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 Post subject: Animal face seen within human face
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2012 7:15 am 

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I consider myself to be spiritually conscious and a searcher of truth but have little knowledge of the shamanic way.

Over the years I have identified animal faces in some peoples faces. Seeing the pig, the rabbit, the wolf and other traits that I couldn't quite identify but noticeably not their human form. I have just accepted it as me being slightly 'clear-seeing' and never really questioned it.
Until I stayed at a guest house when I was attending a convention recently. Hotels/B&B were fully booked so this place was far from our first choice but still reasonably priced.

My first impression was that the owner's wife was 'customer service programmed' and devoid of personality but when I was at breakfast I was somewhat shocked. I had eaten my breakfast and the lady came over to ask if she could get me anything else. At that moment when I looked up I saw her her face change to some kind of reptile and it was like I received an image maybe over her human face where her tongue came out of her mouth and went up and licked completely over her eye. Her other body mannerisms added together with the image, with her elbows bent, her wrists up high in front of her chest and her hands wringing (like how people do when nervous). When I said I did not need anything more she couldn't scurry away quick enough, I felt because she had done all she needed to do for my stay (Like the bare minimum but perfectly). I mean the perfect staged performance. All this info seemed to appear within seconds but profound enough to register.

I will also mention the other part of my experience at this B&B, which was when I paid my bill for the night I had spent there.
The lady's husband came through but was very, very uncomfortable in my presence (but I must add I was going to a costume party so dressed up in an Edwardian costume! hehe). He seemed to have difficulty containing his nerves and was shaking. He was unable to make small talk.
What was significant with him was that he too didn't want to give anything of his personality away but I found his eyes giving him away. He seemed to have dark coloured eyes, darkened skin around the eyes and a dark glow emanating out from them. This unnerved me because I don't know exactly what I was seeing but I do know for sure that they both unnerved me enough that I will not be staying there again.

My questions being; what was actually happening? Could it be that I am seeing a shape-shifter changing form? Is it the darkness of his soul coming through? and what does it say about me?

 Post subject: Re: Animal face seen within human face
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:44 am 

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well, you are obviously seeing beyond the immediate physical into another dimension; what this means about them and you has no relation and can have a wide interpretation that you will need to think about and work with your helping guides - but than I wouldn't stay there again if I were you

 Post subject: Re: Animal face seen within human face
 Post Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:46 pm 

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Well, I can say I have had similar experiences in the past. In my personal opinion, i think we all have a basal animal nature that we associate with a particular animal around us.

For the woman you had the encounter with, it could be that she spiritually resonates with the gecko (based off of the description you gave of her nature this is what I interpreted). The gecko is an animal with great awareness, but is jumpy and likes to hide themselves in their surroundings. She, in a very clever manor i might add, hides behind the service employee persona (hence your immediate perception of her, which was the first layer of her being so to speak). But then when she does all she needs to do, she pulls back and reassesses her surroundings before continuing, as to not leave a thing to chance (hence her rushed exit).

If you look at the way people act along with the animal they portray to you, you will often find similarities, almost like they act through that animal's ways. As practitioners of shamanism, we have the opportunity to learn and adapt from more than one animal in this way, through the totems we meet.

I wouldn't jump to any conclusions such as that she may be carrying the weight of something dark, or that anything is particularly wrong. You see, everything we experience, even in our very different view of the world is a perception, unique to our eyes. Everything requires a second and often times a third look before we understand. Only the fool takes something at face value. And in our world, it can be dangerous and even more foolish to do so.

Good luck on your further observations. Be Blessed!

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