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 Post subject: Unbearable tickle in forehead
 Post Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 7:12 am 

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My wife has and has had this unbearable tickle in her forehead ever since she could remember, always plaguing her, it is mild enough most of the time that she only has to wear her beanie to hold pressure on her forehead but it becomes so immense and fierce that she will have to wear a headband and press ungodly hard down on the bridge of her nose to relief a smidgen of this curse. I am unsure of this thing being good because it causes her so much agony, AGONY. Lately her tickling pain pressure has been getting more and more intense and she would not be able to perform her job at all.

At the moment the only thing I can think to do is try and heal her daily through any means possible. I don't know why this plagues her, it is truly maddening and sends her tumbling through fits of this pain until she bursts into tears goes on a rampage of verbal self-destruction and she finally is able to sleep.

This is maddening, indeed for her if not for me, doctors will not even acknowledge the problem and try to commit her for explaining these symptoms. I know there must be something we can do to relieve this pain or push it away or rid her of it entirely.

 Post subject: Re: Unbearable tickle in forehead
 Post Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 1:08 am 

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You first have to be sure that there is no growth there- malignant or not.
Secondly,the pressure is in the third eye area.There is a blockage there,preventing the flow of energy.When the energy accumulates in the area and cannot flow,the pressure is great.There are many ways to approach this condition.Acupuncture could help the flow.Imagining that the area is cool and visualizing the color indigo blue,would help.Also,rubbing lavender essential oil [Lavandula officilalis,or Lavandula Augustifolia]-straight from the bottle on the finger, and rub it in circular motion on the forehead and temples,as soon as the pressure begins to build up.[Make sure none of it gets in the eyes.It would burn.]
To approach it from a spiritual point of view,i would say,that your wife is afraid of seeing.Of facing some reality or truth.The resistance to seeing,would cause pressure in the third eye,which is located between the eyes and a little above. She could use dreaming,journeying,art work or meditation,to help reveal the cause of this condition.It may be a trauma from this or a previous life time.
Some of these strategies are bound to work.Also she should listen to soft music and give herself the following auto suggestion:
My forehead is cool and relaxed.She should practice this exercise,until she learns to induce these sensation by will.But first,a medical check out should be performed,to eliminate any physical cause.

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