Rafi El and His Native Tongues

Rafi El and His Native TonguesA few years ago, L.A.-based producer and vocalist Rafi El met up with a Peruvian shaman, with whom he tried ayahuasca for the first time. While under the influence of the psychedelic drug, the shaman's music triggered some early childhood memories in Rafi - folk music from the Andes Mountains his Argentine parents listened to.

‘Dalai Lama of the Rainforest’ makes unique visit to USA

‘Dalai Lama of the Rainforest’ makes unique visit to USAAn Amazonian shaman and spokesman for Brazil’s Yanomami tribe will make a rare visit to California (USA) in April 2014, to talk about the urgent need to safeguard the world’s rainforests for future generations, and his connection with the spirit world.

Sweat lodge built along Skunk Creek helps people heal

Sweat lodge built along Skunk Creek helps people healEven for someone trying to navigate the spiritual dimensions of this without a map, the eagles are significant. While they don’t definitively refute coincidence as the principle at work in this story, the sight of the big birds wheeling overhead does give a good nudge toward the notion of one man’s attempt to reach into his culture to improve life around him and another’s generosity to accommodate the effort to find favor with a higher power. However you define that power.

I Visited a Chickasaw Healer

I Visited a Chickasaw HealerOutside Oklahoma City, the day after Christmas, I found myself lying on a massage table draped in Native American quilts. No sooner had a bear blanket covered me than the Chickasaw medicine man began dusting my body with a feather covered in white sage powder.

Tribute to the bald eagle

Tribute to the bald eagleHARTFORD — A Native American craftswoman working to preserve her tribe’s culture shared artifacts and stories of Kiowa history with about 30 people Saturday afternoon at the Lewis and Clark Confluence Tower. Attendees also saw a traditional dance performed.