Odd Couple of the Jungle

Odd Couple of the JungleDouglas McMeekin was a failed businessman in Kentucky, and Juan Kunchikuy was a hunter in a remote nook of the Amazon rain forest who killed monkeys, deer and wild pigs with a blowgun and poison darts. Now this unlikely pair has joined forces in a remarkable campaign to save the rain forest, “the lungs of the earth” that suck up the carbon we spew out. Of all the struggles to fight climate change, this is one of the more quixotic — and inspiring.

Santo Daime: the drug-fuelled religion

Santo Daime: the drug-fuelled religionA new religion is spreading to Britain - its central sacrament the consumption of a hallucinogenic Class A drug. Here's a report from the faith's heartland in the rainforests of the Amazon

Amazonian art exhibit illuminates vanishing worlds

Amazonian art exhibit illuminates vanishing worldsIn a way, ritual objects from indigenous Amazonian tribes may seem out of place in a museum.
After ceremonies are performed, it is expected that the elaborate feathered headdresses, ghostly masks and colorful body costumes in "Vanishing Worlds: Art and Ritual in Amazonia" wither away in the heat and humidity of the rain forest.

Ayahuasca: A Strange Brew

Ayahuasca: A Strange BrewCan a psychotropic jungle potion cure the existential angst of the McMansion set?

In an affluent corner of encinitas, just north of San Diego, a young medicine man named Lobo Siete Truenos sits cross-legged on the polished wood floors of a backyard temple. Here in this suburban sanctuary, behind the gates of a faux-Spanish villa, just past the manicured lawn and an artificial lagoon,...

On a Remote Path to Cures

On a Remote Path to CuresNINACACA, Peru — High in the Peruvian Andes, a shaman rubs a fluffy white rabbit all over Chris Kilham’s body, murmuring in Quechua, the language of these barren plains. Then she slits the animal’s throat and lets the blood run into a tiny grave.
To Mr. Kilham, the offering — an appeal to the gods for a bountiful harvest of maca, a local tuber — is just another day at the office.