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 Post subject: Looking for other young individual shamans or a circle (mtl)
 Post Posted: Thu Aug 11, 2011 12:35 pm 

Joined: Mon Aug 08, 2011 9:30 pm
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Location: Montreal
I have a 0 tolerance for drugs and/or alcohol abuse.
That includes recreational/'spiritual' use of drugs of any kind.
If you like to have a drink with your friends now and then.. ok.. a drink. If you habitually 'get wasted' I don't want you in my life under any circumstances.

I became interested in shamanism after I studied modern occultism (1970s-present) as a teen and later found reiki (1990s-2000s) and then Korean shamanism (2000s - present). I've tended to try to keep 'up' on occultism without really being aware of it.. I'm generally ahead of the game so to speak. If you're following into books many years old I'd say I'm beyond you. I'm engaged in studying things which are 'current'.

Although yes Korean shamanism is many centuries old, the 'Korean wave' is new and formerly their society was isolated from much familiarity to the rest of the world. Their critically acclaimed cinema and music has shone a spotlight on them as of late.

I have a book on Korean shamanism by Kim Tae-Kon called 'Korean Shamanism -Muism' part of a scholarly study series on their civilization. So... I'm largely uninterested in 'plastic shamans' so to speak or people who have a skewered new-agey perspective on things... I like death metal music. So off the bat I will probably not get along with you if your emotional perception is biased. What I mean is if things are all super happy for you and you're without any capacity for anger or distress I'll not get along with you. I want to make friends with human beings.

By young I mean up to early 30s. I'm in my mid 20s. I want to meet people who have approximately the same musical upbringing of myself. My is a good scope of what pulls my heartstrings. if you like Smashing Pumpkins and Red Hot Chili Peppers and like 90s alt rock we're probably good. If you like emo and hipster kinda music you're probably too young for me.

I figure people should be around the same wavelength

 Post subject: Re: Looking for other young individual shamans or a circle (
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:26 am 

Joined: Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:25 pm
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I'm 23.

I like Marilyn Manson on occasion. Chili peppers are a favorite.

"Traditional" shamans see spirit the way they do because that is how the spirit world wants to be seen by them, and how they want to see it. Every culture has a different creation myth, and none of them are true. Mythology is just that--even if it looks real once you get into the spirit world. Fictional characters are energy, therefore spirits, too. I have no patience for that.

They get their power from their spirit alliances, but the key here is that it is not really *theirs*. I hope that is going to die out.

I see what is, the way it is, and I tell it that way, too. Pretty much the opposite of traditional, though I don't gel with new age types that well. I'm kind of a heretic.

Negative emotions feel bad for a reason. They are toxic. I choose not to stew in them. I'm no flowerchild, as you can see, but I prefer to stay emotionally neutral rather than negative.

I feel like the reason that pothers you is something you might benefit from examining.

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