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 Post Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 2:21 am 

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asking for a guide to tell us how we can help out....I think I am the only one who can see that right now.


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 Post Posted: Sat May 10, 2008 3:11 am 

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You are wise.

All clear now.

 Post subject: Re: Why do people develope cancer, heart attacks, etc
 Post Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2008 1:06 am 

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Foolshawk wrote:
I believe that when a person developes like cancer its from a long life of living in a negative state of being. I'm interested in what the rainbow 's replys will be. ThankYou!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Cancer is when a cell of the body recieves a mutation, it goes insane and
multiplies super fast, and then it's mutation spreads through the body, like
certain kinds of skin cancers and brain cancers. Often the mutation is very
harmful to the afflicted. Cancer often is the result of a long period of an un-
haelthy lifestyle. Ofcourse like any problem, it can be the result of some-

 Post subject: Re: Why do people develope cancer, heart attacks, etc
 Post Posted: Tue Jun 17, 2008 12:16 pm 

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"Foolshawk" wrote: I believe that when a person developes like cancer its from a long life of living in a negative state of being. I'm interested in what the rainbow 's replys will be. ThankYou!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Good morning, shamans of all nations,

Experience guides our beliefs, and our experience differs. Perhaps some of us have lived long negative lives. Others of us may be angry. Still others of us may have returned to grow to the next spiritual level.

Perhaps it is all of this.

For me, as a shaman who developed cancer after five years working with many cancer patients, survivors and their caregivers, cancer has been a Gift from Spirit, opening new doors and teaching me new ways of healing that indigenous shamans may have never lived long enough to discover.

Modern times create modern stresses, modern diseases may be ancient in our cells, modern approaches to ancient wisdom may create new wisdom.

Paraphrasing Chief Frank Fools Crow, he stated that when what the White Man does is combined with Native healing traditions, then the cures will be truly wonderful. I agree. That is my experience.

For example, having lost a portion of my tongue in modern surgery, I can no longer speak as intelligibly as I once could. Cancer opened new doors to compassion for those who have speech impediments, even those who are mentally slower than average. Who would have thought that I would ever be assumed to be retarded, and treated as if I was not present? Simply because I speak slowly and with difficulty today, others who do not know me assume they "know" what my problem is, and how to treat me as a human being.

This "cure" IS truly wonderful...but not what i wanted!

So, the sick shaman may not be losing his or her power at all. They may not be cursed. They are probably not negative people, nor do they live negative lives. They probably have not reincarnated for the express purpose of getting a specific disease. Since ancient times, shamans have always been tested during initiation into a new level of healing. The initiations are necessarily accompanied by the risk of death, and the shaman may or may not survive.

What about those who have been given cancer who are NOT shamans? Would you have them treated by a shaman, as I once was, who, although as compassionate as possible then, still stood outside their disease, and tried through Spirit to bring them healing? Of course! We do what we can. But today, one way to look at it is that a shaman with cancer has a close duality with the person who comes to them. There is no more fear that the disease may "jump" into them—it is already there! There is Light of a different hue that illuminates places hidden on previous journeys. The shaman is open to give and receive love, knowing that he or she is as weak as the person. For me, a position of superiority that I had unwittingly held vanished. "I am a trained SHAMAN; I can HEAL you!"

No more.

Chief Frank Fools Crow also said that the true miracle was that as imperfect as we are, Spirit will still work through us, and work to improve us. That is also my experience, and a beautiful and healthy, although uncomfortable, way to embrace this disease. Dis-ease, by the way? Of course! Once a shaman, who would not want to grow? Simply, we do not get the CHOICE of how that will occur.

Spirit decides.

So one of my hidden prides was wiped away as Spirit chose for me. New pains, new discomforts, new healing insights on journeys, and, yes, new shamanic powers from Spirit that are more deft and have deeper intentions than ever before have resulted.

Cancer has many dimensions. Now I have seen that cancer, which is present always in all of us, has the same roots that cause soul loss. In my experience it is one way that the remaining part of a soul can signal the body that it is desperate, that it needs help. To ascribe cancer to be a result of anger may be true, but...why the anger? To say that cancer may be a way to lash out at others may be true, but...why the need to hurt another soul?

If you are like me, a shaman with cancer loses the preconceptions about the healing, and looks into the soul of the person to see what they need. Leaving judgment of others even further behind, a "cancer shaman" may be the most loving and compassionate person you will ever meet, should your soul cry out for help. With gentleness, kindness and a profound understanding of your hurts, granted by this Gift from Spirit, healings can be given to the victims, the survivors, the caregivers, the medical staff (who are often fearful and thus detached from the patient themselves)—all of this is part of the Gift of Cancer.

It is a blessing few want, but once received, the wisdom of Spirit is manifest.

In Love, Light and Healing,

a little hollow bone

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 Post Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2008 1:45 pm 

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Thank you for this sensible, compassionate view of disease!

Why do we substitute 'being negative' for 'sin'? Either way we induce blame and guilt, neither of which is helpful in any way nor aiding true healing/wholeness.

Thank you for sharing your earned wisdom.

Night Crow

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 Post Posted: Thu Sep 25, 2008 1:27 pm 

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now I know it has been a while since this was first posted, but several things have caught my attention - which I bring up now:
Night Crow wrote:
Why do we substitute 'being negative' for 'sin'?

I don't think being negative is a substitute for sin. If I'm in a foul mood, that is not sinning, but it certainly is negative! And it doesn't instill any guilt or shame - I'm just not Miss Mary Jane Happy Shoes at that particular moment.

Sinning has a much more religious aspect that results in damnation or burning in hell for eternity depending on certain Christian beliefs. There are equally terrible consequences in other religions, based on their definition of sin.

Being negative, a non-religious nomenclature, tends to carry a more physical consequence - anything from indigestion to arthritis and even cancer.

Shaman can help with both - bringing balance back to both problems. but not without a LOT of work and change of behaviors. And truly looking at why the problem exists in the first place.

I agree that sometimes these things happen because we WANT them to - to experience something that our soul needs to fulfill. Crazy as that sounds, it's true.

So be careful what you want - you just might get it! and if you do get it, then be grateful, too. I once read a very interesting saying:

"If you don't get what you want, then think of all the things you don't get that you don't want!"

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