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 Post subject: HELP Children in need
 Post Posted: Fri Jul 02, 2010 12:11 am 

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My Step children's mother Amber passed away. Ambers own mother had an apache Shaman make a Sacred Bag for the childrens hair and hers as well. Well the children keep getting injured constantly. Multiple broken bones every 6 months one child then the other. this has been happening since about 3 months after their mothers death. (not child abuse as a teacher or coach or boys and girls club has witnessed all the incidents) The question is this. We dont know what happened to the bag either it was cremated with Amber or it is with a relative that is evil / physic vampire. Is there ANYTHING we can do to fix this. We have reason to believe that bad spirits are attaching themselves to the children.

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 Post Posted: Mon Aug 16, 2010 5:23 am 

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Just some little advices
Ask the children, they may know or they may dream about the problem itself.
You can also pray you guides and angels in general, protect them and your house with stones or plants or incense (those who will 'call" you when you walk around or when you go to a special shop ) and put salt in each corner of the house.
I hope this will help you and the children

 Post subject: Re: HELP Children in need
 Post Posted: Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:59 am 

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If the children feel guilty about their mother, they may be asking for these things to happen to them unconsciously.

I would try to find out about the bag. By rights it should belong to the children, shouldn't it? Ask the place where she was cremated if they know, or start asking relatives. The worst that could happen is they think you're weird or get annoyed.

The children will have to learn their own boundaries. I can recommend the Hematite essence from Alaskan Essences <>, and White Yarrow essence <>.

EDIT: I'll add that even though they may not even be asking for these things unconsciously, they would then be allowing whatever other entity to do so. Perhaps a ceremony to honor the things in the bag?

I feel it may be a good idea to ask around what happens if such a bag is cremated or goes into the wrong hands. Don't be too shy to ask around. I personally don't know yet.

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