The Claim: Exposure to Plants and Parks Can Boost Immunity

The Claim: Exposure to Plants and Parks Can Boost ImmunityThis time of year, allergies and the promise of air-conditioning tend to drive people indoors.
But for those who can take the heat and cope with the pollen, spending more time in nature might have some surprising health benefits. In a series of studies, scientists found that when people swap their concrete confines for a few hours in more natural surroundings forests, parks and other places with plenty of trees they experience increased immune function

Majority agrees Stanley Park should keep its name

Majority agrees Stanley Park should keep its nameStanley Park will not be renamed Xwayxway Park in a decision that will please the majority British Columbians.

Seventy-three per cent of British Columbians and 61 per cent of Canadians agree with the decision to let Stanley Park keep its name, according to an Angus Reid public opinion poll. Last week, Squamish Nation Chief Ian Campbell suggested that the park be renamed Xwayxway Park after a first nations village that was once located there.

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Dreaming with the animal powers

Dreaming with the animal powersWhen shamans go dreaming, characteristically they operate under the protection and guidance of animal guardians. Forging a close relationship with one or more "power animals" is central to developing the arts of shamanic dream travel and tracking. It is invaluable in maintaining healthy boundaries and defending psychic space. A conscious connection with the animal guardians shows us how to follow the natural paths of our energy. A strong working connection with the animal powers brings the ability to shapeshift the energy body and project energy forms that can operate at a distance from the physical body.

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Letting Aboriginal Australians speak for themselves

Letting Aboriginal Australians speak for themselvesRetiring prime minister Kevin Rudd stood in the forecourt of Parliament House Canberra and recalled with great emotion the morning on which he had welcomed the members of the Stolen Generations for the Apology.

Peer support for Aboriginal lawyers

Peer support for Aboriginal lawyersIn a WA first, an Aboriginal Lawyers Committee made up of indigenous lawyers, law graduates and students has been established.

The difficulties faced by Aborginal people and the legal system are well known.

A senate committee inquiry released a report last year called 'Access to Justice' in which it expressed a number of concerns about the ability of Indiginous peoples to access justice.