Studies funded on energy healing

Studies funded on energy healingEnergy healers say they can detect and channel a "universal energy" and even manipulate this energy in another person.
Science has not determined that this energy exists, let alone that anybody can detect it or manipulate it, or that it has anything to do with disease.

Modern South Korea's Spiritual Core

Modern South KoreaBowls of fruit are laid out on the altar. There are also bottles of whiskey and a meter-high stack of Marlboro cigarette cartons. With a grin, Korean shaman Tae Eul says his gods like to drink and smoke.

Comment is free Aboriginal Australians are part of the country's present not just its past

    Comment is free  Aboriginal Australians are part of the countryAustralia celebrates Australia Day today, marking 224 years since the declaration of British sovereignty and the arrival of the first fleet of convict ships. Australia remains the only Commonwealth country not to have a treaty with its original owners, and although a treaty may have made little difference to the lives of aboriginal Australians, the celebration of Australia Day on unceded land makes many non-aboriginal Australians, myself included, feel highly uncomfortable.

Cherokee heritage runs deep in Knowlton's ancestry

Cherokee heritage runs deep in KnowltonManila's Jeff Knowlton, musician, writer, artist and craftsman, enjoys preserving history and legend through his music, paintings, stories and poems.
He has long been a researcher of Native American history with a special emphasis on the Cherokee tribe. He is even learning the Cherokee language and sharing it with other interested people through weekly lessons on Facebook. Knowlton enjoys sharing the "Cherokee Corner."

Northern aboriginal leaders attend Crown meeting

Northern aboriginal leaders attend Crown meetingMore than 400 chiefs from all over Canada gathered in Ottawa Tuesday to hear presentations from the Prime Minister, the Governor General and the Assembly of First Nations National Chief.

The meeting was an effort to improve relations between First Nations and the Crown.