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 Post Posted: Sun May 11, 2008 11:54 pm 

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Perhaps you need to all sit down and do a guided meditation (with you intending the same thing) with this couple. The buddhists believed that if enough minds concentrated long enough and hard enough on a single idea or thought (say perhaps a dragon) that it would manifest into the physical world in due time. It is just a suggestion that I have to help out.
Also, I feel that you need to sit down with each member of the couple and have them spill their guts and tell the truth to you. I sense infidelity amongst one of them.


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 Post Posted: Mon May 12, 2008 4:23 am 

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I didn't know all those meanings.

Actually I took on the symbol about two years ago, because of my name Elizabeth, I placed the @ at the a and made it Eliz@beth.
To me it is my centre, my belly button, my reiki symbol, the Phi spiral of life and many many many other things. I made it up.
I am honered that you find it useful. It has much energy and wisdom to reveal, however only those that know it's true strength and potential for good healing will know it personally. The symbol will be useless for anyone trying to use it for monetary gain or any thing that harms others.
It will only work for those who can be trusted with it's magic. In the hands of the inexperienced it will only have the power suitable for their level of understanding.

Walk well in your path and carry the symbol as a gift from the Mother Earth, for it was she that gave it to me.

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