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 Post subject: Re: Smelling Spirits
 Post Posted: Wed Oct 19, 2011 3:01 am 

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I have had them in my house. A woman, with whom I had been friends for two years, was recently taken over by her shadow side. A few weeks ago she did a personality flip, for lack of a better description, and became very hostile to me. I had done no harm to her or anyone in her world, nor had I thought a negative thought about her or those she loves.

She told me that she was surrounded by spirits that had come to her without her asking, evidently years ago, and how they lashed out at people they suspected were going to do her harm.

Then she gave an example of how the spirits had caused a woman to develop a flesh eating virus, and that the woman called her begging for them to be stopped.

I asked if she had ever tried to control the spirits, which she had - by praying to them to stop attacking.

When I got home, I noticed that my house smelled like human vomit. It had smelled like that earlier in the day before I went to meet her and her eyes got dark. So I emailed her and demanded that she call them off. I had done nothing to rate any sort of attack.

Evidently she prayed them away, because the smell has not returned.

The shaman, by the way, has a history of sexual trauma related mental problems, which had lay dormant for years. A PTSD category of symptoms.

I am mentioning all this because it is important that we who practice the arts of a shaman, be aware that shamans are as suseptable to pyschiatric problems as any other human being. But, spirit "bodyguards" who lash out in response to the scrambled psychic vibes of a sick practicioner, make the shaman especially dangerous - even to people who love him or her.

My friendship with her is over; she is now too hostile to be around.

A sad but true story...

 Post subject: Re: Smelling Spirits
 Post Posted: Thu Oct 20, 2011 8:44 pm 

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Some of my connections are accompanied by a smell, the earthy pungent smell of skunk. This is as real as the ground we walk on.

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