Faith healer claims wide cures

Faith healer claims wide curesDoctors are concerned West Australians are rejecting conventional treatment in favour of "faith healing" from a visiting Catholic priest.
There are claims New Zealand priest Father John Rea has cured ailments from cancer and deafness to chronic back pain and eczema in Perth.

Miners don't believe in muti, says bishop

Miners don(Claims about) the use of muti to protect workers against bullets... that's nonsense," he said.
"You are making black people (out) to be stupid. They are not stupid."

Smartphone app could help save Australian Aboriginal language from extinction

Smartphone app could help save Australian Aboriginal language from extinctionAround the world nearly 3,000 languages are facing extinction. At least 100 of those endangered languages are in Australia, where one, Iwaidja, now has fewer than 200 fluent speakers. The language is only used on Croker Island, a 130-square-mile island off the coast of Northern Australia that is home to a regional group of indigenous Australian Aboriginals.

Worshipping the sun gods

Worshipping the sun godsA Hindu devotee prays while standing in the waters of the Arabian Sea as she worships the Sun god during the Hindu religious festival "Chhat Puja" in Mumbai, November 19, 2012. Hindu devotees worship the Sun god and fast all day for the betterment of their family and society during the festival.

'Enchanted' Figurine Is Spain's Oldest

It's missing a head and some limbs, but an "enchanted" ceramic idol recently unearthed near Barcelona is thought to be the most ancient human figurine ever found in Spain, archaeologists say.