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 Post subject: visionary plants
 Post Posted: Sat Jul 07, 2012 12:40 pm 

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I never took drugs and the few times I smoked cannabis I felt terrible and did not like it.

however I feel that I could want to try something not too strong to see if I have a couple of hidden issues like fear or something left in me I need to work out.

I have no alcohol abuse or use at all. apart from smoking I am straight edge , vegetarian and only have the single substance use tobacco and I also drink coffee.

so I am not interested any too powerful working plants like salvia divinatorum or cactus or mushrooms. cannabis is illegal here and if I get busted with it or my urine test shows positive I could get into a lot of trouble. because I give urine samples once a month I nerver smoked any more cannabis because I do not want to get busted on it.

is there any plant that is not more powerful as cannabis that can be used to open up for hidden untruths or confronting old fear or showing me something deep inside with out it being a too risky affair taking in consideration I am alone when doing it and also that I have very poor kidneys to keep in mind too.

I ordered some catnip I plan to smoke. it should work a little relaxing. I could want to mix it with some plant that maybe are know for lucid dreaming or gives a short experience but still can be used to investigate ones own darkness.

why I want it to be a plant doing this is because I am used to working on my personal development and I feel I come so far that I am grateful and happy and know myself better than most people I know and I been in hell and back so to speak but I also feel there could be something hidden somewhere I need to get out in the open.

most things are illegal here. only few last holes in our drug politics are not closed. every suggestion is most likely illegal here and I am aware of this and I am also only planning on it and might not even go though with it because I do not want to risk anything . but I would like to know what the options are and maybe hear about others experiences with plants in shamanistic work .

I had a friend that did mushrooms. I been out picking then with him. I never dare to take something that potent. but the experiences he had sounded to be very shamanistic even though he was only taking them to expand his mind and investigate him self on a deeper level. he went out of the body and became a horse once and had other experiences. I do know its not to be messed around with in any way.

 Post subject: Re: visionary plants
 Post Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 4:46 am 

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Wormwood is very interesting and helpful, especially for dreaming.

Lions tail, damiana, and blue lotus are good too.

Hawaiin Baby Woodrose or Morning glory seeds are more potent but still less then mushrooms or cacti

Try chewing the salvia leaf. Not the extract and not smoking. It is extremely impotent especially when compared to smoking it.

You could also simply take a very low dose of some of the more potent stuff you have been refusing to take.

Hope this helps.

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