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 Post subject: Nearly Out of the Woods
 Post Posted: Tue Jul 02, 2013 6:12 pm 

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I think I know wh@t one of my dre@ms is @bout. (Sorry the letter "a" doesn't work unless I copy + paste it every time, please bear with this improvisation "@".)

I recounted the dre@m where @ gun br@ndishing m@n went out of control @t @ neihbour's house @nd w@s coming @fter me.

@lthough it w@s winter when I h@d this dre@m, the dre@m w@s set in l@te summer.

I think I met the m@n who is good @ gramm@r yesterd@y. He's @ cop who took yet @nother h@rrasssment compl@int on my p@rt. He re@ssured me that I do not h@ve the reput@tion @s @ compl@iner with the police dep@rtment yet.

I h@ve re@son to believe this dre@m is prophetic. Here's why:

L@ter on in th@t thre@d I recounted @ dre@m where I w@s viewing @n image of @ m@n tied down on @ t@ble, @nd noting, with some disgust, my very primitive sexu@l response to it.

I woke up h@ting myself.

But wh@t struck me in the dre@m, is that my tummy, which h@s never been fl@t, since I was 8 ye@rs old (I know bec@use my "mother" kept telling me to either suck in my f@t gut, or go lie down @nd die), w@s w@shbo@rd fl@t in the dre@m.

Even in the dre@m I w@s surprised. I thought "This is not my stom@ch".

Well, it's wh@t, @ few months l@ter, @nd guess wh@t? My belly is @lmost perfectly fl@t.

I h@ve been d@ncing for eleven ye@rs, but I g@ve up h@ving @ fl@t stom@ch before I even st@rted. It w@s never my go@l @ I didn't w@nt to torment myself over it.

The extra weird thing is th@t I'm over 50 @nd no spring chicken.

Seeing this, I immedi@tely rec@lled the dre@m of the gun br@ndishing lun@tic.

I think I know who he is in re@l life @s well.

With respect to the cop, I'm going to try to find out if he drives @ silver truck. If he does, then I'm going to t@ke this @s my ch@nce to ch@nge my f@te, if possible.

I h@ve @ h@ppy upd@te @bout the b@sil cell c@rsinom@ on my temple. The b@king sod@ is definitely killing it. It's getting sm@ller by the week. :)

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