Awards for Aboriginal education

Awards for Aboriginal education TWO local schools have won a prestigious national award for leading the way in Aboriginal education.

Cabbage Tree Island Public School and Tabulam Public School were both recipients of a Dare to Lead high achievement award, which only four other schools in the country received, at a presentation in Brisbane recently.

A capital celebration of First Nations

A capital celebration of First NationsFor more than 4,000 years, the Victoria area has been home to the Coast Salish people, who originally settled at the Inner Harbour. So it's only fitting that Celebrating National Aboriginal Day in the Capital will feature traditional drums reverberating across the water on Sunday.

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Aboriginal graduates honoured

Aboriginal graduates honouredSOMBA K'E/YELLOWKNIFE - Aboriginal graduates celebrated during the sixth annual honour ceremony last Saturday at the Yellowknife River on Saturday.
Students from Sir John Franklin High School, St. Patrick High School, Aurora College's Yellowknife/North Slave Campus and, for the first year, Kalemi Dene School in Ndilo participated in the event.

A reason to celebrate on National Aboriginal Day

A reason to celebrate on National Aboriginal DayNational Abor­iginal Day, ON June 21, is a time for our country’s first people and their descendants to celebrate and share their cultures and values with other Canadians.

It’s also a day when all of us can reflect on the place of aboriginal people in our society.

Mongolia: spirit world or camel's milk will cure the ill

   Mongolia: spirit world or camelYou cannot refuse the airag or fermented mare's milk that my colleagues at this provincial hospital decant from a jerry can. There are dozens of words in Mongolian for milk products, from aaruul (dried curds fashioned into teeth-breaking shapes), arkhi (milk distilled until clear and potent), to öröm (dried cream packed into camels' stomachs). My colleagues tell me airag is good for my stomach, but my stomach can't agree.