Order out of chaos

Order out of chaosGeorges Pompidou gave his name to Paris’s leading centre for modern art, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing had a railway station transformed into the Musée d’Orsay, François Mitterand commissioned the Louvre’s glass pyramids and Jacques Chirac championed the construction of a radical museum of anthropology at Paris’s Quai Branly.

Tlingit traditional knowledge: trees are people

Tlingit traditional knowledge: trees are peopleTlingit Elder Elaine Abraham shared stories of her ancestors’ relationship with their environment at the Alaska Rainforest Center's symposium at Centennial Hall, Thursday.

'They're killing us': world's most endangered tribe cries for help

Logging companies keen to exploit Brazil's rainforest have been accused by human rights organisations of using gunmen to wipe out the Awá, a tribe of just 355. Survival International, with backing from Colin Firth, is campaigning to stop what a judge referred to as 'genocide'

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face Death

How Psychedelic Drugs Can Help Patients Face DeathPam Sakuda was 55 when she found out she was dying. Shortly after having a tumor removed from her colon, she heard the doctor’s dreaded words: Stage 4; metastatic. Sakuda was given 6 to 14 months to live.

‘John of God’ cures thousands in Brazil

‘John of God’ cures thousands in BrazilEvery week using mainly his hands but also armed with scissors, a knife and scalpel, Joao Teixeira de Faria, a self-styled Brazilian medium and “psychic surgeon,” treats thousands of sick people who claim to be cured.