Sangoma's house set alight

SangomaA group of Gugulethu residents burnt a house belonging to a female sangoma who stayed in the same yard with an alleged child killer in the Cape Town township, police said.Firefighters arrived around noon on Wednesday and extinguished the fire after the house was badly damaged, spokesman Warrant Officer November Filander said.


EXPLORING EPICS IN S.F.A couple of years ago, Michael Santoro, artistic director of the San Francisco World Music Festival, found himself in a small room in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, with a manaschi - a shamanic bard chosen by the Kyrgyz to tell his people's epic history.

Readers' tips: Best stone circles and megaliths

ReadersStanding stones offer some of the world's most fascinating, and mystifying, tourist sights. Been there readers let us in on their favourites, from Orkney to South Korea

Archaeologist Claims 12,000-Year-Old Solstice Site in Clarke County

Archaeologist Claims 12,000-Year-Old Solstice Site in Clarke CountyBearís Den Rock has captured the attention of travelers in the northern Shenandoah Valley since colonial times and for thousands of years before by the indigenous people who hunted and fished in the region. Now, a local archaeologist believes that the prominent outcrop just south of Virginiaís Route 7 in Clarke County is a part of a larger 12,000 year old celestial calendar used by Native Americans to mark the changing of the seasons.

Is Korea looking after its cultural heritage?

Is Korea looking after its cultural heritage?As has been the case in many countries, Koreaís cultural heritage has faced numerous threats in both ancient and modern times. Japanese colonization and invasions by other foreign powers saw thousands of artifacts taken from the country, many of which have never been returned. It is estimated that 74,434 artifacts remain overseas, 46 percent of which are in Japan