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 Post subject: Invitation to the Closing Ceremony of a shamanic diet
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2010 5:56 am 

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Virginia Burg (1954) is presently in Peru in the final months of a two year apprenticeship diet - dieting the following plants: toe, marose, pinon blanko, chai, tobacco, aire-sacho cosmico, ayahuma, coca, matiko, aho sacho under the guidance of Maestro Guillermo Kestsembetsa a Master Shaman in traditional plant medicine and who is a Shipibo Indian.
Deeply passionate about plants, Virginia strives to empower people with honest and authentic information in this field and work with ayahuaska. She is also involved in projects which support indigenous people in preserving their territories, culture and knowledge. Virginia strongly emphasizes the necessity for education and transparency in all aspects of plant medicine.

This is an invitation for you to take notice of the Closing of the Diet Ceremony which takes place on November 9, 2010 outside of Iquitos, Peru. It will be done in a traditional Shipibo ceremony. We invite all who have time to come physically and all others to send spiritual energy. Please forward this information on to others. Let the wind carry it to whoever it might reach and ignite their dreams, interest; awaken or rekindle a something which leads them on a new trail or back to an old one buried through the years of “has to be” work, family, social responsibility. It is a reminder of your responsibility to yourself and your dreams.

For further information please visit our website
or contact us under

Here is a short text about her experiences in the apprenticeship diet. You can find more stories on our website:

The diet started with me in the maloka. I received the plants in a glass, was told to drink them and return to my place which was on the other side of the maloka. James my 19 year old son was on one side of me, Azziz a good friend and fellow apprentice on the other. The other apprentices were on both sides of them. I drank, went to the toilet which is only steps away and reentered the maloka after 2 or 3 minutes.
During my first diet with 4 plants, I had taken the plants every night, ayahuaska as well, slept in the maloka, where ceremonies lasted until 2 am, got up at 6 am, walked down the dirt road (about 40 minutes), caught a kollektivo into iquitos where I worked all morning in my business via on-line, returned, showered and rested a half an hour prior to ceremony begin plus successfully organized tours for Maestro Guillermo in Europe where we later travelled together in doing ceremonies in 5 different countries with over 150 participants. No problem. It was a one year diet and had been closed in September. So I knew the diet. Or thought I did.

I drank my plants, went to sleep or rather conked out like I often do and awoke in my garden area, dressed (surprise) with a flashlight; an even bigger surprise. I wandered around a long time trying to find my tombo. Toe had altered the surroundings. I was unable to recognize it at first. It took me a while to find my tombo. Upon entering, I found the tombo different. I don't know why but I neither lit a candle nor used my flashlight and searched for my bed. It was gone, missing. It was around 2 am.
The bed is not an item which could be stolen and yet it was gone. I wrote down the time and then started searching for it. I walked one foot into the other until I hit a screen turned and went back. At the end there was no bed. I crawled around. Still no bed. I rolled from one side to the other. Still no bed. I cried, I pleaded, I begged, I tried to make a "deal" with God / plants but neither answered. After 2 hours and 12 minutes which is a lot of time to search in a tombo which is 4m x 5m I gave up. I told them whoever it was who took it: keep and just leave me alone as I was tired and wanted to sleep. I heard the plants laughing and I asked what was going on: they said light a candle which I did. I was sitting in the middle of my bed in perfect lotus position and I have never done yoga.

The plants enjoy making games with you. They use this to teach, to show you different realities and just to have fun. At a later point in the diet, I spent 10 days in a plant game having short visits back into linear reality which I used to described the experience in a detailed manner before the next game or slide as I define them began.

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