'Masters of Chaos' rule over Paris tribal art museum

Chaos and man's attempts to tame it are at the heart of a spectacular new show at Paris' museum of tribal arts that pits voodoo and shamanic artefacts alongside the work of contemporary artists.

The mystery of deer stones remains unsolved

The mystery of deer stones remains unsolvedHave you ever traveled to the Mongolian countryside? If so, you probably have seen many standing stones dotting the vast steppe. These are called Bugan chuluu (deer stones), ancient megaliths carved with flying deer, or so it is said.
Most deer stones stand behind ancient graves; it is believed that stones are the guardians of the dead.

Respected Aboriginal elder dies, aged 105

Respected Aboriginal elder dies, aged 105One of the oldest and highly respected elders of the Yindjibarndi people who dedicated years of his life to teaching young people about his country died yesterday.

Call to protect dying Indigenous Australian languages

Call to protect dying Indigenous Australian languagesLinguists say there is a critical need to preserve Indigenous Australian languages that are in danger of dying out.
Research shows that up to 90 per cent of the world's 7,000 languages could be lost by the end of the century.
Of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, only 20 from of an original 250 are still widely spoken.

Could UFOs and City's Early Beginnings be Linked?

Could UFOs and CityLaguna Niguel, a city whose name is reportedly derived from a village called "Niguili, was once inhabited by Native Americans who lived on the land and flourished. Some say the land could be sacred and perhaps that is why there have been numerous UFO sightings here in the past decade, and as recently as last month.