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 Post subject: Re: dangers of journeying
 Post Posted: Mon Feb 11, 2013 12:04 am 

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Clay, do you mind if I ask what your frame of mind was after your two visits with the shamans and then during your journeys?

I imagine your visits were prompted by stressful situations and maybe other stressors induced you to begin journeying again. Is it possible that you were just very distracted, and this happened to coincide with shamanic activities? Maybe it stirrs things up making you more accident prone.

I'm sorry for the injury you sustained to your hand and I hope its not permanently crippled, and that your foot will also recover. It's a lot to deal with.

 Post subject: Re: dangers of journeying
 Post Posted: Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:20 am 

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As a healer and a teacher in Shamanic Journeying and Shamanic Healing for more than fifteen years now, the first thing that comes to mind when I read the initial question is that as a healer you should NEVER be interested in what the problem of your client is. Shamanism actually is very unpersonal - although very intimate at the same time - and it should be like that. This sounds a bit weird maybe, but when you identify with the problem of your client, it becomes your problem. And that can manifest itself in many ways, for instance health problems.

That's why before I introduce people into healing techniques, we first work on [*]self-healing; so that you are already in a relatively harmonious position and the 'hooks' in your own energy (your hangups, energetic/emotional blockages etc) become less
[*] building inner strenght; as a healer you need a lot of inner strength; your strenght has to be greater than that of your client, otherwise you cannot solve his or her problems, but get overwhelmed by it
[*] focus and attention; by managing your attention and building up focus you come into a more neutral position, which is a prerequisite before you start healing other. At the same time it is a great instrument for everyone to be more at ease in daily life.

When you train on that, you can open up (instead of 'protecting yourself') so the energy of your client can merge with yours and since yours then is a very powerful healing energy, the energy of the client (and thereby its problems) can just dissolve in it.

There's much more to it of course, since with my students I at least work one year on 'self-healing' and one year on 'healing others', but maybe this already can indicate and help you a bit.

Furthermore; about the story of having accidents after healing sessions, I admit in that respect I question the capacities of the healer. Although you can never tell what will exactly happen after healing, the first thing that comes to mind in this case is that the healer could not reach deep enough. Sometimes that doesn't matter; you feel a bit lighter and healed and everything is allright, but when the healer has stirred up your emotional patterns without being able to solve it, then your energy can become distorted. Of course there are many subtleties to every story that are too much to write about in a forum post, so please forgive my boldness in writing. Just wanted to give you a bit of an idea.

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