Afghan malangs: Keeping the country’s mystic roots alive

Afghan malangs: Keeping the country’s mystic roots alive In Afghanistan, there is a special group of people called the malangs. This is an Afghan word which describes men who live a very austere and dangerous life and who are happy with the hardships they endure. A malang is somewhat like the Afghan version of a shaman.

‘Dalai Lama of the Rainforest’ arrives in USA on Earth Day

‘Dalai Lama of the Rainforest’ arrives in USA on Earth DayOn Earth Day today, a Brazilian Indian shaman and spokesman of the Yanomami tribe will arrive in California with an urgent appeal to save the Earth from destruction by protecting the world’s rainforests and its inhabitants.

Witches in the Holy Land

Witches in the Holy Land Shamanism – once the realm of the taboo practices of primitive peoples from the jungles of South America, Africa and Asia – is finding acceptance in the modern Western world. Although shamanic practice can vary among different cultures, in general, shamans play a key role in the societies in which they are revered, using their powers to intercede between the human world and the spirit world to heal an individual and to create harmony on earth.

Gay sangomas are not un-African: study

Gay sangomas are not un-African: studyGay sangomas are not un-African, rather they hold an important place in cultural tradition, a new study suggests. A practising sangoma and graduate student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Lindiwe Mkasi, has published a study which challenges the traditionally-held belief homosexuality is “un-African”.

I'm A Celebrity, Get Me In Here! David Beckham and his best friend prove to be forest fans...

IFormer footballer David Beckham has paid a visit to the Yanomami tribe in Brazil as part of a new TV documentary.
The 38-year-old football icon was joined by one of his closest friends Dave Gardner on a trip to the Brazilian jungle to film a special documentary, which follows the friends exploring and experiencing the isolation of the Brazilian rainforest.
David and his friends travelled over 5,000 miles from London to South America, to experience life in the Amazon rainforest to discover the 'real Brazil'.