The Doctor Is Within

The Doctor Is Within“Dream — nothing!” is one of the many things I’ve heard the 14th Dalai Lama say to large audiences that seem to startle the unprepared. Just before I began an onstage conversation with him at New York Town’s Hall this spring, he told me, “If I had magical powers, I’d never need an operation!” and broke into guffaws as he thought of the three-hour gallbladder operation he’d been through last October, weeks after being in hospital for another ailment. For a Buddhist, after all, our power lies nowhere but ourselves.

Ricky Williams Is Hoping to Heal Others, and His Image

Ricky Williams Is Hoping to Heal Others, and His ImageRicky Williams working on a classmate at Acupuncture Massage College. Williams, guided by his spiritual aspirations, would like to have a career in holistic healing after his N.F.L. career as a running back ends.
KENDALL, Fla. — The latest milepost on what Ricky Williams calls his spiritual journey is an acupuncture and massage college tucked inside a strip mall, above a video store, next to sandwich and liquor shops. >>>

Annual pow wow celebrates Native American heritage

Annual pow wow celebrates Native American heritageRobert “Wounded Eagle” Bonin always knew he came from Native American blood but he never realized how deep those roots went until he began researching his lineage on the Internet.

What he has unearthed over the past 20 years has been nothing short of a revelation. He is a descendent of Sacajawea. >>>

Mongolian Shaman Graves Discovered Near Soltanieh Dome

Mongolian Shaman Graves Discovered Near Soltanieh DomeSeveral graves of Mongolian shamans have been discovered near the Soltanieh Dome, an Islamic monument registered on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List. The graves were discovered by an archaeological team near an Islamic cemetery located around the Jomeh Mosque.>>>

Vargan, the Russian -Jaw harp

Vargan, the Russian -Jaw harpThe Russian name of this reed instrument originated from the Old Slavic Varga, which meant the mouth, lips. In different parts of the world one can find various names for this instrument.

The history of vargan, the music instrument which has existed almost in all continents, goes back into antiquity. >>>