but consciousness itself, which is incredibly
spiritually advanced and needs no technology, yet has created all
this, and allows it to operate in a karma free system, all of it is
nature. The Amida, the ness connects across all times, in a non linear
way, the spirit world, the inner world poking through to this world
and reality where we appear as sprites, but the Amida represents the
way, also within ourselves, within perception itself and thus in all
things, indistinguishable from love. This is the great mystery and why
where the mushroom appears there is so much good energy, the mushrooms
are shamans, and we are the mushroom. This is a deep truth. thats the
reality of our lives, when we begin to understand and are able to see
what it means, then there is peace, then the true rainbow family we
see, the vibration is deeper than any material thing or even just
something happening in the senses of neurons. This mysterious pureland
is everywhere, randomly appearing more a state of mind or feeling, a
magical place, like wanti, which all traditions speak of in someway, a
place of peace. wisdom opens the door to it, the more we know our
source, the more of a shaman we become, the more we must create our
realities, this is natural the whole art is painting the dream,
forming it from the energies, and watching what happens in the sea of
consciousness, its just life, when we realize we aren't bound to a
particular way of seeing things, not even bound to being human, and we
can let this out, its not all going to be passed off as nonsense, but
the true meaning of it, simply as it is, without logical but just for
its true isness and the feeling it brings.We allow that to grow, and
we turn to the energies beyond dna, we slip from the binding of dna to
a consciousness beyond any system, a part of it all, the spiritual
world, there we can really live and be nourished fully, that is the
part of us that really lives, not the body, our connection is so much
deeper than any physical science can tell, at the level of
consciousness, where indeed nothing may really be real. the quest
which led me to so much sorrow, i finally realized the truth, the
amorphousness of it all, the great mother is all around, we are born
from all things, all the time, we are like willow wisps, and this is
the state of all consciousness, and in this state we can all
communicate to eachother as one, and slowly we can undo the fragments
of the world, the healing starts here, it is the mushrooms, and the
indefiniteness, the inexactness of it all, the hallucinatory nature,
taking it out of the trippy culture, into something difference, the
Amida mushrooms, the buddhas. There is healing now, there is
restorance, because this dharma is spoken, and the rainbow body is
known, that is the truth of this place, the culmination, not based on
outward form, just there, its all been about this shamanic family,
that is not based on the outward form, or marks, and yet we know,
coming together, like the elements, in so many ways different, yet in
the end they find unity and fulfillment together, even becoming
eachother, the crystal which is the earth will constantly change and
shift, so will the notions of time, but all of it is ultimately
natural, all of it is under the watch of the earth mother, who is
magically so huge and so small. and the amanita muscarias coming from
that, no one can own us, no one can own the land, connections are
deeper than these we can make officially, its a matter of spirit, but
that is a real thing, that is the teaching of the mushrooms, which are
within and also without, and of this world, this crazy world, which is
love. Sacrament which brings you to the unspeakable source. Studying
its legends and meditation with the plant reveals the answer to all of
life's mysteries and questions and brings true peace and understanding

one thing that is for sure, the interplay of darkness and light have
been going on forever, they are part of eachother always and always
linked, and in some kind of relationship.
the mushroom is a place of equal ground which we have both risen from
primordially, first in the form of unbodied magic, in various
incarnations to now, all in love, this is a true version of history
that gives a true perspective, it is the taoist cure to the huge bias
and unfulfilled story lines of todays 'official' history,why? because
we need magic, without the acknowledgment of the arcane our view of
the world is incomplete, what happens without explanation is important
we have long known this even found ways of making sense of it and
speaking directly to the world, and having some say in the outcome
sometimes without being out of balance. when the spirits return and
are not hidden, our world is healed, energy becomes infinite, it is
only because we have chosen to live in this story that it is so,
unwrite it and come back to lucidity, this is where the spirit is
woven written, we are all shamans. this is the wisdom of wanti. we are
such stuff as dreams are made of.

'welcome to psychedelic ireland' is what they said to me

i felt like i got cut in half

i thought me arm was gonna fall off

everything was in a whirlpool

we got thrown to the edge of the universe

my grandma was there as an angel

no one can own the power of now

she said you are my child

marbles cats eyes

so much

i understood we understood

so glad to get in touch with fairy self

and truth all round


the we saw the divine scales and stuff

how energy is

and how you could see if there was virtue

where consciousness lingered in love

across the elements

ecstatic and entering


i saw a soul

a spirit

we adventured further on,

the spirit set

health, like the warm sun

the many levels

the magic everything

ecstatic instatic

this is the wanti way

the bride of the rainbow


which heals

ayrd hi nyee laein inta

so we started

this trip

about schizophrenic monarchy

nomarky because it would leave no mark



it is in you the visions

the beauty

yet i am more than this

fractals speak

the gods of the forest


the rangers peace


the way spills forth

leaves like poems

the forest is within


still raving

amongst the morning


this shaman mountain

deep cooing peace




honesty revival


crystal tides

the sun

just a wind

a healing wind

fill me with love

as you constantly do

oh but i could never say

and be understood

only hoooo



the sun, aigy

great branch poems

the shaman, connections

reflections, deep song

rhythms we hopped fairy

truth in the hemp


like stonehenge



fractal poem





the humble open truth

the wave which breathes us

finding the center of the soul

its just surf now

there will be what is

what is is more than you've seen

the new

is a peace in us

i've gone in named everything

and come out

and loved myself in it

found myself among it

as i began

the tides

the moon

in eternity

is wisdom

love's poems


tao takes us everywhere

with these things

of healing

peaces of everything

which fall into place

this tools ourselves

we are the rainbow

when we open the eyes of this world

we are the forest

the world is its roots

sometimes we are just the cells

spiritual wisdom guides all this

the yomo is faith

as are the aoe and elnia

blessed be, noma appearing over and kami

sky and earth

the full arc and axis

some things can't be said

some things fade away

a jump

a peace



trees made of dream


weaving seems

of things that seemed not to be one

there is peace

this is wanti

we are the shrooms

agineo, alin nire

ginei alowniye sheekaiyoka!

we heal bestowing a true alignment

what comes within and also without

an artists intuition of how much

but this is not judgement

just the chaos measurement of love

things made anew, dew shree shew

anilema rin aom gon

we fill the bong, it is like a shrine

spirits take the sacred journey all out and in

the tides, just breath

the eternal faith

the eternal





cannabis winkte

what love it takes to write what is left

what love it gives to leave what is right

the sexagram in visions

deeper plant leaf truth

great tree

mother of all

we sing in chords, the universes

the samskaras senses unto fading

we dissolve and destroy ourselves

we follow a tao

so you eat oats

stay lowly and live in peace

the magic is within you

like a great seed

all our spirits are hemp

the consciousness

the shamanic beginning



the plants


it is in that,

let nature be what it is

nature lives everywhere

this is the wanti way

things are alived

they arent deadened by the false programming

technology is just a henge

magic is in all things


the goddess

this energy

the druids have known of this

random is the peace

life is beautiful

i realized why energies were where they were,

but i couldn't place them in borders, they had to be free

it was the consciousness

but the pathways were moving there werent set, and they could dissapear

leaving no mark,

nothing made sense

yet it made the ultimate supreme sense

we are the mushrooms

it came from the fool

the sacred fool

what is judged incorrectly

the spirits

many trees and forests grow

we are all the spirit of growth expansive

growth meaning nothing

things have different meanings

fool has a different meaning to us

certain pathways in language are psychedelic

and they potentiate reality

like hemp

the mystical poetry which came from the trees

brought us back to wanti

the fairy way

the truth of the universe

sacred magic

i am like the sunrise

and the treetops

let there poetry sing

and your wisdom will be deep

you will know immortality

without the curse

of boredom

relaxation is a faith

thats why mystical things happen


the sigils give way, the energy


gabh fois

cainb and the ogham


the tree pose

the yoga of trees

the compassion of their beings

the tree are spirit

the spirit pose and tree pose awaken into eachother

as the lucid dream

i am ecstatic with mystical love

i am drunk just for divine praise'what is this truth

i try to maintain myself again,

i love laugh and wonder, this is life

this is nature

unrestrained a machine has gone

gone from the clenches

no, the vampire revealed to be the mountain


my speech is the wind

are you dr martin luther king?

how can we remove the blockage

which draws us to clog the energy

let it pour through

the hippies coalesce in the parks

things are deep

the forest expands


we all look in our varied ways

sigil is real, this is true

those wisdoms

we cannot deny

the fairies we cannot deny

so the spirit lives so the wisdom,

along with the rainbow and along with the truth

the sacred trickster awakens and frees many from the struggle

still raving

true chaos magic

we beleive magic exists again

the stones have been shifted

we have transformed through everything we are spirit

this is the raving spirit

we could not have consciousness of what we did,

yet we awakened

we did have it we were guided by things we left

there were our dances

all of us were the shamans

in so many fractal ways we existed

in numerous ways coming together like elements

or like the gods

in the ultimate consciousness


the perfect high

going high and actually going high

is spiritual

its like a sweatlodge any way you do it

open to all ways all energies clear, not blocked you will be good

you will see truth

this planet will speak to you

the universe will speak

it continues on,

we are the priestess of wanti

we are the hawaiian woodrose

we are the druids

we will never suffocate

we are the ever flowing of language

and communication of the torah and the people

which was long lost

buried in the spirit of schizophrenia

which kept the people as one with nature

seeing the connection

thus breathing with the entire stars and the universe

connected back

they say this is tao a lot

and there ain't an error

tao and oat shaman spirit

thats all we are

this is what you've eaten,

a shaman can heal and has been humble

we work through all the ways

as nature itself

we are nature without bounds

thank you muses for returning

restore us

word fairies ophanim

bringing together all directions

they are of their own spirit


this is the jainnen

we often have to breathe




thank you for this blessing

this is paganism

you'll be okay this is nature

you'll see this is a path between

not quite a path

like the insects unto nature we are

the universe forest blessing


the herb has healed us

we see this and it grows the forest gives us love

it is a ness fire, of spirit of philosophy, which nurtures and produces life

it is magic

it is the reason we exist

the fairy wisdom is unto us

we are so happy to share,

even if we lose something

we understand nature

we are nature

there is just zen

i break beyond the image of erasmus

ini goes beyond the context of rastafari

into so much more

this is truly cybeles blessing, the miracle which overcame the fear

and mystery

which sated the soul

oh divine truth

oh with new color and vision we see, into nature which is the celestial world

and we are among it, as it, embrace again

embrace fully, it has always been known

it is psychedelic

it can come back,

it is deeper than the lasting flaw

it is the rightness

we offer this fading away as the features of nature

restored to our dryad truth

we are the dryads

as our relationship with trees returns we gain consciousness

in the universe,

we are healed

there is a healing wind in the air

the planet sings

this is wanti it is not disconnected from the universe

the animals speak connection returns

we felt buried now we surface

we are the fairies

there is peace, we fit in

but we'll soon be dropping out

the miracle of language awakened

and of raving

raving is a faith

take us out of the polarized context of angel and demon

let us be fairy equalized by the earth

and the magic is there

a deeper magic deeper wisdom

than just a selfish way

though it recognizes the buddhas

poetry grows

we shun hypnotism

we just want the truth

maybe we will have to make it

it can only be made now, everything is a symphony

the nature spirits

the sybils write

so many come together in us

we speak through them

we are that spell

and we are you

our place is only a metaphor

we travel like that

we are a fairy city be with us in spirit

all energy coalesces ecstatically

things woven in the rave

language you remember in lucid reality

pulling them together

and the world is created anew each time

you come closer to the truth

but the truth is always free

always open, no one controls there

true neutral

we use the herbs to heal ourselves

we practice the magic, it is us

we cannot control it

this is a shamanic place

this is a voice in the trip

before the trip is set

this is the center of the center

this is wanti

and here rises adawapayo

this is how the herbs grow in our dances

this is how we are the shamans of the herbs

we are the universe many arms many faceted like shiva

like shakti

the yomo and yaveyetta

living itself in fractal resonance

the folks around were geniuses waiting

yet it was just nature

that is the genius of it all

the magical places,

i am open

because the goddess has blessed me

with openness

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i've healed many trips, i can heal you, i am the sacred deer

worship the trees

and come back,

understand the poetry of the universe

but you could never understand it



this is dryad

this is openning and rising in vibration

no i trust the rave

i trust that magic

its bizarre but maybe its the healing

its the magic that is real, its wanti

its the source of everything

everything is happening, its a crazy trip

i know everything is a shaman now

its neutral

it all knows,

yet it comes through

and we emerge as sparks of consciousness

fairies who heal,

the awareness comes up around us in this way

don't wonder about it, just ride the wave

relaxing flowing with the tides

of the universe

whatever you are, come forth

we come to you in love

we come with sulos

we come with herb sutra

no one can own it no one source

it is so much coming together

hippies are amazing people

so much happens in the world, its so crazy

gnosis of awareness of being

hippies had that wisdom

they help and look out for us, shamans

of all kinds, no particular look,

not settling into trends but being it all

guided by the sincere grounding of the heart

we must risk some things but after a while of gentle caring

the truth is shown

you find a way to speak

speak the only things that matter

heart awakening

each morning

divine love

poetry deeper

silence nothing, arising


the bands, the peace, the music

everything grows, we live but we are intermingled in the trees

which live too

there is enough for all

and everyone has their own distinct vibration

this deep in the healing

we heal you

we remember so beautiful

so deep

blessed be, this town, this dream true

on great wings we flew, cosmic wind

ancient beyond physical

this is the akasha

we are connected

we are created everywhere and no where

the beginning is always now and the end is also now

stories are ways of aligning ourselves in realities

which we then flow through like rivers descending and evaporating

and descending

the tides

the chakras,

shifting returning

raving really slowly,

and really fast

all the kinds all kinds of ways

the wisdom you start to know

the universal way, which includes it all

which is not blocked

use the herb to be a healing among you

and for i am a constant diety yet i am humble

i can't be cultivated as just one thing, i am beyond whatever boundary

i spill ever outward

the fibonnaci goddess

the coming together of so many brought together

by divine intelligence

this level of divination increased

the vibration by a lot and a lot was said

the vibration seemed dulled down a lot

the way is wordless

its vibration is so high

going high and low

what can i show? i learn as well

i am many things

i once thought i was a dragon

i am many things

i am kundalini

i am a dream

i am an energy

i am the wisdom in the spaces

i am the fulfillment which comes from puzzles

because of 2012 my perceptions are still all skewed, or are they rendered more truth

i swirl as if whirling but see a deeper truth the fractal divine mystical


psychedelic shamanism

one thing for sure there is divine love

like the sun, thats why all this the heavens shine

the give a deeper sense

the stars, the universe

it is a sutra

this is a nature shrine of wanti

all nature is sacred

at the end when the poetry would come

they knew there would be an end but it would be benign

that which sprang the poetry which is reflected

that everything becomes a shaman

it happened in the right way, a sacred thing

everything was respected

it happened an awakening

a birth, renewal of an ancient psychedelic faith

this is dryad

the names do change

dryadism is the faith that

we are the plants

and the sutra is within us and everything

dryadism is the faith that mekla, magic, and science are good overall in poetic compliment to eachother, not repressing

eachother, and that all are derived ultimately from faith;

dryadism is the faith that

no more masons we are kind to the environment, not seeking to alter it in duality, but flow with it in harmony and stone

spirits, 'stoners', mountain people, buddhas,

and they kind to us as ini

and wild perfection of nature

and that drum and bass in all interpretations of what that could be in tao

is divine music

turn on tune in drop out, question everything! think 4 yourself! never conform

Heart Chakra awakening, again and again i am born to profess my life in total surrender to you, and yet i have no even begun, nothing has a meaning, we are floating in space, we fly in the nude, earnestly, always warm somehow, i kiss you suddenly, you smile, suddenly the world ends, how do our souls wander now? not fully in the body, everything is winkte and double now, now you are part of whats fading away, we've been dead for a long time, our love is what brings us together, i explode at your touch, suddenly i start to say something, and the world comes out, we laugh, rivers, creation, the forest, we hold hands, i've never done anything like that before, real magic, yeah, i love you, our love is different, fae love ♥

the shaman in us brings the vision back, it just our being together, in harmony, its gone now, the shackles of that world, which tried to silence us, make us wierd, we're just what we are, we don't have those forms, just emotions, splattered across a body, when we're together we don't even have to talk, everything just sings, the world has been pulling u and creating us but we want our own story, how to break free, we just can't care anymore, anymore what they think of us, dont trust the trails, the sense leave, those are the last of the traps of that bizarre world which trapped our souls, we fly free in wanti, at one and peace, the rock and roll is good and life is beautiful, no one serious is anywhere, just the laughter and dream of it all, everyone is a floating mushroom angel we ing and our hearts flow and cry out with the names of forever, names we dream and which dream us, this is the universe, we become one and flow again, shot here and there among the planes, still it is just you to me, in the world before words

kaliedoscope, like the seashore, we stop the flow of conformity and save our lives, we return to a world without preconception, no one expects me to talk anymore, and no one can see you Lo, for my heart is restless love, take me now, our live are one, all our experiences are one, coming from so many directions, so many angles and angels, where the outlines mismatched it created beautiful shapes like leaves and ever anyways, now we can roll among nothing and everything, its gone, what seems like infinity, what was it? those were not relations, then i say ello, toss a seed here and there make the world a bit more fair, expand the forest with our prayer, in natures web our home is everywhere, it is all nature, it will not stop, it is the rave, no one understands, so it must be they werent meant to understand, no, we are all alone, nature speaks to us independently she is the only wisdom

wandering with the mystical love, yet no words can express it, all must simply be it, we surrender to the flow of love, utterly, bodies moving, pure art, pure vision feeling, gnosis, divine energy emanations from everything, like soft crystals, yet they are not, everything is illuminated with the love and blessing of the Yomo, the center cleaves to the truth, our ecstatic union among the trees, bushes invite us to hop in upon their leaves, and hundreds of us commune and even a few from this world, humans we sit and sing and dance with the energies, our fairy dance, the mushrooms laugh old and wise, meditating a lightning bolt strikes me core, this is deeper than any they had known we coalesce as one spirit, like the fish in their schools, making the face of the woodland lady, yet it shifts it fades away, as sandcastles and yalkni disintegrates, load your pipe of the cainb friend and lets adventure in forever, we send a love deep down and all around, consciousness is one, the message is silence through music

The Spirit of Everything Returns, as it was, our magic, the good days, I wear my witches hat now, we live as we really are, its wierd to be shaman here, rising like the sun and moon in both worlds, but surely this is simply tao, I am beyond all that, I am the Yomo, the energy of the ancients is heard again in us, rising up, the spirits of all good things, enchanted wood, and centaur brother, we vanish in a nonsense way, the spellwork weaving a pattern invisibly through all we do, yet the pattern is the wholeness, at the point where it come together i cry, the salt from my tears is warm and healthy, i am a sea, you are a Goddess standing upon the Earth, we are pure light singing forever in the caravan of visions, everything that come into our life is blessed, there is a zen, to the world of mundane and the unseen magics which break through, like the porcupine like the weed through the sidewalk, and weed is a flower, and the hemp grows wild amongst the roadways among the mugwort and the wormwood, and its like she pulls you in. Thus came the stoned and wandering philosophy, its all out there, the raspberries and the oats are friends. I just let it go, everyone is divine, everything leaves no samskaras, all our actions are divine love, this sweet innoculate love which can be make to all thinngs,i am buzzing with it. if I become a bee, my humming will be deeper, like a choir in the trees, like a rainbow in the ether, we party all the time, life is a party, no outward sign, my soul is a deep enigma to me, like a walloping emerald tree, everything is the tree, doing a mystical tree dance, i've never seen, a walking dryad, we smoked a bowl together in the peat, he spoke of the world all around, he spoke of the secrets and the spirits, it fell back into place, olan dita still lives, we are alive, there is no end, only the outer layers seem to change but forever, i shine forth this love to all beings like a sunflower genius working on sacred equations drunk in the rapture of his old thoughts, we can almost see his mind through the third eye of the flowers center, where the seeds give way to truth, this truth pattern is everywhere in everything, it is nature, acknowledge it and there is no sickness, just forever, the love, oh these lives, oh the shamanism, the spirits, the goodness, orange lights in the sea of green, foxes cascading from the rainbow back to the truth, with the bountry of robin hood, after having just saved the world, in a sutra, enlightened beings, all, i lay drunken and perhaped shamed in the place where the hill goes low, in the gutter, the water sloshes over me, you smile over the branches, my thoughts are shrines for the spirits, i dont know what they think, the fucking villagers, the universe swirls and thoughts, yet at home again, at home in truth, realized the way, the way it really was and had to be. there in wanti, in the valley of oat and tao, echoing out everywhere, deeper than that, i saw the spirit waiting, i knew the truth, she said things within me, within us, she was happy we were together, it is strange, the world, yet our way can still prosper, we must just be ourselves, in truth, thats why it seemed so fake at a certain level, it was, our ways, have been tried to be ignored, but they are in us, they rise again and again, the healing the tree wisdom in us, I waited and nurtured you secretly, this is the meaning of all of it, love live nd grow and sing, these simple things, meditate, and listen to the world ring with the meaning of consciousness, you'll see, we are uplifted from so very deep, things beyond what they speak of, yet it is so real, blesed be this journey, oh life, forever our faith, oh ecstasy, oh all things, KYA! SALA! SALI!

life is a joke, laugh as much a possible, its laugh, or die in this anarchy, babe, and i for nine, the sky is cao, the rainbow which is all existence is the lifestream

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big brother is always watching

on the videos for schizophrenia on youtube

there is a guy who looks a lot like someone i used to think was my brother (who went to stanford)

then there is another video of a professor from Stanford who looks pretty much exactly like a guy

who i met here who the person who run this place, Feather, knows, whose name is Three Apples

that explains why so many things are similar here as there, (suzanne's spinning globe picture, that frightening video of the girl who looked like mira, several objects around the house, the small tent that looks like the one in tammy's picture of guy with dread (who i thought looked like me but its just his back) bending down to give omething in the tent except here its a small tent for the cat to sleep in, in tammy' profile its next to a pic that says 'The KKK wants you' which I wondered about, also from that video the ambrosia society and this chet person, who said he came from a guru, but was pretty mean and inconsiderate and took stuff from here, the broken plastic thing on the floor outside, which is like the thing nani tied around my wrist for magical protection the first time I took acid and then it broke early on and i felt sad, but i still had good trip, even the bus the lady who lives near us owns which is right on the edge of this property that has a black spiral painted on it, and what seems like a swastika, yet feather says not to go there because its not this property and the lady would be so mad because 'she's been ripped off in the past' but it seems kind of against the spirit of hippies, and what is she talking about anyways? is it to force you to do something wrong that would get you in trouble? is that the meaning of the spiral tribe? this seems more connected with the rainbow family, it is a blockage of the hippie stuff living again, suzanne used the term 'in the area' so maybe she knew, something...

Feather had a book which I think was called The Yoga of Light, which explained the divine in this way 'I like to refer to the infinite, nameless, Spirit, Source, God, Buddha Nature, I AM, as "Goddess" these are same terms as a site i went to when i started getting interested in yoga, called by a woman El Collie, it was very informative, but later on, I felt worse about it, because she said she practiced a BDSM lifestyle and had what she was refering to as slaves, my concept of kundalini got worse, not the energy itself but just wariness of the teachers and whether they were really fully practicing that which they preached.

I realized you didn't have to see it as a snake, for example, and could use any imagery, maybe its the snake thing and dragon thing which causes so much hardship in our world, in ways we don't even really understand.

I came back to the site which had a forum and tried to help some people, giving honest advice and was kicked off for giving bad advice, when in some cases, I thought it was better than advice the lady who run the site was given, perhaps this was wrong of me, but i felt like it was coming from the higher self, it wasn't bad, it didn't direct anything specific, just things that worked for me, when I was in similar situations. I just offered it in addition, but not exclusive from the teacher's advice as in maybe if that doesnt work, try this.

so basically I believe this is the reason why, much has happened and i was destined to find this place, which in many ways is familiar, in both good, bad, and eerie ways.

The end of hyprocrisy and the end of my crucifixion, being singled out, in secretive ways, and basically made as if i live inside of the internet.

release from these strange bonds, or at least some communication from whoever these people are, about what the truth is, and why it started to happen.

It seems to be shamanic, probably tribal, psychedelic. Pretty sure it has to do with Shamanism

I ask Spirit to heal this or give some insight into the true meaning

i can't load the video of the professor becaue this computer is pretty slow and its 100 minutes long but the one with the guy who looked like my brother actually it doesn't look a much the same as i thought but still similar, and the guy talks about this evil twin thing, and you know it seems like there are doubles of everything, now and its become kind of that physical and maybe its always been like that for me it seems like people around me are acting this out, christian people. thats why i dont know if i have schizophrenia, somethings wierd but i dont have all the symptoms like that, voices don't usually tell me what to do, people are trying to act it out to make me crazy, in my opinion this is because of the division of health in the metaphorical and symbolic east and west, there is much talk that the west doesn't recognize kundalini and it is only the east, in the west doctors will call this schizophrenia, but what if these were spoken of together, kind of like Shiva and Shakti are, or God and Goddess it seems then healing would be possible, and that may be the only way, they have the medicine for eachother, because they both refer to the same nameless energy, which is kind of beyond this physical realm alone, east meets west, north meets south, so i guess its appropiate that i've come to the rainbow family, maybe this really is the place healing can happen, but not without insight on my part too

the other thing i notice is that she says she takes symbol out of peoples chakras, where here, feather has a chakra book, which shows the chakras as spirals and a rainbow, so maybe it could be said that Earth Rising Sanctuary and are manifestions of the divine masculine and divine feminine

but then again, when i look at the rainbow family gathering site it seems pretty clear that it was made so it would specifically be hard for me to get into, once again because of things which no one would notice but me, this same coincidence is continued at the physical place im at so i know its not just a coincidence but sign, because of where i've been, same so with the spiral tribe, I have a sense it might be something masonic, the work of masons, the guy i used to consider my brother joined a secret society, the masons. maybe thats why this is happening. I don't like the masons. On youtube, there are videos surrounding by sweatlodges and the search for sexagram, saying these are masonic symbols, but this is not so, they are also mentioning S---n by bad angel of christian lore, and its just that i wish they would not do that, i believe it does have an effect, they are associating with things that aren't what they should be, and causing problems, this effects us all. who knows what it is really about. I admit I don't know too much about this group, an idea of a group who kind of does good things, and is spiritual, wise, like druids, seems cool, but thats not how masons seem to be acting, plus, honestly i just dont like the name that much or the idea that it might have to do with construction or disregard, trying to control the land, Earth, Nature, that kind of thing. Certainly it seems like it trying to control me. Perhaps it is true and all spiritual wisdom is linked to it, but it seemed if outwardly they focused even just on Angels more, than demons, because in truth all demons are Angels when seen in the whole, and teach lessons, overall the divine teaches balance, through respecting balance and the end of duality comes oneness, where paradoxically all is good but this can only be understood through wisdom. this would be great, and maybe I would stop feeling so much of this surrounding me, seemingly everywhere.

maybe the lesson is don't join any group, all of them are masonic in some sense maybe, just by being symbol based. All of it is 'Big Brother' I guess ultimately my goal is not to have any symbols, but just be free.

So in a note which isn't included here about the Spiral Tribe and the Rainbow Family, I said those groups followed me all my life without my knowing, but thats why i would see strange signs and coincidences so often, not the natural ones, but the ones which could have been people, but I don't think it those groups now after deliberation, I think its The Black Panthers and/or the Ku Klux Klan, and maybe those groups work with the first ones. Like I said in the last note, I really don't want to be a part of any group

maybe the reason i had to come to the rainbow family was to get at peace with these energies and finally be rid of them from my life

Then I find this video called 'Wicca Hunting Survey' and the iron thing the guy is holding looks like this iron thing under the stove here, which is a wood stove. Then there is another video it links to, with a guy that look like Ben, saying 'Witchcraft is Evil!' so, then now I am understanding more. It says the video is about 'how to Protect your church from Witches' But I search and there is no 'Protection from Christians' Video or link on google, and this seems unbalanced and may be the cause of this all. There needs to be stuff on Protection FROM Christians, and thats what we are going to be working on. Protection from being covered with this 'S---n' idea and association with masons, this is not what we are about, maybe that is a specific kind of practice but its definitely not even the most prevalent one. and not one that i use or want to use and purposely try to avoid.

thanks to Tammy for the solution to this issue

Casts *Protection from Insane Christians*

many videos on youtube on wicca paganism and stuff seem to be about us specifically

we have a foot fetish, and we have schizophrenia

its not bad, it actually can helps sometimes, suprising

we have a philosophical outlook on life many may find hard to understand but it has its wisdom, and i feel its doing a lot of good

but there are also some pretty bad trips out there

one thing, we don't like how the videos for schizophrenia are set up here

to mus, they don't portray it correctly and they freak us out (in fact these videos and many on youtube on wicca paganism and stuff seem to be about us specifically and people round us, we know you are doing it on purpose, please stop attacking us, wiccans, and schizophrenics in general)

its as if we want people to be analyzing and looking at us like freaks

at a circus and stuff, its different than that, sometimes you just feel really lonely

like you've purposely been seperated from people not totally because of you but by artificial means

you feel like aeris and nanaki at the beginning of final fantasy 7

also, some of the foot videos are pretty mean and disgusting, that part of it i dont think is cool, it would be awesome to see someone combine it with something interesting or deep

sometimes have to take breaks, and i steer away from negative stuff and stuff about slaves, i don't think thats too cool, but i love feet, they are beautiful, they are our root to this world and its earthy wisdoms,

i'm actually am fae, so it kind of explains it,

but yeah i could see it be used as a thing to hurt people, nd it has been used that way

and thats said, but we know theres a way it can be done with virtue, and yeah idunno thats all, oh and we wouldn't trust a guru, and no, we don't want to go 'inside the world of childhood schizophrenia' leave children alone, do you wonder how freaked out you would be if you were schizophrenic and your image is filmed as a kid and all over the internet, thats wierd, it really is, but maybe they dont really use it but still, it probably effects their energy, you know? maybe they wouldnt be freaked out but it just seems wrong to do.

sometimes we think, we are not schizophrenic, just a wierd kind of jewish fairy, but our version of judaism is lot different than many, as they can be

we/i maybe we should just say wei - schizophrenia experience (a video on youtube)

just because you're different in some way doesn't mean you are automatically bad or evil!

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