Revelations of a Siberian shaman

Revelations of a Siberian shamanTucked away in the south of Siberia, among mountains, steppes and taiga, live the Khakas people, who have preserved the ancient traditions of shamanism. To this day, they perform rituals to thank the spirits and worship their ancestors at huge burial mounds. RBTH managed to arrange a visit to one of the most powerful Khakas shamans.

Scientists Put Shamanic Medicine Under The Microscope

Scientists Put Shamanic Medicine Under The MicroscopeTen years ago, Mark Pischea, then a 42-year-old political consultant and father of five from Williamston, Michigan, was rushed to the hospital with severe stomach pain. Pischea was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, a chronic autoimmune condition that can cause extreme abdominal discomfort, weight loss, fatigue and fevers. For the next decade of his life, the formerly healthy husband and father lived in a constant cycle of flare-ups, surgery and recovery.

FOCUS ON TUVA: Where ancient shaman traditions are alive in the modern world

FOCUS ON TUVA: Where ancient shaman traditions are alive in the modern worldA feature of Tuvan shamanism is its age, because it remains the same from ancient times, from the cave men through the great Scythian kingdom and until now. It hasn't changed. I think that Tuvan shamanism is something great, Vedantic shamanism with witchcraft, healing, communication with spirits of mountains, rivers, lakes, taiga, and animals.

Tom Chisel revives Midewiwin ceremony, once widespread among Ojibwe

Tom Chisel revives Midewiwin ceremony, once widespread among OjibweAfter being dormant for more than 60 years, the Midewiwin ceremony is being revived in Obishikokaang (Lac Seul First Nation), in northwestern Ontario. A group of practitioners, commonly referred to as Mide, have built a Midewiwin lodge and separate teaching lodge. "'When you build that lodge, the people will come, when they know it's here'", says Tom Chisel, a Lac Seul elder, explaining the message given to him from his mentor almost two decades ago.

The Space Between

The Space BetweenIn late July, Travis Goldtooth, who also goes by Buffalo Barbie, took a 900-mile road trip from her home in small, conservative Farmington, N.M., to Blacktail Ranch, a lonely homestead perched high in a valley in Wolf Creek in a part of Montana even locals refer to as the middle of nowhere. The drive from the south meanders along the eastern edge of the Continental Divide through a complex landscape that follows Montana’s golden prairies racing into the Rocky Mountains.