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Am I having a spiritual encounter, or am I just imagining it?
Spiritual contact, probably not malicious though. 100%  100%  [ 4 ]
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You're just being paranoid, don't worry about it. 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
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 Post subject: Spiritual Contact or Just Plain Paranoia?
 Post Posted: Tue May 18, 2010 11:14 am 

Joined: Tue May 18, 2010 8:39 am
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Hello, good people of Shaman Portal. I'm new here on the forum, introduced by Hydrassas. Anyway, to my point, I have a query. I've been in this house for a long time now. I'm usually somewhat nocturnal, going to be at about 11:30-12 at night. Normally, due to a condition where my throat's been drying out, I go to the kitchen during these times, while everyone else is asleep, to get myself a drink.

However, lately, whenever I do, I feel like I'm being watched, and I often frequently look to the windows, often to my side or my front. This is just impulsive as these windows are through to places in the house that one can't access easily. And also, since my computer is situated near my bedroom door, I often find myself looking out there as well. Now, this can clearly just be a bit of paranoia, for I have watched shows which can implant a healthy dose of it, and I do live in a country where crime is an issue.

However, yesterday (17/05/10), I had an unusual experience twice during the day. Due to a medical issue, I need to rest my back during the day to prevent myself from getting back pain. I usually also watch documentaries so I can learn and perhaps gain some ideas for my passion for making games. But unfortunately, this usually at first results in me passing out while lying down. While in one of my passed out episodes, I heard someone call my name somewhat. It wasn't exactly verbally complete. It sounded like my mom, so even though I was the only one in the room, I didn't make too big a deal of it.

Yet, last night, while doing something with a friend of mine on IRC, I started to fall asleep again. Usually a sign I need to go to bed. But I suddenly heard a whisper. It was again not really verbal, I don't even know what was said. But it was nothing I could mistake for the wind or my cats, the TV wasn't on, and my computer doesn't make that kind of noise.

As someone who's fascinated with mysticism of all types, and on a 'free religious' basis, I feel perhaps some spiritual presence may be watching me and perhaps even trying to contact me. Though granted, I don't feel threatened by this presence. Yet, I'm also aware that the things I've watched do instill a bit of paranoia, so it may just be my imagination.

So I ask for the opinion of someone more experienced in this field. Has my recently increasing desire to meet ghosts or spiritual entities causing me to become sensitive to a spirit residing in the house, or am I just being paranoid and imagining it all? If by chance it's the prior, is there a way (if possible, with the stuff I have on hand), for me to contact this spirit and find out what it may want with me? I'd appreciate some opinions on this.

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 Post Posted: Mon Aug 09, 2010 9:00 pm 

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Hi, im also new to this site, but i felt intrigued to answer your post.

So could this be a spirit visiting or just a product of paranoid imagination.
These things can probably be interpreted in so many ways depending on ones culture, dictionary or belief-system and so on. We don't have a common word for these special events. They don't fit in the norm of most culture.

But my opinion is that you could have experienced something called sleep paralysis or hypnogogia which is a state between sleep and awake. I have had encounters in these states which if I was a christian or something could be interpreted as a demonic visit or perhaps alien with another viewpoint..

Anyways it is a pretty scary state with audiovisual hallucinations. And usually you can't move because the body is asleep and this naturally is a little frightening.
What is interesting is that the transition from normal state "just chilling on my bed" to this state is instant.. i remember just lying on my bed waiting to fall asleep and then SUDDENLY out of nowhere i was quite forcefully being pulled under the covers of my bed and i woke up.. It definitely doesn't have that "dream quality" about it.
Usually had these experiences when i was exhausted and really was really tired after some sleep deprivation.. Hope this helps somewhat..

 Post subject: Re: Spiritual Contact or Just Plain Paranoia?
 Post Posted: Wed Aug 11, 2010 9:52 am 

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I thought i introduced you to Wildspeak?

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