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 Post subject: How do I become a Catholic Curandero
 Post Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2013 6:23 am 

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It is said that sometimes to be a shaman you have to go through a divine illness. That seems to be the case with me. But what has befallen me has been surpassed and now we're in the new age, where enlightenment and interconnectedness will reign. I would like to work with the spirits of light and the saints and angels. I want to be a part of God's army. Maybe in a later life, from his celestial court, I may give counsel to those in needs and bring healing through my presence.

I have asked for Christ's charisma and grace, and have found good stead with the holy spirits. I pray to the angels and the saints and pray the standard set of Catholic prayers daily. I often go to the church to gather holy water and am greeted with an atmosphere of delight. I will be attending mass soon, although I haven't been going because i've been sick. But i'm luckily recuperating.

At the beginning of my sickness, I met a lady that tried to heal me. She was an amateur Curandera in the Iglesia Universal tradition, but anyway, she introducted me to her concept of salvation. She is probably the most religious person I know. She gives money to the church and goes nearly every day. It protects her I guess. But i've learned a lot from her. She taught me how to cure with eggs and copal and rue, vinegar, and holy water.

Under her influence, I have adjusted my previously pagan beliefs into something more like folk belief mixed with animism, but also polytheism. I don't know what god thinks about that. I wish to become initiated into some mystery, whether it be a religion or order or something, but I need guidance, concrete advise from someone on this plane about the other planes of existence.

I have my set of material bases that I like to use on myself from time to time as the times demand. Whether it be a psalm, a prayer, or a vigil, i'm always trying to make myself present heart and soul for Jesus Christ and God's word. I know a great many techniques that i've learned through books, talking to people at botanicas, and personal experience with my spirits guiding me.

I have also taken an interest in Spiritism as practiced by Allan Kardec. I have his book of prayers, which is great when trying to do a seance or other workings. Something unorthodox of a Catholic Curandero would be to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, but it fits well with my temperament.

I have seen less and less of Palo, Santeria, and Voodoo. Although I did have an interest in these at first, my love for Christ and the Virgen of Guadalupe and the Holy Spirit transcended that. But I am still a firm believer in their power. There's also something of traditional Mexican nagualism in my soul and the idea of the tonalli as a soul and destiny and fate and how we all have the power to blow words into the wind, the learned words, and make things happen. I'm influenced by the way of the nanahualtin, the nahualli. Those men that were chosen to safeguard the people from tyranny and propel them into other worlds. Like the Toltecs and Aztecs before me, I take notice of the effect of medicinal plants to see if I could use it in my practice.

I tend to drink tea to connect to my allies and go into the wilderness to gather power objects. Or I go shopping for more supplies, which all tie into my path. Will I learn enough in time to cure those I must cure. If not, then why bother. But that's not the path i've chosen. I've chosen the path that my ancestors have layed before me. What do you know about Curanderismo?

 Post subject: Re: How do I become a Catholic Curandero
 Post Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 4:06 am 

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Just do whatever makes you happy. You don't have to heal people of anything,especially when you are sick yourself, but when you are able to cure them,then do it,if it makes you happy. You are not obligated to heal anybody. God does not care which religion you follow. All religions are good,up to a point. You take your support wherever you can find it.
If the catholic Church is helping you,then that is where you belong, at this time. In another life time,it may have been your worst enemy.All things change,nothing stays the same. Until you have gathered enough strength,it may be best to concentrate on healing yourself,and let go of trying to heal others.

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