Shamanism: This turtle's out to win the race

Shamanism: This turtleIt may seem odd that a guy whose event is all about speed would have a turtle painted on the front of his helmet.

But Canadian skeleton racer Jon Montgomery isn't about to mess with the wisdom of a shaman.

Last September some members of the Canadian team -- which begins its quest for gold Thursday night at the Whistler Sliding Centre -- visited sport shaman Sandra Molendyk in Revelstoke. They had their sleds blessed and built a totem pole and painted it with their own hopes and dreams.>>>

Hollingsworth inspired by creepy-crawly power

Hollingsworth inspired by creepy-crawly powerMellisa Hollingsworth speeds like lightning and has a horse skull painted on her helmet but it is the power of the humble ant that could fire her to gold in the Olympic women's skeleton starting on Thursday.

The Canadian and her team mates visited a shaman in British Columbia last September and after making totem poles and discovering their animal spirits within she has enjoyed a phenomenal season, winning the World Cup title with seven podiums from eight races.>>>

Inuit Frozen out of Arctic Summit – Aboriginal Leaders Not Happy – February 17, 2010

Inuit Frozen out of Arctic Summit – Aboriginal Leaders Not Happy – February 17, 2010“The Arctic gathering, scheduled just ahead of a G8 foreign ministers’ meeting in Ottawa, is aimed at encouraging “new thinking on economic development and environmental protection,” Cannon said.

But the Inuit Circumpolar Council — representing Inuit from Canada, Greenland, Alaska and Russia — and the Yukon-based Arctic Athabaskan Council have objected to the summit’s exclusive guest list, arguing their leaders should have a seat at the table.>>>

Tear Down The Barbed Wire Of Discrimination

Tear Down The Barbed Wire Of DiscriminationIn all of Australia's modern history, the crime of silence accompanies the death, destruction and denial that obliterates the rights of indigenous people.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's national apology two years ago was a long overdue admission that when a nation lives with officially sanctioned racial discrimination we are all diminished as human beings.>>>

Warning on pitfalls of black magic

Warning on pitfalls of black magicBLACK magic has been practised by humans for centuries not for the good but for the wickedness of mankind. The origins of black magic derived from Satan, and Satan and demons are the only creatures that possess these horrific teachings.

This observation was made by well-known guru Dato’ Dr Haron Din from Malaysia, at• a seminar on Islamic Medication held in conjunction with the first Darusysyifa’ Warrafahah (DSR) graduation ceremony at the Bridex Convention Centre yesterday.>>>