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Ludmilla in Palana, Kamchatka

Ludmila visits her family after years of estrangement. They had shunned her for several years because one of her dreams accurately predicted the death of her brother. Her voice is filled with emotion at the end, as she prepares to leave home once more.

When she returned with the westerners, no one was surprised because everyone had already dreamed about it. (They don't have email, they just dream...) They welcomed her with open arms, supposing that exposure to the outside world would help them in their plight against Russian government opression. It probably didn't...

From Tom: "This video begins in a fishing camp near Talovka with Marina Ketchgelkot and her husband Alexei showing off Mukhomor. It ends at a remote Reindeer Herder's Yurt about 30 miles east of Talovka where we visited some of Ludmila Vagal's cousins on her father's side all of whom she had never met."

The sound is a little off in one spot - it's hard enough matching soundtrack to video, but when it's in Koryak language it's even harder. The squealing noises during the drumming are the dogs.

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