21 Ways Faith Groups Are Combating Global Warming

21 Ways Faith Groups Are Combating Global WarmingReligious communities across the country are celebrating Earth Day every day this year by taking long-term, sustainable steps to help reduce global warming. Faith communities are advocating for policies and lifestyles that protect the planet and its most vulnerable inhabitants, joining scientists, policymakers and environmental advocates as good stewards of Godís creation. Here are 21 things....

Hmong ceremony honors, offers blessings for Falstad

Hmong ceremony honors, offers blessings for FalstadWausau Hmong community members showed support for Jill Falstad on Sunday with a blessing ceremony to bring good fortune to the Marathon County district attorney in her future role as judge.
Nao Shoua Xiong, a shaman and Xiong clan chief, hosted the ceremony at his home on Rosecrans Street to honor Falstad's past service to the Hmong community and to wish her well in her new role.

PSGA students adapt Brazilian 'Dream Tree' folk tale

PSGA students adapt Brazilian Dr. Jay Breckenridge returned to some familiar material as the basis for Penn State Greater Allegheny's spring theater production, "The Dream Tree: A Story of the Amazon Rain Forest."
The work is roughly based on a Brazilian folk story in a collection of tales called "Tree of Dreams," as related by author Laurence Yep.

Hmong leaders ask: Could old ways have headed off slaying?

Hmong leaders ask: Could old ways have headed off slaying? After correctional officer Steve Lo was shot to death in his garage last October, his affair with another man's wife became the business of the justice system investigating the killing.
But in the months since, elders in the Hmong community have asked this question: Could the death have been avoided with the intervention of traditional Hmong justice?

Lotus Lantern Festival

 Lotus Lantern FestivalThe Lotus Lantern Festival will kick off its three-day run on April 24 in Seoul, the biggest annual Buddhist event, known for beautifully lighted lotuses symbolizing spiritual renewal.
Today's Korean culture is a product of Buddhism with influences from Confucianism, Shamanism, Taoism and Christianity. The festival is a perfect opportunity to experience this culture firsthand,"...