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 Post subject: Need Shaman Help, Please
 Post Posted: Fri Mar 09, 2012 5:41 pm 

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Hello everyone, my name is Feral, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to read this. I am in need of advice from the shamans here. This is a very urgent and important issue to me, one of which I unfortunately created. Therefore, it is my responsibility to take care of it, hopefully with the aid of anyone who can help me through this.

About a week ago a bunch of my friends got together and smoked DMT for their first time at my Cabin up in the mountains. I watched over everyone and made sure they were taken care of as best I could. I didn't partake in the activity because I wasn't ready yet. However, I did mention to my friend that I was more interested in taking Ayahuasca. He responded by saying he could order it online and next I know, all my other friends want to do it now too (The same ones who smoked the DMT). All I had heard about Ayahuasca at the time, was that you can contact other worlds. I was foolish, and I urged my friend to order everything for my own selfish reasons.

The next day I started researching Ayahuasca and was shocked at how serious it is to be taken. I had no idea. I immediately realized what a mistake I had made. My friends are just kids (19-22) as am I (19), they don't care about the spiritual side of this world, they don't have respect for something this important. All they want to do is get high. Upon realizing my mistake I tried talking them out of it but my friend had already placed the order and my other friends didn't care what I had to say. Bottom line, they ARE going to take Ayahuasca. I'm just concerned they are not prepared. (About two weeks from now)

So I've now taken responsibility for this whole scenario. If I can't talk them out of taking Ayahuasca then I will do the next best thing. I will try to help them through the experience as best I can. But aside from making sure they have buckets, water, and making sure they are comfortable, I don't know what else to do. Is there any way I can learn or try to guide them spiritually? I want them to have a structured voyage. I realize each of them have to go through the dark parts as well as the light parts, I just don't want them to get stuck in those dark parts.

Any advice, any insight, is very much appreciated. Thank you again everyone for taking the time to help me. Peace and Love.

 Post subject: Re: Need Shaman Help, Please
 Post Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:03 pm 

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Doing drugs is quite stupid anyways. So your reckless friends already have the drugs and are going to take it in some place or other....

If I were you, I would not get involved in any circumstances or just trying to cancel whole happening. Expesially, when you do have no idea, what you are doing. You have no medical or shamanic knowledge to use that substance, and still you are doing it... There are less dangerous drugs to get high.

I am not drug user myself and do not know much about ayahuasca, how it should be used.

You should be aware, that you may not be able to control situation any way. Keep you phone near, so you can call emergencycall. Find out right phone number earlier and how you will guide medical staff to come your cabin.

Hope, you'll be lucky, but messing around with serious stuff may prove hazardous.

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