Aboriginal art has stories to tell

Aboriginal art has stories to tellSun Valley-area residents have connections to the greater world at large, which often offers the community rare educational and learning experiences.

Aboriginal elders: leave things alone

Aboriginal elders: leave things aloneTHANKS, but no thanks - that is the response of Holroyd’s Aboriginal people to a proposal to rename four sportsgrounds with indigenous names.

David Williams, of Merrylands, and Rex Sorby, of Guildford, said they consulted Darug elders on the idea and agreed not to rewrite history.

Public works

Public worksUNTIL recently the Aboriginal people from the rainforests of far north Queensland were best known for their magnificent wooden shields and distinctive horned baskets woven from strips of lawyer cane and painted with earth pigments.

In August last year, however, a group of artists from the region caused a sensation when they showed new experimental work at the inaugural Cairns Indigenous Art Fair. It was such a hit it all sold within hours.

New Oregon Trail Days a success despite hot temps

New Oregon Trail Days a success despite hot tempsThe warm-up to the Blackhawk Statue's 100th birthday bash in 2011 turned out to be a hot ticket in 2010.

With temperatures in the mid 90s, organizers of the Oregon Trail Days festival estimated that close to 6,000 people turned out for the inaugural event last weekend.

Mingo Big Bear Claw shares tribal history with children

Mingo Big Bear Claw shares tribal history with childrenHARTSVILLE - More than 100 children gathered at the Hartsville Memorial Library for the Summer Reading Program “Make a Splash…Read” to listen to (Vernon Tanner) Mingo Big Bear Claw, chief of Chaloklowa Chickasaw. The medicine man and tribal administrator told the children about how the Native Americans lived many years ago in this area. Mingo Big Bear Claw is from Indiantown in rural Williamsburg County, South Carolina.