‘Bullet Muti’ Marikana Sangoma Shot and Killed

‘Bullet Muti’ Marikana Sangoma Shot and KilledRustenburg – The sangoma who reportedly performed rituals on protesting Lonmin mineworkers in Marikana anointing them with a traditional lotion substance, has been shot and killed, the Farlam Commission heard on Monday.

Brazilian riot police evict indigenous people near Rio's Maracană stadium

Brazilian riot police evict indigenous people near RioBrzilian riot police armed with batons, teargas and pepper spray have forcibly evicted an indigenous community from a dilapidated museum complex next to the Maracană football stadium.

Aboriginal dancers set to entrance

Aboriginal dancers set to entranceAustralia's leading indigenous dance company, Bangarra Dance Theatre, will hold its first workshop and masterclass for Thai students and dance teachers in Bangkok.Dance is an integral art form through which culture can be understood. Beyond learning new moves and choreographic thinking, participants will get a unique cultural experience.

Jungle tribe divides scholars

Jungle tribe divides scholarsIt became one of the fiercest scientific arguments of recent times: are the Yanomami Indians of the Amazon rainforest a symbol of how to live in peace and harmony with nature or remnants of humanity's brutal early history?

Rockport doctor details journey with cancer

Rockport doctor details journey with cancerDirk Vandersloot has treated a generation of midcoast residents with a homeopathic approach to medicine. And now those same patients are returning the favor by offering their healing energy to the Rockport resident as he deals with a cancer diagnosis. His journey has included a trip to the Philippines last month, where he visited sacred locations and met with a shaman healer.