Hiking Deep Into Dogon Country in Mali

Hiking Deep Into Dogon Country in MaliA DRY, biting wind swept in from the Sahara as my young guide, David Dolo; my driver, Mahmadou; and I followed a local animist priest up a rocky trail in Dogon country in central Mali. Below us, the village of Hombori stretched across the yellow plain; above, I could make out hollows in the sandstone cliff face — natural grottoes used as burial chambers for more than a thousand years. After trudging for a half-hour up the punishing cliffside path, we stopped before a cave from which emanated a musty smell.>>>

Return of the natives

Return of the nativesJames Cameron's Avatar tells the story of a disabled ex-marine, sent from earth to infiltrate a race of blue-skinned aboriginal people on a distant planet and persuade them to let his employer mine their homeland for natural resources. Through a complex biological manipulation, the hero's mind gains control of his "avatar", in the body of a young aborigine.

These aborigines are deeply spiritual and live in harmony with nature (they can plug a cable that sticks out of their body into horses and trees to communicate with them).>>>>

Burial chamber of ancient Egyptian queen unearthed

 Burial chamber of ancient Egyptian queen unearthed French archaeologists announced Wednesday the discovery outside Cairo of the burial chamber of a mysterious queen from Egypt's Old Kingdom more than 4,000 years ago.

The necropolis of Saqqara outside Cairo has yielded a string of new discoveries as 10 different teams excavate a previously untouched area of these burial grounds were used continuously for more than 2,000 years until Roman times.>>>

Museum brings Maidu history to life

Museum brings Maidu history to lifeBefore steam engines and calls of ‘all aboard,’ Roseville was home to the Maidu Indians.

For more than 4,000 years, the Maidu occupied Roseville and established a unique lifestyle that is on display at the newly re-opened Maidu Museum.

The museum recently moved into a 7,200 square-foot roundhouse, a building modeled after the traditional Native American ceremonial meeting place.>>>

Native American Center to open in May

Native American Center to open in MayWhile construction of the University of Montana’s new Native American Center is complete, the doors won’t open until graduation weekend.

Kevin Krebsbach, UM’s associate director of planning and construction, said the building is still waiting on furniture and needs general cleanup and maintenance work, in addition to landscaping outside. The Native American Studies program probably won’t move in early, either, in an effort to keep the building pristine for its opening ceremony in May, when representatives from Montana’s eight Indian tribes will be present, Krebsbach said.>>>