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 Post subject: My Take On Curanderismo
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 5:41 am 

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I wish to become a Curandero. If it's God's dictum that this is not so, then so be it. But so far, it's felt otherwise. There's a guiding hand wherever I go, guiding me to a better tomorrow. What tools do I have to heal.

Well, I have the power to call on the name of Jesus to pass his hand over my patient and send him healing energy. By the physical laying on of the hands one can also heal. Going to mass, in my case, and becoming saintly are duties that shouldn't be altered for anything. I use herbs in my practice. Usually rue and spearmint, limes, garlic, basil, and rosemary. I use prayer to bless those who come for my help. I could use an egg to cleanse a space and send the attack back to the sender (by breaking the egg on a cemetary).

I could call on the holy guardian angels to protect us. I could call on all the saints, one by one, in order to help with a petition. They seem to me at least to be the best spirits to work with, the most benevolent. They are my spirit guides and they let me know when something's up. I have many books of prayers that I draw from on a daily basis that form the backbone of my practice. I learned how to cleanse through Jesus from a lady I know. She taught me the way to pray and how to invoke his name. She would say something like "En el nombre del señor Jesus, padre mio, padre santo." Then she would apply holy oil in the form of the cross on my body and would spray me with holy water from her mouth. On one occassion she lit nine 7-day glass-encased candles that were double-action reversible candles. They seem to have gotten the job done.

What i've learned through all this is that we're not alone and that if you need help you'll get it if God has anything to say about it. If you ask, you receive. If you call forth, it will be opened to you. This is the secret to most religions. The so called law of attraction. I have my altar that is the focusing point of most of my rites. I've refined my ability to consecrate so that it has become second nature. I've studied blessings, banishings, despojos, limpias, rompimientos, desensalamiento, and so forth. There are many techniques, most of which i've practiced on myself and close family. I've learned to do limpias with eggs and bundles of leaves, and also quartz crystals. Exorcism is next on my list of intellectual and spiritual pursuits. Learning to do it effectively so that I could rid those in need of the demons that possess them. Based on what i've said, what advice could you give me.

 Post subject: Re: My Take On Curanderismo
 Post Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 12:20 pm 

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Have you considered becommin a Catholic Preist that specializes in exorcism? I have read the Catholic church is in dire need, because no one wants to do it, and if you have this ability, then becomming a priest seems like a shoe in to me. What do you think?

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