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 Post subject: I have had black magic placed on me.... I need help
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:36 am 

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Good morning, I have had black magic placed on me and I would like to find out the names of the two women and one male who has done this. Here is the information so far that I have, I know it is either a family member or a close friend that I am close to.

This is my reading with another :
your energies are binded, you are affected by Black Magic. All this is happening because of human imposed blockages, ... You have been under the influence of black magic which has been done on you by two people - one is a lady in her early fifties, the other is also a lady of around 33 years. The old lady has an oval face with full cheeks, slightly dark complexion, despite of advancing age, she is very fond of good and rich food, she has moles in neck.

The other younger lady is tall and fat …bottom side is heavy …simple face … good looking …but fat has taken away a part of beauty … fair color … cheeks coming out …full length hair …. Mostly wear gowns or home cloths… talk with a smile … try to play intelligent … she is clever ….

There is a male (young) also, but I am not able to see his face

They have succeeded in putting some kind of curtain on you; this curtain is like a cloud which will block a certain part of your life. You will take decisions which are not yours; you will walk in the direction which is not decided by you. Sometimes, you may have headaches, vibrations in your head, fingers and toes. You may even have upset stomach sometimes. Health wise you will not be comfortable, slowly you always feel sick or weak, the symptoms will vary ... and can not be diagnosed. Some times you feel that you are too heavy and pulling towards the earth, your weight will fluctuate, your hairs will fall, you face irregular heart beat ... but medically nothing could be proven.

This magic has not been done with the intention of your death, so you need not worry on that account, it will simply affect you mentally and a specific decision will be imposed on you that you may have to carry for long. All your relations will fail, there will be unusual blockages in your success and growth. The impact of this magic will last for 7 years.

Can anyone help me in finding out their names?



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