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 Post Posted: Mon Mar 17, 2008 7:50 pm 

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I have been on hiatus for the last 5 years after apprenticing for 15 years with a Mohawk Shaman in South Florida. I moved north to be around my family and begin thinking about retirement. In the last two months I have been hit pretty hard phsyically and financially. It began with the flu, went into pneumonia, kidney infection and bronchitis all at once; putting me in the hospital. Hence the financial problem. I used the time to begin studying quantum physics and reflect on where my path has led me, or not, so far. The medicine I was treated with has caused me several problems physically, and I have missed a lot of work. I have also gained a problem in the lower left quadrant of my lung. Not sure what. Seeing a specialist tomorrow. More and more I find myself wanting to go "home". Homesickness for the Universe has always been a struggle for me to overcome. Personally, I feel that I am going through another initiation - unfortunatly, I do not have the guidance or support I have had before. I am working in a very left brain atmosphere. As an artist, it is difficult for me to work in a scheduled and controlled environment. Any advice would be very welcome to help me get through this void. Thank you.

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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2008 1:12 am 

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I won't tell you what you should do in this situation because I do not know all the variables to it, but here goes.
1.) when you moved North you either attracted some less than loving beings or energies which have "attached" to you at the energetic level of your being. These beings/energies are manifesting physical ailments that you are having difficulty treating. Either that or your enrgy vibration doesn't gel with the environment you are now living in which is causing the illnesses. Look within and see if there is another physical location that may be calling to you now, it might be time to move.
2.) Talk to your old Shaman in Florida, he may have some answers that you do not....perhaps while you were apprenticing with him you were protected in some way by being around him. He may be able to offer some way of healing yourself through some type of ritual cleansing.
3.) I dislike to admit this one, but , each of us has a physical body blueprint (our genetic code) and at certain times in our lives our bodies will change, become ill, become stronger, develop new ways of thinking etc,. This may be one of those periods of radical change for your body.
4.) In regards to your art, I think it is crucial that you continue with it even if it does not make money at this time. For some reason I feel that this is a part of you and may help you to heal faster.
Hope that my words help out in some way, know that you are not alone in this. Good Luck.

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