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 Post subject: Healing from a pre-mature kundalini awakening
 Post Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 5:27 pm 

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I had a pre-mature kundalini awakening (for lack of a better understanding of what happened).
I believe it was caused while experimenting with salvia divinorum (and being in a bad emotional place possibly).
The energy apparently got "stuck" at my heart or below.
I was told I had to "reconnect my heart and my mind." and I suppose this was some form of dissociated psychosis which I entered.
The past 6 years I have been trying to heal from this (and other things), and eventually it got me diagnosed and on SSI.
I have made some great progress with some shamans.
The first shaman I met it felt like he "latched" into my heart then tried to force it open, and I sort of recoiled and clamped my heart muscle down in return I suppose because I didn't know or trust the guy and had no idea he was going to do anything so was a little startled.
The next shaman I met with made some energy move in my heart area which I experienced some nerve ripples extracting out across my heart/chest.
The next shaman it felt like he latched onto the base of my spine and then I felt a rush of energy moving upwards kind of bubbling all the way until it reached my head and some nerve ripples across my head.
Then a shuar shaman did a lot of extraction work on me. The first time he worked on me I felt like a "good person again" to a certain degree... although it has taken several sessions and now I am just starting to feel I am returning to my original self.
It has been a long road home. The only other thing that has seemed to heal me (I also felt nerve ripples extracting acrross my chest after this) was some deep tissue rolfing bodywork.
Unfortunately it is hard to find people to work with on a tight budget.
Some people along the way told me some things, some of which I'm sure is bull, but for example, a woman came to a group once and said I would "start sending heart ribbons out to people" and "start hanging out with people 'like' me" -- whatever that means.
However, none of this really came to be. My life has been a slow process of waiting for the healing to come over the period of many years, so I hope perhaps somebody here can offer some wisdom or insight or advice.
I would ultimately like to learn how to do this healing work myself after so much has been done to help my situation. I live very simply with a tight budget still and look for community or groups or individuals that may be able to help. Thanks & Blessings

I also read in "The American Indian Secrets of Crystal Healing" that quartz crystal can be used to heal this problem (premature kundalini awakening), however I had a 24lb one that I slept with for months and didn't get any big healing results, so maybe it has to be used in conjunction with a skilled shaman, I do not know.

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 Post Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:10 am 

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Hi! I do not know answer to your problem, but wish you well. A few friends suffered also these kundalini-based problems. First went into psychosis, when third eye opened fully and he was unprepared. He couldn't go outside of his house, because he just saw everything, creatures of other dimensions, UFOs and through walls. The other had wild sexuality, women could not resist him, he was possessed by a God-creature Cernunnos. Healing took 10 years.

The first one just tryed to manage by his own, and left everything behind that increased kundalini flow. The last buddy visited a saint for cleansing, which helped if I remember right.

If you find help fot this I would like to hear about it also, because finding help for this is so hard. Rushing kundalini may do permanent damage, and healing it is far from easy. Crystals may help if properly programmed for that purpose in experienced hands.

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 Post Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:43 pm 

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Hi Arrisan,
I have to give holy salvia divinorum credit for my present spiritual life/path. I wonder why and how you were harmed. My experiences with the plant spirits were sometimes intense and usually very empowering. I wonder if you return to this plant ceremonially with respect and restraint, maybe she will bless you with healing and growth.

 Post subject: Salvia, very powerful
 Post Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2009 6:37 pm 

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Unfortunally, and fortunally Salvia is a very powerful substance. 3 of us tried it in turn, we all left our body and had joined but seprate experences (we all went to some female presence). I did not handle mine as well and took some time to get back to normal, because when I had came back from the ether in which I had visited I came back in peices and almost lost my body in the process, I woke up naken in my back yard actually. The feeling of not being able to return to ur body is scarry and I let it rule me. Healing advice would vary, depending on what you experences. Mine was emotional and control bases. I let myself stop careing, I let time take it's time and through the use of lots and lots of crystals healed. I would suggest carring some Jade in your pocket for it pulls toxins from your body and spirit and toxin can be anything from a flue to unhealthy emotional behavours. Carry it with some clear quartz crystal, for quartza impowers the crystal your working with and is over all a good crystal for any job. I would also pick a foggy looking crystal, because if they look foggy some say they are a female, crystal clear for male and healing of this kind is suggected to go with female presence. use raw crystals is possible instead of pollished and even sleeping with a fist size smoky quartz in your window, also raw may help because is helps with Kundaili akwakening and balances the chakras. I hope u have a crystal shope avable, some don't but do whatever feels natural, maybe healing to u is a dandy lion because it reminds you of ur grandmother, or ginger cause u like the teast. Experament with color tharpy, u can get cracked quartz which is effective for me. Make up your own healing methods because i belive the most succsfull way to heal and work anything like this is what comes from deep inside you, in the words of Micheal Tarsarion "we are our own Priest and priestess."
sorry for bad spelling working on a laggy pc and don't wanna even try correcting anything :P

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 Post Posted: Sat Mar 28, 2009 11:12 am 

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In my understanding and experience quartz is an energy storage substance and has to be purified before use and works best in conjunction with other things which help direct its properties,I recommend finding a piece of quartz that has a positive feel to you,it doesnt matter what size or shape or color but it has to give you a positive feel when you hold it,nothing specific just not negative,then you want to purify it ,I like to use a little pond water or creek water mixed with a tablespoon of sea salt,this should soak for a week,this makes your crystal a clean slate,now you need to find your totem mineral,most people have an animal totem and a mineral totem,you want to purify this as well,smudging or sea water,keep your totem stones with you at all times,when one month has passed your totem should be aquainted with you,now whenever you get a chance lie down with your totem stones or stone placed three fingers below your belly button,place the quartz crystal near your heart,clear your mind,think of being grounded to the earth and the energy going in to the totem stones,do not concentrate on the quartz or the area that it resides,your being grounded and enabling your totem stones is all that you need to do and only the first time,after that they will know what to do in this configuration,soak the quartz in sea water for 1/2 an hour before you use it and for 1/2 an hour after,do not sleep with the quartz,use the totem stone instead,if you pray or give respect during the day or night remember your totem helpers and they will help you,later on when you are ready and healed and well grounded you can use the crystal to awaken your true self by placing the crystal on your forehead while doing all the same things you would to heal your self,If it doesnt feel right to you then it isnt for you.Hope this helps.

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