NAIDOC festival a symbol of harmony at Jamison Park

NAIDOC festival a symbol of harmony at Jamison ParkTHE long lines at the face-painting tent and ice cream truck were evidence of success at the 10th NAIDOC festival at Jamison Park on Friday.

The festival formed part of NAIDOC Week to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture with childrenís games, an animal farm and a live band.

Mi'kmaq hold 15th annual Pow Wow

MiThe community of Conne River was very vibrant from July 2 to 4 as hundreds of visitors helped the MIíkmaq celebrate the 15th annual colourful, cultural and historic 15th annual Pow Wow.

Aborigines not such heavy smokers: data

Aborigines not such heavy smokers: dataTobacco smokers in remote Aboriginal communities burn through fewer cigarettes than other Australian smokers, even though indigenous people suffer far higher rates of smoking-related illness.

New data published in the Australian and New Zealand Journal of Public Health on Wednesday indicates the indigenous population may smoke half as many cigarettes as those in the broader community.

Aboriginal Leader Is Finally Laid To Rest After 170 Years

Aboriginal Leader Is Finally Laid To Rest After 170 YearsFollowing more than 170 years of controversy, the final remains of one of Australiaís greatest Aboriginal leaders, the Noongar chieftain, Yagan, was laid to rest during a traditional ceremony in Western Australia on Saturday.

The native leader, who was killed in 1833 whilst leading the resistance against the British colonisation of Western Australia, was posthumously decapitated and his head, along with a portion of skin from his back, was sent to England for display at a British museum.

A Scientist Takes On Gravity

A Scientist Takes On GravityItís hard to imagine a more fundamental and ubiquitous aspect of life on the Earth than gravity, from the moment you first took a step and fell on your diapered bottom to the slow terminal sagging of flesh and dreams.