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 Post subject: Wandered here to ask something :-)
 Post Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2011 6:20 pm 

Joined: Wed Nov 23, 2011 4:23 pm
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Hello everyone! I'm glad that I found this community and I like your stories. I was struggling to write here because I keep my beliefs quite strictly personal without sharing it. I haven't found any reliable community near me so I thought this could be a good place to seek some information. So what led me here?

One of my most powerful mystical experience was this kind of energy knowledge. I woke up one morning and literally felt energy in everything I touched. Objects seemed also to give out information in form of feelings. I felt I could channel the energy to other people without touching them. It lasted day or two and then faded. Before this experience I did some intense travelling, came back home and studied bit about transpersonal psychology as a hobby that led me to unlock many things from my childhood and present life. Many fears disappeared. I believe that this energy feeling was because of that success.

Now 5 years later I'm still following the path that this experience led me into, though I believe that all started when I was a kid. I'm not in a rush and if I read my dreams and 'visions' right, I should be patient and study my self carefully. Still every now and then I feel strong need for guidance in this area from another person. But something tells me that I should not reach to someone. Something has to come as it has before. Now once again I feel that strong need. I feel that I should do something more, to give it more space in my life.

I've been self studying a bit about the journey side of shamanism but also have kind of a strong calling in healing. I've been told that my grandmother used to do some kind of shamanism for the community but there's very little information about this.

What do you think about this, any similar experiences? Any suggestions, guidance? Maybe I'm just lacking self-confidence... :D


 Post subject: Re: Wandered here to ask something :-)
 Post Posted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 4:40 am 

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It is so, that often people just need to hear something from other person, what they already know. A matter of confidence and assurance.

It sounds you already do very well with your self study. So, when you perceive your needs to do more, give more space etc, where from those needs arises?

Is it so, that your mind just becomes full of it? And when reaching on something the target actually goes farther? If, that is the case, your mind is just tricking you, only trying to feed your self importance, filling egoistic need to be something.

My experience in similar matter, of needing guidance and wish to be more, do more, those feelings and needs will pass away, when you find confidence on what you are doing. If you stay under somebody's guidance, you maybe never will find mastery of your own.

In my opinion all people teach always only their own ideas based on their own experiences, which may differ from yours. You will be more complate, original and true, if you continue the way you have done so far. Be patient and let life bring you the lessons, experiences you need. If it is a certain person's guidance about the matter, you'll be drawn on him.

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