Archaeologists unearth 'unparalleled' pre-Christian temple in Norway

Archaeologists unearth A fascinating discovery is shedding light upon pre-Christian Scandinavian religion and early Christian inroads into Norway. In the Norwegian press, this highly important find is being called "unparalleled," "first of its kind" and "unique," said to have been "deliberately and carefully hidden" - from invading and destructive Christians.

Tribe says federal eagle feather policy singles out Lumbees

Tribe says federal eagle feather policy singles out LumbeesMembers of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina said they are outraged to hear that the U.S. Department of Justice has implemented a policy that makes it illegal for them - and all other members of nonfederally recognized tribes - to carry eagle feathers.

Sangoma sick note valid - court

Sangoma sick note valid - courtJohannesburg - A woman who was “badly tormented by her ancestors” had to be reinstated to her post, even if she took a month's leave without her employer's permission, the Labour Appeal Court has ruled.

Tribe keeping their history alive

Tribe keeping their history aliveHoward Oxendine, or "Chief Red Eagle" of the Sumter Native American Family Tribe based in Bushnell, is passionate about keeping the history of Native Americans alive.
Oxendine, a member of the first Cherokee family to move to Sumter in 1957, for years has spent a great deal of time educating children in Sumter County schools about American Indian history.

Shaman aims to scupper Ecuador oil plans

Shaman aims to scupper Ecuador oil plansEcuador’s Petroamazonas will no doubt over the years have stared down much competition to its exploration plans in the ecologically-rich South American nation.
But now the state-owned company’s plans to explore for oil in one pristine part of the Amazon will it against new detractors: a local shaman, his British wife and their toddler daughter.