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Ruby Falconer

Shamanic Egyptian Astrology interweaves the myths and stories of the Egyptian pantheon into the ancient language of astrology.  The Egyptian pantheon are the great great grandparents of the Greek and Roman deities who are the archetypal basis of traditional western astrology.  Traditional astrological symbolism is born of cultures shattered by the imbalance between the masculine and feminine polarities.  The Egyptian archetypes - the neteru as they are called - are based in an earlier time when the true power of both feminine and masculine were equally celebrated.  The result is a language of wholeness that speaks to our soul's memory of a time before our wounding.  Now more than ever, in this time of dynamic transformation and change, it is incredibly important for us to move out of our wounds and embrace our wholeness.  Shamanic Egyptian Astrology supports us in this quest.  

Shamanic Egyptian Astrology is the co-creation of Ruby Falconer and Linda Star Wolf.  For more information and to schedule readings contact Ruby Falconer at or at 828-586-1810.

Egyptian Astrology for October

Month of Bast

Bast represents the sensuous, exotic, erotic aspect of the Goddess who invites us to surrender to the deepest longing of our soul.

Bast is present whenever our reluctance, resistance and fear is overcome by a yearning that wells up from deep within. She uses our yearning to seduce us into a surrender to ecstasy. In this way Bast is the mid-wife of our new version of ourselves. In the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, Bast entices Anubis into letting go and dropping into the waters of Osiris so that he might die to that which no longer serves him. Bast calls us forth, her sensual nature overcoming all resistance and fear.

Bast is aligned with the water sign Scorpio. In traditional astrology Scorpio is the most intense of the water signs. Individuals with Scorpio strong in their chart are always pushing the envelope, searching for the next peak experience. In it's shadow manifestation, Scorpio shows up as addiction and compulsive behaviors, including an addiction to sex. In it's most soulful expression, Scorpio is the sign of the shaman who every day courageously faces death so as to be continually reborn in some aspect of self. In this expression, the passion of Scorpio is alchemically transformed from compulsion to a desire for union with the divine. The deep yearning of the Scorpio experience propels those conscious and aware toward ever new expressions of self.

The ancient Egyptians found the greatest expression of Bast in the never-ordinary house cat. Cats were sacred to this culture. Kittens were a favorite gift to celebrate the New Year and mummies of cats, adorned with precious jewels, have been found in the tombs of pharaohs. The sensuous movements of the cat, their soft, plush fur and their comfort in their bodies, evokes a deep response. As we stroke our feline companions and delight in their physicality, we ignite our own desire. "Follow me", purrs Bast. "Indulge your senses, awaken your longing, surrender to your desire, and allow your old out-worn ego to fade away and be replaced with your new version of self."

One of the symbols of Scorpio is the Phoenix, the mythical bird who repeatedly crashed, burned and then arose renewed from the ashes. Here we find the magical power of Bast to transform through the process of death and rebirth. By awakening within us our passion, our holy longing, Bast encourages us to follow our heart's desire. In our yearning we hear the voice of our soul and it is Bast who awakens that voice through her powers of seduction.

Monthly Highlights

The month of Bast (Scorpio) brings many shifts and changes, with Isis (Venus) moving through the emanation of Ma'at (Libra) and into Bast (Scorpio), Set (Mars) moving into the emanation of Khnum (Capricorn), and Thoth (Mercury) turning retrograde early in the emanation of Sekhmet (Sagittarius) and then moving back into the emanation of Bast. Nephthys (Neptune) turns direct on November 11. Perhaps the most important event is the New Moon Solar Eclipse on November 13 in the emanation of Bast.

To ancient people, eclipses were powerful and terrifying events. They were believed to foretell of doom and death, and of huge changes that would wreak havoc on people and their society. The experience of an eclipse was a rare event for ancient peoples because, unlike us, they only knew about the eclipses that they could see. Most cultures did not know how to predict these dramatic events. Total eclipses, of either the Sun or the Moon, appeared to block out these familiar and life-giving celestial objects, creating great fear and unease. "Where was the Sun, the great father, going? The Moon - our sister who lights our way in the dark - where was she going?"

In modern astrology, eclipses continue to represent a movement from one phase of development to another. We now know that eclipses happen somewhere in the world every three months or so, and yet it is those eclipses that can be seen directly that remain the most powerful to those who view them. Eclipses always come in at least twos (sometimes threes). In this instance the Solar Eclipse on November 13 - which will be a total eclipse - will be followed by a penumbral - or partial - Lunar Eclipse on November 28. Taking from the mind-set of ancient peoples, the time between the two eclipses can seen be as a sort of tunnel or birth canal between one expression of personal and collective self to another. In this case it is not "where has the Sun or Moon gone?", but "where are we going?" This Solar Eclipse takes place in the emanation of Bast, the Shamanic Egyptian neter who uses her sensuality to activate our longing so that we surrender to the "now" and enter the birth canal that will lead us to a new expression of self. In this journey through the tunnel, or birth canal, we will be "re-born" at the Lunar Eclipse in the emanation of The Sphinx (Gemini), the Earth Altar who receives transmissions from the stars and disseminates them across the surface of the Earth.

The Solar Eclipse on November 13 takes place on the 22nd degree of Scorpio and will be visible in Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific. The Lunar Eclipse on November 28 will be visible through most of North America.

Thoth (Mercury) will turn retrograde on November 6 in the emanation of Sekhmet and very close to the solar point of the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Mercury turns retrograde three times a year for approximately three weeks at a time. Mercury in traditional astrology is the planet of communication and transportation. In Roman and Greek mythology Mercury (Hermes to the Greeks) was the messenger to the gods. In traditional astrology, Mercury is the messenger between the various parts of our psyche to our ego. Thoth, Mercury's Shamanic Egyptian ally, is the neter associated with enlightened communication. While external communications can be difficult during Mercury retrograde periods with breakdowns in personal communications as well as in the systems that manage our collective communication and transportation, this is also an excellent time to listen inwardly to our inner voice. Thoth is quite present in our lives during these times if we wish to access him. He will help us make a connection to divine source and to hear what it is that our soul most wants for us.

Mercury retrograde periods represent a turning within, as do the time between eclipses. Mercury turns retrograde on November 6 with the New Moon Solar Eclipse taking place on November 13. Mercury will turn direct on November 26 with the Lunar Eclipse on November 28. We are entering a time of turning inward for direction and inspiration. If we attempt to press forward we will find ourselves driven back. If we cooperate with this inner direction and listen to Thoth, the Sacred Scribe of shamanic Egypt, we will be rewarded with access to great wisdom from the internal realms.