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This doku about Balinese Shamanism and the unbelievable Powers of Balinese Schamans, Shamanic Trance Mediums and Shamanic Healers was done in 2008 for the Austrian TV Broadcasting in German language and has lead to a broad interest in Balinese Shamanism. Many sick and healthy people from Germany, Austria and Switzerland came to us to Bali in order to undergo a series of Shamanic Healing Treatments done by our practising shamanic healers. I am the offspring of a Balinese familie which had brought forth generations of gifted shamans and capable shamanic healers. Three of my four brothers practice as Shamans and Shamanic Healers in the village Sanur, Bali, Indonesia since many years and with a tremendous success. Many sick people even with chronic diseases are cured every year by our Shamans and much more get relief and mitigation of their pains and suffering. I am also the owner of BALISHAMAN - BALI SHAMANIC SERVICES, an organization established in Sanur (our residence), Bali since 1997. BALISHAMAN provides access to powerful Balinese Shamans & Healers and arranges their services for our many sick and healthy clients from all over the globe.

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