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 Post subject: My Core Beliefs
 Post Posted: Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:11 pm 

Joined: Fri Feb 08, 2013 10:19 pm
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Regardless of what seems to be happening to me right now, my core beliefs remain unchanged.

One thing I've read about Shamans is that they journey to the underworld so the patient doesn't have to. The Shaman does all the patient's intra-psychic work while the patient remains completely passive.

That puts me in touch with my dreams. Catatonic passivity seems to be required of me. My participation in the process isn't welcome, I'm not even supposed to know about it, until I've passed the point of no return, but anyway, back to my core beliefs.

First I want to say that I've read a lot of posts here that seem to reflect the same belief, that the patient cannot be completely passive in the process and expect a full or lasting recovery.

Wow, the gray sky has blown away leaving a pale winter blue, suffused by feathery, fast moving, white clouds.

I also believe that recovery is a process that unfolds for the rest of one's life, so that everyone moves towards magic, in barely perceptible ways, by working through 3d obstacles.

I have read that the work of a Shaman is dangerous work. I have not practiced on anyone, so I have no experience. But moving through this recent crises that has arisen for me has been the most dangerous part of this whole train wreck called my life, so if doing your own work is any indication of the dangers of Shaminism, then the patient and Shaman are both in trouble from the git go.

Just as an observation, with no opinion one way or another on Ayuahsca since I have not partaken, is that participants at the very least allow themselves to be posessed by the spirit of the plant while the Shaman guides the procession of the possession.

After a prescribed number of ceremonies, each with thier own theme, the participant is transformed forever.

Certainly there is testimonial after testimonial to be found everywhere online.

The tranformation is so complete, so energiezed, that their new lives must come into alignment, because they will simply perish if they go back to the old.

I suspect that for most western Shamans or Shamanic practitioners, this kind of radical re-alignment of the body and soul is not accomplished so competely, and in such short order.

What are your core beliefs and experiences?

 Post subject: Re: My Core Beliefs
 Post Posted: Fri Nov 08, 2013 3:10 pm 

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Well... I have finally released my burden, and learned some tecniques on healing, general fixing, and alteration.. I have learned some black-magic too, but I never do bad things to people.. BUT... it might come in handy one day, or not.

Anyway.. my core beliefs, huh?

I believe we are all made of energy, and the world is a hologram more or less. That we have always excisted in one way or another and thus shall k3ep exsisting for eternity, which would render things like "hell", "heaven/nirvana", "life", "death" nothing more than a mindset... That offcourse matereality is insanity, and madness the only truth.

Existance I think to be relative, but what people usualy think is wrong I think correct, vice versa. I am not sure about there being reptiles controlling the world from an other dimention, but I know someone is behind the curtain exploiting humans and raping mother earth and it doesnt matter who, in the end.. the solution is the same.

I believe my self to roam five dimentions... length, width, distance, energy, and the mad-underworld.... all existing at the same place and time, even though I do not believe time exists..

Last but not least; excuse my bad english, and have a nice day in these cold hours ;)

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