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 Post subject: Somebody please help resolve this shamanic harrassment
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 30, 2016 10:44 pm 

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I was attacked by a sociopath about 15 years ago, I met several shamans who offered no relief only making me feel worse, not to mention utilizing razor blades and knives in their "healing" services. I feel trapped in some shamanic quagmire where I am being attacked by these shamans who I sought out for relief and help. The first was at a spiritual community in West Marin County called Solstice Grove. I believe he was a Lakota however he did not even introduce himself so I have no idea what his name is. The second is Tom Pinkson, an initiated Huichol shaman who cut out a bulls heart and approaches his healing practice with a knife in hand. The third is a guy named Bobby Lake-Thom @ This shaman shit is out of control guys, please somebody talk some peace into these dudes or something. I've been reading Neil Whiteheads works which only makes my opinion of this shamanic "healing" bullshit even worse by his series on Dark Shamanism where harm or death is enacted agains't ones enemy typically through Shamanic Assault Sorcery. Whitehead himself was killed in an attack and these ineffective healers are repeatedly harassing me. Please some sort of diplomat or healer heal these other healers or SOMETHING. Thank you, Bless you. I spent over 12 years as a mental patient on 10 psych meds because these ineffective healers couldn't relate to anything in life not to mention losing 2 family members. I'm pretty burnt on the whole trying to find a "shaman" to "heal" me at this point and am just using Acacia Confusia + Syrian Rue as an Ayahuasca Analogue in the privacy of my own home and healing space but the incessent harassment from these shamans continues like a broken record interrupting the peace and healing I am seeking. Thanks,
Mario Cristo McGinley

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