Australians asked to rethink national holiday

Australians asked to rethink national holidayAustralians were Monday urged to consider changing their national holiday because it commemorates the arrival of British settlers -- a day of "pain and bewilderment" for Aboriginal people.

Celebrated author Thomas Keneally, who penned the book "Schindler's Ark" which was later made into the blockbuster movie "Schindler's List," said marking Australia Day on January 26 was a "double-edged sword.">>>

Tomb of 800 year old shaman discovered

Tomb of 800 year old shaman discoveredCurandero – witch-doctor or medicine-man in English, but the most direct translation is healer. The tradition of the curanderos still runs strong in the Muchik northern coast of La Libertad and Lambayeque, particularly around Chiclayo. The traditions and techniques of theses healers date back to pre-Colombian times and the the civilisations of the Chimú, Sicán and the Moche before them. Archaeologists have recently been given a glimpse into this period of time with the discovery of the 800 year old tomb of a Sicán curandero.>>>

The Taino Indians: Native Americans of the Caribbean

The Taino Indians: Native Americans of the Caribbean"Who are the Tainos? The U.S. Government says they are extinct, but they are not. Most likely you might know them as Latinos, a Spanish speaking person of Latin American (the Spanish speaking part of the Americas, south of the U.S.) descent. Not all, but many modern day Tainos are unaware of their lineage. To understand how that could happen you must know the story from the beginning.>>>

In Haiti, some see the spirit world behind the quake

In Haiti, some see the spirit world behind the quakeThe night was filled with voices, murmuring then gathering together then rising into hymns and chants that carried far in the balmy air.
This was the time for God and for spirits.
On a road next to the central cemetery, residents of a small slum were lying on mattresses and pieces of cardboard set out on the broken pavement. A woman started to hum a Christian song, and soon rallied a chorus, singing and dancing and clapping for rhythm.
"Kem kontan Jesus renmem, aleluya," they sang -- joyously, not mournfully. "I'm so happy Jesus loves me. Hallelujah.">>>

Magnificence on Cave Walls

Magnificence on Cave WallsThe trail to the great cave of Inanke in southern Zimbabwe begins confidently with arrows painted on bare patches of granite and soon vanishes into four miles of often pathless wandering through fields of shoulder-high grass, dense scrub forests and formidable thorn bushes. Without the direction of our guide, the archaeologist Paul Hubbard, our group would never have found this cave containing some of the most magnificent prehistoric paintings in the world.>>>