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 Post subject: Need help/advice
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 19, 2011 12:55 pm 

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I'm not trying to be rude and waste your time but I'm drawn to this web page and would like to ask you a question. I know there are specific websites for this but I'm not trying to get answers from teens pretending to be magical. I'm wondering if maybe I have a mental illness or crazy and I'm hoping you can shed some light, you seem knowledgeable.

I'm 28 years old and a pretty normal looking guy, who has always believed in magic but i have only " casted" one spell and that was the cleanses, I spoke about. I do have the dreams that come true, know what people are feeling/thinking, so did my grandfather and his father, his father could stop bleeding with a prayer.I also grew up in a hunted house and from time to time will a spirt.

I didn't start researching magic,angels, demons until a few years ago when I had a dream about azur/aserial (sp) (I have no idea where I would of heard that name) I also have thoughts or dreams of the guardians of the watch tower ( that could be a false thought implant from the movie the craft). In the last year, I have had random, I guess prayers or spells come to me, (sorry really can't explain it very well. For a number of years, I have spoken in private a unknown language, sounds similar to Latin/middle Easter language. I use to think it was pretend but I still do it and I know what the words mean. Recently last 4 months, when I speak this unknown language I can fill energy course through my body, till I stop speaking primarily out of fear. About a month ago the "energy" lingered and if I felt as if I could destroy a building or cause a storm at will. I honestly felt as if It was to much power for any human being to have.

So all that was to give you an idea about me. I wanted to get your input on a few things. Have you ever heard of speaking an unknown language (its not tounges)? Do you have similar experiences or is all this just in my head? If this is real any advice on what I should do? Can you share any knowledge or wisdom on my experiences?

I sincerely appreciate your time. I wanted to share with someone and you seem very experience in the unknown. I did try to research the topic and couldn't come up with any answers and saw your page a few months ago. I have never told anyone else about this, I only hope you respond.

Best regards,

 Post subject: Re: Need help/advice
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 1:07 am 

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I would say the language you are speaking is imparting a feeling of empowerment, no?

I used to experience that if I spoke pseudo-latin.

It has a lot less to do with magic and a lot more to do with psychology. Your soul is getting into a groove, feeling something "magic-ish" going on.

The energy is real. Don't have any shame about this.

What I would suggest, though, is focusing on harnessing that empowering vibe in ways that are more direct, such as making that feeling directly. Flexing your energetic muscles by bringing on the feeling without the speech.

The spirits in the spirit world probably like to say "no, it IS a real magical language", but that would only be true very very technically, because you feeling it is magical is really all that is making it magical. The spirits are just like that.

From there, you can start to feel what your soul feels like, and controlling energy. Start by working with the chakras or something basic to get used to it first. Get to where you can open them by just "doing" it. Practice sending down a grounding chord from your root chakra.

That may all be in the future. :)

 Post subject: Re: Need help/advice
 Post Posted: Wed Jul 20, 2011 2:39 am 

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Hi Jerico

Sounds like you are having an interesting period in your life. Have you thought about exploring all these experiences, trying to pin point the language? Is it an archaic form and how would you find out? Can you remember specific phrases which could be identified? Following the clues often leads us to new discoveries like a trail of breadcrumbs leading us home.

The energy you sense and your reaction to it seem sensible. It's all to easy to wish for power and glory but we all know the consequences of the abuse of such power. One of the reasons that most spiritual systems require a high degree of discipline is in order to give the practitioner the tools by which to work with such power.

If this were me, I would be researching every possible aspect of these experiences, go to libraries, visit people who will know, talk to others who may be able to shed light on it just as you are asking questions now. In this way you honour the experiences and the right people will come across your path to help you.

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