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Amazon Plant Shaman ( Elisa Vargas Fernandez ) singing a beautiful Icaro ( plant spirit song ). (310) 980 0960
Elisa Vargas Fernandez, ayahuasca shamaness sings beautiful icaros during an Ayahuasca ceremony. contact Elisa directly:

THE AMAZON RAIN FOREST IS BEING CUT DOWN @ A RATE OF 100,000/DAY. it is home to 1/2 of all species on Earth, it is the "lungs" of the planet. when it is gone Earthlings wont have a habitat to live in!!!!
To help, just use some SUSTAINBLY HARVESTED herbs for your health. WILD FOODS from VIRGIN soil. ALL NATURAL skin care as well.
they awakened me to my purpose here on Earth.

I met Elisa last year with the Amazon Herb Co., she works with us. her and her husband sing to the plants before they pick them. She lives in PucaIlpa but i flew her to Iquitos to sing at Refugio Alti Plano, Scott Peterson's Shamanic healing center. Scott runs an amazing center of high integrity with only the best services for healing and comfort whilst in the jungle.

i was enamoured with her voice, the first time i heard it i cried. when i met her in person and heard her sing i wept very deeply. she seems to have tools or keys for me and now that i have spent a lot of time with her i found i was able to share my wisdom and knowledge with her.

i was in the Peruvian Amazon recently shooting a documentary about Rain Forest Preservation and Herbal Medicine. her icaros/songs have touched my life so deeply. my intention is to make this available for humanity as these songs are tools to open the heart.
Ayahuasca is used for the treatment of heart disease, AIDS/HIV, cancer, diabetes, psychological trauma, abuse addiction.............and whatever is ailing the human soul.
much love and respect

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