Origins of Christmas

Origins of ChristmasRe: "Of course it's about Christ," by Sharon Gose, Letters/Dec. 20.

The letter in question demonstrates how utterly clueless some Christians are about the origins of so-called Christian holidays and customs. Dec. 25 is also the birth of Mithra the Persian sun god, which is Pagan in origin. Dec. 25 was chosen by the Catholic church to coincide with the Pagan pre-Christian Yule [yo'l -- old Norse], solstice celebrations in Northern Europe on or around Dec. 21.>>>

Medicine Wheel Helps Natives Cope with Diabetes

Medicine Wheel Helps Natives Cope with DiabetesSouth Dakota State University research showed an intervention strategy based on the Native American spiritual concept of the Medicine Wheel brought positive changes for diabetics.>>>

Meeting a Shaman on Lake Titicaca

Meeting a Shaman on Lake TiticacaHigh on its own island, floating on Lago Titicaca, is a towering white cake of a building: the five-star Libertador Hotel, its hundreds of windows blinking quietly in the sun. From these windows, at sunrise, one can see shreds of orange-red on the marsh while birds fly back and forth in the cold silence: a silence as wide and mysterious as the lake itself. An end-of-the-world hush surrounds the island.>>>

Avatar Recalls the Ancient World

Avatar Recalls the Ancient WorldJames Cameron, writer and director of the amazing film Avatar, has obviously plugged into the Unified Field of consciousness (Jung called it the "collective unconscious"). The film resonates with viewers because our cellular memory recalls the ancient world where we all could talk to the animals, the trees and grass and all of nature, a world in which we were clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, and all communication was telepathic. >>>

Restless Spirits

Restless SpiritsIn China, ancient human sacrifice has given way to modern tomb-tending ceremonies, but the dead still make demands.
n the village of Spring Valley, people rarely spoke of the dead, and they didn't like to reminisce. "This place was always so poor," villagers said if I asked about the old days, and then they fell silent.>>>