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 Post subject: Re: very severe case of negative entity - for experienced on
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:40 pm 

Joined: Wed Sep 19, 2012 1:34 pm
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Shaman Hawk wrote:

I'll bow out if this is going to soul retrieval. I think that whole concept and it's following is a joke supported dysfunctional new age flakes. You lost or something took a piece of your soul? Oh please.


That's odd. I treat people, trauma victims, who can tell you the minute a piece of themselves left. I'm sure it's safe to say this has been happening way before New Agers came along.

 Post subject: Re: very severe case of negative entity - for experienced on
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 5:06 pm 

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I hope you realize that the more you hate and want to fight this being, the more it feeds from you. This feeding of energy manifests itself to you through the cuts and other physical injuries. I recently took care of a being that was haunting a family, which made a woman unable to have a child and gave another lupus. While my first approach was similar to yours, I was going to fight it or banish it from this plane, ect. It did not work. The young woman with lupus instead was hospitalized and almost died due to how much I fed it. This is what happened to all of your aids previously.

The solution is something that will sound like something out of a dumb movie, but it is not. Love is more powerful than greed and hatred. I learned from an experienced shaman who lives in England that there is a way to send such hateful beings to a paradise so great, they will never even want to return. And the karma from giving them such peace will be triple the hurt its brought you thus far.

Unfortunately I feel like your hate for it is not going to just vanish, because it essentially took away your life. So, I would say to find someone who can do this work for you, who has the unbending intent and unmatched love to meet this being for you.

 Post subject: Re: very severe case of negative entity - for experienced on
 Post Posted: Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:31 pm 

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Any actuals improvements on this matter? I have not heard situation of this severity before. I would like to hear, how this was treated and what kind of results achieved by what method.

I read whole thread, and for me the poem was most remarkable, giving more feeling what is happening, about karmic influence. Kurushastrea's answer resonated best with, what I felt. Proceed with only one or few, have a game plan. Get more information about situation. If poem is right on everything, soul sickness indicates for karmic reasons.

If I understood poem right,
praying love and ligh
make problems fade

Not so
Evil do not disappear
by wait and pray

Whatever is hidden
will some day rise
light and shadow
always remain

Souls's decease
is rotting of inner deeps

What I got from it overall, was that this thing may not been avoidable. Infection may have been carried by someone else, but could be so, it waited to get inside you. If this thing really is your old "friend", you have battled with earlier, previous life.

But this is more or less guessing. Best to head on gameplan with whoever is researchin matter further. Interested to hear, how things are going.


MarkT wrote:

Bringing Out The Dead

Given time enough and life to spend,
a thousand years might see decay,
our misery, hatred, waste away
incarcerated agony in a casket heart
sealed against the light of man
so that one might see that dawning day
when only dust remained and I could

“Look, behold here once was hate,
lies, damnation and deceit,
all gone, turned to honest soil.
You see one need only wait and pray
to see your evil waste away.”

Not so.
Whatever we hide we must one day raise
and rotting from our inner deeps
we raise the dead of our putrid past
and if we dare to close the lid, rely
on time to be well rid
of what is loathsome, foul and dark.
then will such poisons sweat a subtle dew
bedeck our face, our hands, our skin
and all without shall show within
the bloody stains of a soul’s disease
our inner toil, and damned decease.


 Post subject: Re: very severe case of negative entity - for experienced on
 Post Posted: Fri Aug 16, 2013 10:05 pm 

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Does anybody know the outcome. I personally have never experienced anything to this degree but recently read the Post and would like to know what happened. I have complete concern for anyone experiencing difficulties in life, let alone a demonic attachment. I do however feel that persons often times out of ignorance or even mental/emotional past life and/or present life trauma can open the doors to these entities. I would recommend a trip to the Amazon Jungle where this person could work with more experienced indigenous Shamans who have worked with this type of entity. ????????

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