Manitoba Proposes Legislation To Recognize Aboriginal Languages

Manitoba Proposes Legislation To Recognize Aboriginal LanguagesProposals Would be First Step Toward Protecting, Promoting Province’s Linguistic Heritage.

New legislation which would recognize Cree, Dakota, Dene, Inuktitut, Michif, Ojibway and Oji-Cree as the Aboriginal languages of Manitoba was introduced today in the legislature by Aboriginal and Northern Affairs Minister Eric Robinson.>>>

Bidding process on huge Amazon dam suspended again

Bidding process on huge Amazon dam suspended againA Brazilian judge on Tuesday suspended the bidding process on one of the world's largest hydroelectric dam projects for a third time.

Judge Antonio Carlos Almeida ruled in favor of an environmental organization that claims the project would cause serious social and environmental damages.

Bidding had started Tuesday after another judge overturned a previous suspension, but the new ruling kept the results from being announced.>>>

Blending native and modern Physicians combine faith and medicine

Blending native and modern Physicians combine faith and medicineThe hospital stands in the middle of a world of traditions: of Hopi clowns dancing around centuries-old villages, of Navajo elders tending their sheep, of customs as ancient as the winds that buffet the mesas and desert lands that stretch to the horizon.

And so, even at this center of modern medicine on the 27,000-square-mile Navajo Nation, it's not unusual to see Native medicine men attending the sick.

They might perform ceremonies to rid patients of bad spirits or offer song and prayer in blessing a room where someone has died.>>>

The homeopathy alternative

The homeopathy alternativeIn England, as many as 45 per cent of conventional doctors refer patients to homeopaths

LAST week, I talked about my moment of “epiphany” that resulted in me turning dramatically to the world of natural medicine.

I realized quickly that much of the world used natural medicine most of the time.

So did our grandmothers and their grandmothers.

But homeopathy itself stood very uncomfortably as it was seen as “nothing” in sugar globules.>>>

Children's Dance Theatre looks 'North' for inspiration

ChildrenWhen discussing ideas for the upcoming Children's Dance Theatre performance, the artistic staff at the University of Utah's Tanner Creative Dance, which houses CDT, looked toward the North.

"We strive to have new ideas that will be appropriate and wonderful but also possess differences with qualities, colors and musical sounds," CDT artistic director Mary Ann Lee said during an interview. "So the idea with the Arctic and the aurora borealis seemed like a great idea.">>>