Native representation strong at 2010 Olympics

Native representation strong at 2010 OlympicsHistory is being made at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

And not just by the athletes in search of medals or personal bests in a competition that may be the pinnacle of their sporting careers.

These games, which run Feb. 12 28, are also historic because there has been unprecedented aboriginal participation in the planning and hosting of the games.>>>

Our world may be a giant hologram

Our world may be a giant hologramDRIVING through the countryside south of Hanover, it would be easy to miss the GEO600 experiment. From the outside, it doesn't look much: in the corner of a field stands an assortment of boxy temporary buildings, from which two long trenches emerge, at a right angle to each other, covered with corrugated iron. Underneath the metal sheets, however, lies a detector that stretches for 600 metres.>>>

Sweet Science: The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Sweet Science: The Health Benefits of ChocolateYet another health benefit has been linked to eating chocolate: It may decrease your risk of stroke, a new study suggests.

The analysis, which will be presented in April at the American Academy of Neurology's 62nd Annual Meeting, reviewed the results of three previous studies. One study with more than 44,000 participants found that those who ate a weekly serving of chocolate were 22 percent less likely to suffer a stroke than those who ate no chocolate.>>>

Ancient Greenland gene map has a surprise

Ancient Greenland gene map has a surpriseScientists have sequenced the DNA from four frozen hairs of a Greenlander who died 4,000 years ago in a study they say takes genetic technology into several new realms.

Surprisingly, the long-dead man appears to have originated in Siberia and is unrelated to modern Greenlanders, Morten Rasmussen of the University of Copenhagen and colleagues found.

"This provides evidence for a migration from Siberia into the New World some 5,500 years ago, independent of that giving rise to the modern Native Americans and Inuit," the researchers wrote in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature.>>>

Pearson tells Aborigines to follow Jewish lead

Pearson tells Aborigines to follow Jewish leadProminent Aboriginal leader Noel Pearson has called on Aborigines to draw on the experience of Jewish people in never forgetting their history, while striving to overcome injustice and racism.

Speaking to members of the American Bar Association in Sydney, Mr Pearson also gave a damning assessment of Native Title, labelling the laws a travesty and a quagmire.>>>